What is Consciousness?

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Brant writes:

I killed a man, Greg, while in this "state of grace."

You did precisely what the moment called for. That's war.


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PDS writes:This state is enhanced, or easier to access, once one abandons the "story" of his life. I actually started the "what's your story" thread to explore this.
What makes a life story so sticky is: "Why it's someone else's fault I'm the way I am".This is the deception of believing the intellect. It's chock full of complicated convoluted wordy justifications for why we are right when we're wrong.
Most people cannot reach this state because their "story" is clogging up the space that zanshin (i.e., alert awareness) would otherwise occupy.
Yes. It's quite easy to displace wordless insight with noisy intellectual verbiage, as it never forces itself on anyone because the prerequisite for seeing is silence. When you can first give up what you have, you will already have what you need.Greg

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11 hours ago, PDS said:

Anybody home in here?

What good is Trump 24/7 if we can't figure out what consciousness is?

I don't know, but I'm kind of enjoying the image of Godzilla in a half-failed attempt at emitting a rainbow.


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