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Hi, All! :cool:

I am really, really busy with music right now. That darn old music bug just never leaves you. Anyway, during my various experiences, I had the great fortune of meeting Gary Damron (there was a Cleveland connection there).

Gary lives in L.A., he's a guitar virtuoso, composer, and also does a very great deal of engineering, film, production work. He helped me get my Pro Tools studio together, and such.

I absolutely adore his music, because it is expressive, informed, and profound. He is about to release a new album called "Paragon," which is beautiful. Here is one song he has out on You Tube, it is called "Fighting Solitude," I think he says that is about doing it all yourself for so long.

You can see his other things at his site,

I am hoping to be performing with him later this year, if possible.

He is a wonderful person and yes, when Paragon releases, BUY IT!!!


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Good to see you!

Really haunting music. I am a major sucker for time lapse images. I guess sleep can be considered the ultimate solitude.

Great way to start my day!

Good luck.


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I liked that. I would liken it to a new age, much more optimistic, theme to “Boardwalk Empire.” Very good. And the visuals were good too.


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