Death threats against Objectivist

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Well what a weird week it's been.

My Objectivist themed blog article at went viral and

has now had over 38,000 readers ( a new record for the site, which I think was

previously around 8,000 readers of one blog, but am not sure. The site has

around 45,000 members ) and the extreme left has gone wild over it, accusing me

of everything in the book, and putting up at least a dozen sites bashing me. As

they usually do, they project and accuse me of just about everything they are,

and do themselves.

Keith Olbermann at MSNBC featured me in his "Worst person in the world" segment


Some have gone to my book's site at ( )

and have written bogus bad reviews, though none have read my book.

I've been referred to as a "right winger" ( I'm not ) and a "tea party leader".

( I'm not - just an individual who has blogged on that site for a year or so. )

I've had harassing phone calls, and emails, with people calling me every name in

the book. Our small home based business has pretty much been shut down by this,

and we fear for our safety and lives now. ( Good thing we're armed. )

And one of the latest sites calls me a traitor, outs me and my business, tells

people to harass the business organizations that I'm a member of, to tell all

the attorneys and judges in Colorado about me, and has a "Wanted" poster with

my picture on it, apparently a call for harrassment and possibly killing me, if

some far left kooks act on it. That one is at

It's amazing how rabid they become, when you refer to the works of Ayn Rand and

advocate something like this. It's like pouring water on the "Wicked Witch of

the West", and they start shreiking, just like some of the characters in "Atlas


Please feel free to pass this on to as many Objectivists as you can, I could

sure use some supportiveness right now, I'm feeling pretty threatened.

All the best,

Melissa Brookstone

Author and Founder of "The Planetary Bill of Rights Project".

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Thanks for posting this on OL.

If you made Olbermann's "Worst person in the world" list and you are getting this amount of harassment, take heart in one thing: you struck a nerve--a deep one.

You definitely need to contact more than Objectivist people.

I will spread this to where I can.


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Hang in there Melissa: You're obviously having an impact if you arouse so much anger. And you've obviously been widely read to have all this activity against you.

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I looked through the linked articles, and a good number of the comments, and didn't see any death threats. Just hyperbole, the kind of thing Ann Coulter engages in, like charges of treason. Did I miss something?

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People like Melissa is talking about usually make death threats by email, telephone, letter or some other personal way--and the threats are usually anonymous.

This is how Beck, O'Reilly, Coulter, etc. have reported the way they receive death threats.

I have no problem taking Melissa at her word on this. This is very typical behavior the lefties do against anti-progressive people who gain sudden prominence.

(Right-wing nut jobs do this, too.)

To me, it's like someone saying they heard barking in a kennel, even though I wasn't there to hear the barking when they said they heard it.

I believe them.


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You have my complete support, if I can help in any direct way, contact me through OL.

On a more interesting note, what do folks on OL think of her expository piece calling for a strike?


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Melissa's article is well written, concise, to the point, true and accurate. I believe this strike by the left against the constitution and the foundations of the United States and its people has been planned for many years and may be playing out exactly as planned. We don't know what their next move is and they no doubt anticipated the backlash of the tea party. The orchestrated attack on Melissa is part of a planned response to internet "noise", they are well aware of the potential influence of small bloggers that are outside of the mainstream. The apparent weakness of Obama may simply be a misdirection. Never underestimate the Machiavellian schemes of socialists, this is a pure power grab and the intention is for it be permanent. The next year may be the most important year in the history of American politics.

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