Gary Johnson is most appealing candidate!

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Hey, what happened to the post with the Giant Douche (HC), Turd Sandwich (DT), and Gary Johnson?  I want that image!

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Better yet, go here and you can order the design on a tee-shirt! (Or you can gawk at the image below.)


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A poster has 48 hours to edit and/or delete. The old software required you leave something behind--something like "deleted" or "fi fie ho hum." Can't say about the new stuff.

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1 hour ago, Robert Campbell said:

Somebody or something deleted it.

I wasn't suggesting you did the deleting.


I didn't mean to imply that. I just wanted to let people know this was not a restrictive intervention from OL or anything like that.

I just looked at the source code in the edit function and it is as clean as a whistle. That means somebody did delete it.

By law of elimination, that leaves Jonathan himself.

If he didn't do it, I will find the image somewhere, upload it to my account and post it where it used to be in Jonathan's post. (Then I will ask support for some detective work.) But if Jonathan did delete it, I want to respect his decision.


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