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My miserable computer is on its last extremities and recently lost responsivity in keyboard, specifically letters from f to j, luckily I know a lot of synonyms but do not expect a lot of creativity from me anytime soon.

At least it is just consonants so far and not vowels. I am mad because I was all ready to slaAdam an NY joke /riddle and now cant. It would fit ice sports section.

Also you will assume I lost mastery of verb tenses I always use, not to mention spellin.


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I suppose you could create a "virtual keyboard" by cutting and pasting the letters you can't use into a Word document. That's how I get the French accents, German umlauts and such.

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Still only lemons so must make lemonade. I will start a contest:

Correctly title movies I rename to accommodate my consonant deficiency.

1. Nuptials Interlopers

2. Vertebrae Exploration, Brace Yourself

3. Frequently effective way to Score

4.Cynara ,Irresistible Manipulator...

5Very.Last Ptolemy

6. Journey by Car if Car can Make it*

7. LBD*(ladies can translate if necessary)

8. Firearms up and down Alonquians

9. Mystery Mealmate

10. First Titanic Tremble

* -- old Canadian classic

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1. Nuptials Interlopers

1. Nuptials Interlopers - Wedding Crashers

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3. Frequently effective way to Score <<<< Slap Shot

9. Mystery Mealmate <<<< Guess Who's Coming To Dinner????

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