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Stefan Molyneux is an anarchist. He believes countries are human farms.

video 13:10

Debate between Stefan Molyneaux (anarchy) vs Michael Badnarik (minarchy). Four hours.

video 1:54:05

video 2:08:41
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That's like dressing a billionaire in rags and saying he's poor. Transmogrification or analogy not good foundations for arguments. Here we have a kind of argumentum ad hominem. I suggest staying with free and not free.


no time to watch the videos--sorry

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Sharon Presley has been on a small crusade against Molyneux for his advice to young people to cut their families off and do something else... er... something better... you know... like follow him instead.


I have seen some of Molyneux's stuff. He's a real mixed bag. My biggest beef with his way of thinking--and this is from what I have observed in the stuff I looked at--is that he deduces reality from principles. You're supposed to do it the other way--look at reality, induce principles from differences, similarities and frequency of occurrence, then use the induced principles as rules of thumb while you test the daylights out of them (called checking premises).

Like Brant, I didn't see your links. I have seen enough of Molyneux to not want to see anymore without a real compelling reason. But, in the name of interested readers, thank you for posting them. People should see these things.


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