Happy Birthday, Freddie Mercury

Rich Engle

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There have been many amazing front men in rock. Freddie Mercury transcended rock.

Freddie Mercury (Wiki)

And, there is a lot to say about this brilliant, "beloved of God" musician. A lot. I'm not going to do an academic thing about him. If you aren't familiar, just look him up (or his group "Queen").

I will simply point you at his opera "Barcelona" (arguably his last, and culmination work before he died) work; which he did with Montserrat Caballé.

Happy BD, Freddie. You left it with us, with style, brilliance, and power.


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The power and pure beauty of the human voice.

Thanks, Rich

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I wasn't familiar with him and I don't like opera, but I liked the passionately fierce enthusiastic celebratory energy of this, so I'll have to check him out further.

I take it this was done for the Barcelona Olympics.

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