A Scene in The Fountainhead

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I had some motivation to seek this out for a post to RoR:

"Look, Gail," Roark got up, reached out, tore a thick branch off a tree, held it in both hands, one fist closed at each end; then, his wrists and knuckles tensed against the resistance, he bent the branch slowly into an arc. "Now I can make what I want of it: a bow, or a spear, a cane, a railing. That is the meaning of life.

"Your strength?"

"Your work." He tossed the branch aside. "The material the earth offers you and what you make of it..." (Fountainhead, hd, page 596)

The intention of that scene is expanded into Roark's Courtroom Speech. Funny thing is I always imagined that scene as having been in the movie, when, in fact, it was not. I always thought of it as one of the axiomatic crystals of truth in the book.

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