Food Source Derived from Non-Food Plants

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Scientists Transform Cellulose Into Starch: Potential Food Source Derived from Non-Food Plants

"The new approach takes cellulose from non-food plant material, such as corn stover, converts about 30% to amylose, and hydrolyzes the remainder to glucose suitable for ethanol production. Corn stover consists of the stem, leaves, and husk of the corn plant remaining after ears of corn are harvested. However, the process works with cellulose from any plant."

In the next generation of research to produce human digestible starches one could imagine storing hardwoods or sawdust blocks in large stacks [indefinitely] then processing into a starch based food product whenever you wanted to.

Some fourteen years ago I was really into alternative foods research. I had a resurgence of interest about five years ago but haven't looked into it too much lately. There are many routes to alternative foods but very little research outside of the conventional is being done. As long as socialism hangs over the head of such research I don't expect much of interest will be done any time soon. It is a huge open field but all it takes is one media hit job or government thug and all your investment is for nothing.

There is no "real" food shortage - there is however a severe brains shortage leading to many starving or living in hunger.

If I had an "off-site" research capability I would be very interested in many such lines of research. Under our current government - not so much.


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