Allen West

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Love this man. Faced down the command structure in Iraq by standing up for the troops under him.

Ran an excellent race in Florida.

Doing an excellent job in Congress. Confronted the Congressional Black Caucus.

Here in this video he calmly tears apart a senior O'biwan official on the disclosing of political contributions by all contractors bidding on Federal jobs.

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More reasons to love this man...

As you may, or may not know, he has been redistricted...

Here is his website:

                                        Florida's 22nd congressional district                                            
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Him, Rubio, Ryan, DeMint & Paul, though not perfect, are certainly refreshing.

There has never been a perfect politician, scientist or hooker, so I don't seek the impossible! lol.

I would add the other Paul also. Walker of Wisconsin.

Maybe Christie, not for his philosophy, just for his in your face style with the power brokers of the left.

Congressman Mc Carter of Michigan. Johnson of New Mexico. And maybe five (5) or ten (10) more. But yours are the top of the list.


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