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Philip Coates

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> There is no proper use of quotation marks for a paraphrase unless you are quoting someone paraphrasing. [brant]

Give it a rest, pal.

> Here’s a plum example of you making one of your ignorant attacks, then not following through when challenged. [ND]

Not it's not: You can't even read.

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> If you refuse to use the quote function, at least quote me accurately. Neither of the above passages in quotation marks is what I wrote. [GHS]

Accurate paraphrase, though. I didn't misrepresent you so you're being picky over a minor point. I was in a hurry so I used quote marks for paraphrasing informally - probably better to use italics. And I did respond to the essence of your viewpoints.

You did in fact change the meaning in one case. You misquoted me and then claimed that I had asked you a rhetorical question. My question was not even addressed to you (it was addressed to Michael), and it was not rhetorical. You made it seem this way by quoting something I didn't write.


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Come on, Phil.

You want me to dig through a bunch of stuff and give you links when you refuse to do it?

The last thing I remember off the top of my head was when I compared "dominant discourse" to censorship. You came up with some weird-ass interpretation of that and got snarky.

I even said I would agree with you if I had said that.

You've been doing a lot of that stuff recently.

The really weird part is that you have been slinging around a mantra that others are sloppy precisely at the same time you do that crap.


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You are entitled to your opinion, but facts are facts. I'm not going to argue this with you other than to say that your credibility is shot to hell right now. You probably don't believe it, but you might wonder why nobody takes you seriously and very intelligent people are in your so-called "wolfpack."

I doubt your credibility will get better until your posting behavior improves, meaning until you cite facts correctly, make it easy for people to check your data, stop nagging folks with trivialities, and so forth.

At least there has been some improvement. I have to be fair. It's been a while since I've seen you try to teach an expert elementary-level stuff in his field as you tell him you don't need to read the books in that field.

But carry on...


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Subject: Locked into Delusions and Imaginary "Facts"

> nobody takes you seriously...your credibility is shot to hell right now

Michael, what's the weather like in your imaginary universe? I'm amused that 'nobody' means people outside of your tiny little circle of homeboys here.

You have sort of delusions of grandeur thinking your minuscule little crowd of insult boys and misfits represents everybody. And it's laughable that I should take you or them and your opinions seriously.

> I've seen you try to teach an expert elementary-level stuff in his field

Another sign of delusion that you consider Jeff R and expert or consider literature "his field" more than it is mine. I have taught more courses in literature (not just sci-fi) than Jeff could even imagine. Did you buy his bluster that he's an "expert' who should not be questioned.

> until your posting behavior improves

And this is -fantastic- coming from you, ND, George, etc. One of youi is a serial psychologizer, and the other two think ridicule is a substitute for careful point-by-point argument.

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