Hypothetical Questions To Expose Beliefs


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You're on a plane. One of the passengers has a medical episode or attack of some sort, and someone asks if anyone on the plane is a doctor. There is one doctor, but he or she refuses to help the victim for whatever reason.

Do you threaten the doctor as a means of urging them to help the person? Let's say you have a gun, do you threaten the doctor with it until they do something?


Those leaning to the left may answer that they would threaten the doctor. Why? Because they were priveledged by society to earn their degree, and have a duty to utilize their ability to society's benefit.

This is as far as they've thought. They've got to the part of what they think the doctor "should" do.


But what if the doctor refuses, even with a gun pointed to his or her head... they just don't want to help. Now, do you actually shoot them? You've pulled the gun, your threat didn't work... now what? If you shoot the doctor, it won't save the other person's life. Instead you will just have two dead bodies on board rather than one.


This is the "blank out" part, I believe. This is where the leftist has decided what "ought" to happen, but leaves the "how" up to another type of person; the kind who would actually enjoy shooting the doctor.

But they don't think about that part. They are just the compassionate side of the process. The side that threatens one person in order to help another...

Has anyone come up with or heard any other philosophically revealing hypothetical scenarios?

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I wouldn't threaten the doctor, but I'd make an audio / video record and testify at disciplinary proceedings. These are not necessarily government-run; they can be by private organizations granting certifications, hospital privileges and more.

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