One Way to Change Your Mind

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Great good and great harm could come with this research. Animals could be trained to perform complex tasks when guided by a programmer. People could be guided by a programmer. Assassins could use this technology to cause fake suicides. A “Manchurian Candidate” is a possibility. A teenage lothario could make women put out just by doping their drink as is already, crudely done. People would come to doubt their sanity. The phrase, “I don’t normally do things like that,” would become more prevalent, and make people doubt themselves. Mind rape could become a crime.


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Flipping a Light Switch in the Cell: Quantum Dots Used for Targeted Neural Activation


Extrapolating the idea - large numbers of remotely controlled actuators spread through out the human brain. Added capabilities could be interesting.


Does anyone know at which neurons to put the quantum dots?

Ba'al Chatzaf

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