alternative theory of how protons stick together

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Does this theory make sense?


The Standard Model of Fields and Particle applies to all interactions except gravitation. So far it has predicted every observable effect good to 12 decimal places of accuracy.

How well does this theory work.

The way you pick the theory is by how well it predicts. And well means -accurately-.

So how well does this theory work.

It does not matter if it sounds plausible. It does matter how well it predicts. In science philosophical purity means nada, nothing, bupkis. Only accuracy in prediction as measured by experiment matters.

Does the fellow who proposes this theory have any corrorborated experimental data to back it up? If he does not he has nothing, nada, bupkus.

Free advice: If you see a physics theory or hypothesis presented without any mathematical detail it is either crapdoodle or extremely dumbed down. Physics requires mathematics to make any quantitative predictions.

Ba'al Chatzaf

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