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Excellent find Bob.

I have been arguing for this for two decades.

ADD and ADHD are the most mis diagnosed conditions in American education. Once the diagnosis is made, the classification increases the funding for that child by a factor of 2 to 3 times.

At $20,000 per child [current cost per child in Boston Public "Educational" System] , I could pay two teachers $60,000 per year and have $120,000 for renting a large storefront, small modular house or a geodesic domed open classroom with all the computer toys, bells and whistles for a 12 student academy within walking distance of the students residences.

The student mentor ratio would be 6 to 1 and would have no age groupings.

And that is just for starters. With that ratio, the mentor or teacher would be able to work with the student's family as well to form a cohesive bond that is not severed by the school day.


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I watched the Ken Robinson video a while back. Also, the entire inventory of RSAnimate presentations is worth exploring when and as you can.

Over on RoR is a discussion about Khan Academy from a Wired article about it. These are basically hundreds of discrete 5- to 8-minute presentations on narrow topics in math, science, etc., etc., but supported by hundreds of drill and practice problems. Kids seem to respond well to both sides of that: the discrete lecture - voice only; no actor - with hand drawn graphics; and the opportunity to be greatly albeit abstractly rewarded for successful replies to drill problems.

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