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George H. Smith

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The photo linked above is apparently authentic. Rush Limbaugh just compared Obama in this picture to Alfred E. Neuman. LOL!

If ever a photo screamed for a "caption contest," this is it. So let's see some captions!

This would work better if someone could post the picture itself, instead of a link. I couldn't figure out how to do this from Beck's website.


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I was just going to mention the Rush statement, but wanted to have this pic! lol

Rush also just commented that the photographer of this picture said, "Who wants to see President O'bama re-elected?"

Then he snapped that photo!

What a joke this boy fascist prince is.

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Looks like he's smacking the bald guy standing next to him.

According to Limbaugh, the official explanation is that Obama was set-up by the photographer. He supposedly asked who wanted to see Obama re-elected, after which Obama raised his hand and the picture was taken.

The problem with this story, for Obama supporters, is explaining why only Obama raised his hand. 8-)


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Who are all those grinning fools?

"World leaders!" Now you realize how fucked we really are.

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Philippine President Aquino wearing the bright blue tie to Obama's left. Looking like a retard as always. No policies, no principles just a new slut on his bed every night according to his chauffeur who told a friend of mine.


Isn't it interesting that the male or female who is in Aquino's bed every night is referred to as the "slut," but the political slut whose bed the "slut" is in is called the "President!"


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I just noticed. Obama's smile is fake. If the reason why he raised his hand is the one mentioned above and it was a spontaneous reaction (not due to a teleprompter), it indicates that he was probably displeased by the "joke" but his movement shows otherwise (scrambling to stay in his seat perhaps?)

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With apologies to Rush, these are the "Priests":

"We've taken care of everything

The words you hear, the songs you sing

The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes.

It's one for all and all for one

We work together, common sons

Never need to wonder how or why."


"Look around at this world we've made

Equality our stock in trade

Come and join the Brotherhood of Man

Oh, what a nice, contented world

Let the banners be unfurled

Hold the Red Star proudly high in hand."

That is what Obama doing with his right hand....

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