Wassail to Nicholas Dykes -happy birthday

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Threescore and ten, Old Happiness! You are just hitting your stride.

I doubt you will read this, as you never check in here, but honestly if you want to promote your books here you ought to say hi once in a while and not leave it all to your friends. I have a lot of dishes to do and Shane B. has a nation to protect.



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To which I append the two posts on describing (some of) Nick's contributions to promoting libertarianism/Objectivism

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Michael Stuart Kelly, on 02 July 2012 - 09:41 PM, said:Nicholas Dykes on AmazonNick sent me an email of the type I really like--something to let me know his achievements are progressing. Here is a part of it, which is self-explanatory:Nicholas Dykes said:... I have recently published two new (non-philosophical) novels on Amazon's Kindle: a mystery/adventure story called Black Cliff, about three very different people caught up in the consequences of the importation into Britain of alien customs such as arranged marriage and honour killing; and Hopeless: Death of a Fawn, a psychological detective story in which a disabled, poetry-loving police inspector and his highly educated lady partner strive to prevent the murder of a young girl.My earlier book, Old Nick's Guide to Happiness: A Philosophical Novel is also now on Kindle. Since the intellectual aspects of the book fall naturally into two halves, theoretical and practical, I republished it in two volumes, Book One: Why, and Book Two: How.If you don't have a Kindle, I believe it is possible to download the books for reading on Ipads, PCs, etc.I would be deeply grateful if you could post this information on OL, though I should perhaps point out that O'ism underlies the new stories rather than being spelled out as in ONGTH.If anyone wants to buy his books (I highly recommend them), here is the link to his name on a Kindle search: Kindle Store > Nicholas Dykes.Here is his author's page on Amazon: Books by Nicholas DykesAs of this post, his new novels are not on his author's page, but they are on the Kindle search.(btw - Those are not affiliate links. I live in Illinois and, because of recent tax laws by the busy-body state government, Amazon refuses to allow Illinois residents to be associates.)I am linking to this thread from the other one on his earlier novel: Old Nick's Guide to Happiness.I wish Nick all the best luck and success. He writes really good Objectivism-friendly stuff. Michael

f Nick is representative of the type of libertarian intellectuals that the U.K. is turning out, then their future indeed looks bright (Herbert Spencer's revenge??).. Although he is not, strictly speaking an Objectivist, he subscribes to most of Rand's philosophy, excepting where some of her erstwhile followers have mucked it up (see Nick's superlative essay, on Peikoff's OPAR, "An Ass or a Lion?") and also on anarchism. Another great essay, which I've mentioned before, is his critique of Karl Popper's philosophy, also easily found by Googling his name.His recent book, Old Nick's Guide to Happiness is an excellant exposition of libertarian and Objectivist arguments, using a novel form (reminds me of someone else,...).Michael's post, above, gives more details on where his works can now be obtained in eBook format.

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Many more Nick!

Nothing like the haunting call of the pipes echoing along the gloman...

Roamin' in the Gloamin'

I've seen lots of bonnie lassies travellin' far and wide,

But my heart is centred noo on bonnie Kate McBride;

And altho' I'm no a chap that throws a word away,

I'm surprised mysel' at times at a' I've got to say


Roamin' in the gloamin' on the bonnie banks o' Clyde,

Roamin' in the gloamin' wi' ma lassie by ma side,

When the sun has gone to rest, that's the time that I like best,

O, it's lovely roamin' in the gloamin'!

One nicht in the gloamin' we were trippin' side by side.

I kissed her twice, and asked her once if she would be my bride;

She was shy, and so was I, we were baith the same,

But I got brave and braver on the journey comin' hame.


Last nicht efter strollin' we got hame at half-past nine.

Sittin' at the kitchen fire I asked her to be mine.

When she promised I got up and danced the Hielan' Fling;

I've just been to the jewellers and I've picked a nice wee ring.

Early Evening Rai...


Stream and Mossy ...jonathan-smith-edinburgh-castle-and-old-town-seen-from-arthur-s-seat-edinburgh-united-kingdom.jpg

Edinburgh Castle ...





Edinburgh Citysca...








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