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It seems you have nothing to say about Myers and Pharyngula other than invective. So you can fuck yourself off, KC.


You're absolutely right. I could not have said it better myself. I have nothing good to say about PZ Myers. And if you are on board with his far-left feminist cult - or if you just accept it uncritically - then you have some serious soul searching to do. How can anyone who respects Ayn Rand respect someone like PZ Myers? The two are as different as night and day.

Wow! If I thought this was going anywhere I'd pop some popcorn and break out the sody pop.

While you might think William (generally) respects Ayn Rand, I'm dubious. He must respect her in the somewhats. His basic orientation is different than Ayn this and that. Come to think of it, I can't think of anyone here who'd fall under such a rubric, including you. Most of us do respect her, greatly.


that's the way it is here--even for the resident one or two socialists

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Wright also wrote one of the most important books concerning the recovered memory movement, specifically the self-deception and outright lies and manipulation of that cult's prime movers and bad actors. That book is "Remembering Satan: A Tragic Case of Recovered Memory"** (Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Remembering-Satan-Tragic-Recovered-Memory/dp/0679755829).


You've mentioned this before. I like the Scientology book so much I ordered this one. And I am intrigued by the recovered memory stuff.

I've also gotten my hands on Wright's 9/11 book and Twins.

Even more, there are lots of his articles online, so that should be enough Wright for me for a while.

btw - Steve Hassan rocks. I've viewed about 20 hours of videos of him so far. And it looks like I am going to view another hour (his interview with Jon Atack, which I got on your Tony Ortega link). I understand why he didn't like Wright's book, but he's on a mission to combat cult mind control. Wright's mission is to understand faith and belief as human motivations from a wide religious lens. And, from all my study of Scientology from the outside looking in, I conclude it fits both missions perfectly.


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I'm still a bit lost as to the situation he was writing about, but I agree with him wholeheartedly that PZ Myers is a third-rate ass-clown. His blog is a cesspool of feminist venom and alarmism.


This is outside the topic, but briefly, Salty Droid is a site devoted to defending people against Internet marketing hype and scams. This includes some inspiration people outside the Internet who use standard covert "get wealthy" persuasion techniques and go too far like James Arthur Ray. Some of his followers didn't just get their bank accounts skinned, they actually died in a sweat-lodge event.

I read that blog because I am migrating to the Internet marketing business and I get the skinny on a lot of dirt there (Salty is incredibly well-sourced, especially on the legal end, even if his style is kinda.. er... colorful.)

One of the cases he went after with a venom was a guy (Dave Navarro) who left his wife and small children to run after a hot second tier Internet marketing guru (Naomi Dunford). There were some heavy-handed persuasion techniques involved in the story, discussions caught on tape about how to milk customers, etc.

On the family side, they didn't like Dave doing Internet marketing and wanted him to go back to his 9-5 job. On Dave's side, he wanted to follow his dream. Throw in some righteous bickering, family meddling, booze and probably sex, and you got a typical American divorce.

Dave's brother, who is religious, put up a website begging him to reconsider and reconnect with his wife and kids, etc. It's a pretty painful thing to read (on all sides). But his brother did the typical emotional blackmail religious people do as part of his arguments--in between bouts of real pain.

All in all, it's a soap opera starring a lot of good people doing stupid things where everyone got hurt. But those on the different sides don't see it that way, of course.

Then, out of nowhere, without knowing anything about what went on other than what was on the reconsider webpage, PZ Meyers posts that the brother (Anthony Navarro) is an evil scumbag (that was in the title of his post--see here) for pressuring his brother to get back with his wife from a religious angle.

Salty went ballistic, especially as the abandoned wife (Allison) sometimes posts in the comments on his blog. She's one of his star victims of the mean cruel Internet marketing scam machine. Add that to the fact that PZ was setting up his own blog network and was monetizing it with make-money-online advertizing of the type Salty combats, and that put the icing on the cake.

Then PZ and some of his ideologues attempted a sockpuppet invasion on Salty's blog while PZ banned Salty on his own blog and the thing took off in massive silliness to over 400 comments on that article alone. But it was obvious to Salty's readers and they had a lot of fun with the PZ trolls.

(btw - Salty is an attorney.)


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Interesting story, MSK. Thanks for laying it all out.

PZ Myers is a tool. The blogosphere would be better off if he never wrote another word.

I wonder if the husband ever came to his senses and went back to his kids?

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To my knowledge, he has not. If you want to read about this sorry event, here are some links:

The reconsider website: Letters To Dave Navarro

Salty's articles on Naomi Dunford (which includes Dave): Articles in the Naomi Dunford Category

Naomi's site (which has really scaled back from before): IttyBiz

Dave's site (I'm glad to see he's back in business--he took some time off when it blew up): The Launch Coach

Anthony Navarro's site (Dave's brother): Anthony Navarro

You'll have to get Allison's stuff in the comments to Salty's articles.

The rest you can Google.

Some folks will disagree with me, but I repeat what I said above. These are all good people who got caught up doing some stupid things.

This affair and fallout sure scratches the gossip itch, though. :)


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