UN arms treaty could put U.S. gun owners in foreign sights

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According to Alex Jones, it is normal to disarm the people before taking over the country.

According to a person who lived in Nazi Germany, the police said there is a high crime rate and they asked the people to voluntarily cooperate by registering their guns. The good people, wanting to be helpful, voluntarily registered their guns. A few months later the police said the crime problem is still not solved so now we must ask you to give up your guns. By this time the police knew who had guns because they were registered. In this way Hitler disarmed the people.

According to Jesse Ventura, a dictator (I don't remember the name of the dictator or the country) gave the people two weeks to turn in their guns or get the death penalty.

In the USA and Canada and UK, they probably will disarm the people in a more subtle way. They probably will psychologically condition the people to believe that having a gun is politically incorrect or racist or terrorist.

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It all circles around to the DC gun case in that only law-abiding citizens will abide by any such gun laws, thereby eroding our Second Amendment rights. This will effictively remove guns out of the hands of those who will be victimized by criminals that keep theirs. Good thing is that the treaty on such measures has to pass the Senate with 2/3 votes. If senators want to keep their seats, I doubt that many would dare vote yay.

~ Shane

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