Why Ron Paul Won't Become Prez


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Elections in the USA are rigged. Don't matter who you vote for. What matters is who the voting machine votes for.

Why Ron Paul won't become prez:


Evidence of election fraud:



All this does is make Dr. Paul's followers look infantile, immature and ignorant.


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1. Very many elements of the ruling class do not want Ron Paul.

2. Very few elements of the ruling class do want Ron Paul.

3. Very few Americans who are registered to vote approve of Ron Paul.

4. Very many Americans who are registered to vote disapprove of Ron Paul.

During a press conference held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. in September 2004, Bev Harris and her “hacking team” demonstrated SIX WAYS to hack an election using two different major vendors’ software, Diebold and Sequoia, and played at that press conference a video of a chimpanzee hacking an election, to prove the point that it was actually that simple when following Diebold’s own instructions. The film clip, called “The Baxter Video”, may still be available to be viewed at Black Box Voting’s website.


See more in the Politics topic on Voting Machines.

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