Obama in same-sex smooching? You're not going to believe this...

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Obama in same-sex smooching? You're not going to believe this...

I just saw this on The Blaze and it is hilarious.

New ‘Unhate’ Ads Feature Obama Engaged in Same-Sex Kisses

by Billy Hallowell

November 16, 2011

The Blaze

From the article:

Advertisement campaigns are all about nabbing peoples’ attention. This is precisely the reason why many companies utilize sex appeal, among other stimulating imagery, to try and attract prospective clients and consumers. It may also be the reason that Benetton, an Italian clothing and retail company, has launched “Unhate,” a new ad campaign that includes billboards showing unlikely political and religious leaders engaging in bizarre lip-locks.

. . .

... regardless of previous campaigns, these new pictures may draw the ire of religious people, as a number of controversial themes are combined. First and foremost, the individuals depicted are all men, thus they are showcasing homosexual smooches. Even if critics are willing to look past this detail, the fact that religious leaders were used is certainly ruffling some feathers...

I'll try to post the pictures later since I can't embed them and I gotta run right now.

But the picture of Obama passionately kissing Hugo Chaves is now seared into my memory.

And Netanyahu and Abbas...

And the Pope with an Egyptian imam...




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OMG! I want to say that's an awesome picture. But out of fear that that might be taken out of context, let me explain. The guys that gen up these pictures have a great knack for "capturing the moment," but I'd hazard a guess that this was probably taken from clips of a camera in live action, then selecting this frame for, as Michael put it, "kissing pure evil with pure satisfaction." Priceless! :)

~ Shane

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