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vanity: Excessive pride in or admiration of one's own appearance or achievements.

if pride is one of the greatest objectivist virtues

how can it be considered wrong in an objectivist forum

like i have already said in a previous post

i have seen quite a few anti-objectivist posters in this forum, advocating ideals of humility, altruism, etc..

thats why i got into objectivism in the first place.. because i do not believe in such ideals

in fact i despise them...

realism.. sure..

humility? never

if you wish to attack anything, do not attack my pride, but rather the reasoning behind my arguments

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Mr. audiognostic,

Here's what we're gonna do.

I don't have time to babysit you and I will not have you hogging this forum with a lot of meaningless emotings.

Sounding Randian and being Randian are two very different things.

I suggest you read a friggen' book or two before preaching, but it's your life.

We have a category of 5 posts a day. You are limited to that for now.

See if that will help you think before you emote--that is if this forum holds any value to you.

If not, well, I wish you well...

Here we trade value for value. We don't give full reign to whim-worshippers to pepper the forum with garbage and insult other posters.

If you want respect here, you have to earn it.


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imsosorrytohearthatwecannot discussthecontentofaideaunlessproperspellingandcapitallettersarinvolved

You heard the wrong thing, Pope, maybe? Having mastery of the English language, or having a standard of written English is one thing. An 'idea' is another.

Consider what you think when you read an illiterate rant. Would it sound any more intelligent or analytically-sound if it was transcribed to audio? Me, I feel sorry for people who cannot regularly use standard English forms in their communications. This may or may not be you. Maybe you do know how written English looks like -- its standard and non-standard forms -- and so maybe you are capable of writing it. Maybe you do write it in some part of your life where it matters (like examinations, job applications, reports in writing to your worker). Maybe you don't.

Thing is, Pope, we know nothing about you. As MSK points out, you could be crazy like Janet, crazy like Victor, or crazy like any other short-term wonder here. Lots of folks show up on the beach over time, you see. Some barely cough the water from their lungs before ranting about their particular bugaboo. Some introduce themselves in some way. Some add pertinent commentary without revealing a thing.

If we knew something about you, maybe the reception would be different. For example, there is another relatively new person here who has cornered the market on blurry sketches of splendid-if-uncomfortable 'couture' and who has some sketches of murky interiors of fantasy palaces. He engaged in conversation, let us know of his particular challenges in life, and -- when challenged on some things in his communications -- accepted counsel. There was some kind of exchange, a real human interaction. Though perhaps he does not have any fans here to encourage him in his mania, he seems human.

You, so far, seem human only so far as a belligerent, antisocial illiterate is human. We don't know you. We don't know where you live, if you are instititutionalized, if you lost your English facility after a blow to the head, nothing.

All we get is a 'one-minute' set of extremely stupid talking points about WTC. So, you know, some of us might think, What the Fuck? Who is this guy? Does he really buy all the crap about 'controlled demolition' ? Has he never thought any of this through? Is this kind of bellicose scrawl of a thought worth consideration?

Bear in mind that the subject has come up before.

But back to spelling. If there was no brain damage or other cognitive impairment, that you are sloppy and uncaring about your presentation suggests you are unskilled in making your points get across without distraction of illiteracy.

'Cause that is what it looks like. It doesn't look like you are using a cute new form of English orthography (some who do not use capitalization can spell just fine). It looks like you are incompetent, lazy and stupid.

So, in just a couple of days, you left an impression you swallow whole the 9/11 conspiracy pill, you got restricted to five posts a day, and made absolutely no headway in being taken seriously.

Is that success, in your world?

Edited by william.scherk
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I think, with customising, this could serve as a template which could save Michael a lot of time,

It is funny that you mention Victor, The first thing I noticed in his (own) writing was the illiteracy. From my scavenges into the past I see there was a time when he dominated the board a lot of the time. If I had been lurking then, I would never have joined OL.

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It isn't really fair, Carol, my interjection -- the young gent was handled by PDS in a much more Canadian way than I was able to. PDS looked past his mode and his mood.

There is something in there, an intelligence, a drive, a fury to understand and be heard. An implacable hostility (from me) is not going to help him get to his goals, so on reading the other thread I wish I had not put this up.

I like English, love it at times, find it delightful to consume and occasional fun-work to produce. It can sing, it can dance, it can take you places in your mind. A basic orthographic competence does not do damage to the ideas embedded in the prose, but incompetence leaves the wrong impression of slop and disarray. Sad but true. A case could be made that it is triumphantly selfish to use standard orthorgraphy: it shows you care about your tools ...

Edited by william.scherk
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Intelligence, drive, fury and jerkiness.

If he had shown he had mastered the rules of written English before he chose to break them (and maybe he did), I would have paid him more attention. Or maybe if he had just cut his friend a break and let him sleep on the couch already,

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