Ralph Goldberg, Secret Agent

Rich Engle

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The Ralph Goldberg Story

It's got all the good primate stuff.



Oh! You mean Goldberg, the Spy. He lives on the next block.

Ba'al Chatzaf

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Rich, thanks for the link. I had no idea... However, it also took me back to YouTube presentations of Ghoulardi, Dorothy Fuldheim, Captain Penny, and Barnaby. Turn blue, you purple knif. Did you know about the one time when George Szell broke with custom and actually spoke to the audience and when he said, "... Parma..." he got echoes of "Parma!" from them and was completely at a loss because, of course, he was probably the only person in Cleveland who never watched Ghoulardi. Having moved to Michigan, if I use a buzzword like "knif" someone will mention "The Ghoul" - the WWJ Storer Detroit analog to WJW's Ernie Anderson, then someone from Styxville will try to talk about their town's "Svenghoulie" or some other copy cat, and I just give up. Ernie Anderson's Ghoulardi was the original.

And, oh! as MSK is from Brazil, in the 7th grade social studies, when we got to Brazil, the teacher had to wait for the gales to subside when it was revealed that the President of Brazil, João Goulart, was ousted in a military coup. ("Cool it with the boom-booms!")

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