Ed Hudgins

Paul Ryan's Objective Virtues

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Maybe she's more interested in selling her book than promoting the ideas?


I don't doubt that.

But it would be nice to know what Ms. Heller actually thinks of some of the ideas.

Robert Campbell

Well, ask yourself if she's actually an intellectual, such being someone who has a general, intense and honest if not professional interest in ideas. I don't think she's oriented that way.


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This was pretty good. Notice how much of the dialogue comes verbatim from the debate. And the guy playing Biden hardly had to exaggerate.

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Stephen, why did you delete your post? It was perfectly fine. With my super powers I can retrieve it if you so wish. Actually, I get messages instantly so if you later delete it, my computer has a copy.


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But he has been. Weekly Standard recently ran a long profile about how he managed to go, by hard work and powers of persuasion, from outlier to the de facto head of his party in congress.

(I didn't say he was right, merely that he has been politically skillful and effective.)

Looks like this was a great call...took de jure a little over three (3) years.


WASHINGTON — A strong majority of anti-establishment lawmakers in the House Freedom Caucus voted on Wednesday night to support Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin for House speaker, effectively delivering the Republican Party unity that he had sought as a condition for accepting the post

While the vote fell short of the four-fifths majority required for the group’s official endorsement, lawmakers said it nonetheless cleared the way for Mr. Ryan, 45, to be selected as the Republican nominee next Wednesday and affirmed as speaker in a floor vote the next day.


Nice pop up graphic at the bottom:



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. . . Militarism is the chronic bulldozer of economic sense for Republicans . . . .

Jon Meacham, author of Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power has a new biography, of George H. W. Bush (the elder Bush), Destiny and Power.

Remarks of Bush Sr. on Rumsfeld and Cheney


PS - 11/6/15

Last evening Meacham was interviewed about his new book on the PBS Newshour.

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