Dr. Brian Cox, a worthy successor to Carl Sagan

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Dr. Brian Cox physicist (not to be confused with Brian Cox, actor) has been running a series on the Science Channel on the wonders of the universe. He has a certain boyish charm and a wonderful Manchester (Mancunian) accent. And on top of that he is a charming Boy Atheist who has no trouble telling Sarah Palin with her Creationist notions that she is a twat. Gotta love that!

Here is a piece on Brian, who I find utterly charming. He not cursed with the full of himself pretentiousness that was Carl Sagan's great flaw. When Brian Cox says billions and billions one does not break out laughing.

Please do see: http://www.guardian....bserver-profile

And now, before signing out I will do my impression of Carl Sagan talking in his sleep:

zzzz..... billyuns and billyuns......zzzzz......pale blue dot .......zzzzz ......whale song .......zzzz.......stuhr stuff....zzzzz..

Ba'al Chatzaf

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