Byron Nemeth, guitarist.

Rich Engle

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I've known Byron off and on since he was a kid, as a matter of fact, when I was just starting out as a guitar teacher, a very young Byron came to me and took theory lessons. How funny! I put him through "Smith's Theory Book For Guitarists," or whatever that thing was called.

Byron went on to play play play, build a studio, tour, all kinds of stuff. He's now out of Cleveland, having relocated to Arizona. He's been one of the most persistent, passionate musicians I have ever known. And a very nice guy on top of it. Here is the current press release, I strongly recommend you take a look at his music. Now, he's very musical but for sure he plays heavy guitar, so if that is not your cup of tea, you know . . .But his story is still very interesting. Great guy, and I'm really happy that we have managed to maintain contact over so many years.

Byron Nemeth press release


Rich Engle

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