Greenspan Grapples for Stimulus With Ayn Rand

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17 minutes ago, Jon Letendre said:

This volume is simply the first of two volumes which is published to give an overview of what the Illuminati is. In short the Illuminati are generational Satanic bloodlines which have gained the most power. A generational Satanist described the Illuminati as "Satan’s elite."

Why should I read beyond that line? That sounds like the raving of a crazy man. It sounds like conspiracy theory to the hilt.



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The Illuminati interests wanted to create a Central Bank in America. They wanted to build the Federal Reserve. First, they needed a bunch of banking crisis’ that would push public opinion towards a Federal Reserve system. These were provided by the Illuminati, including J.P. Morgan’s Knickerbocker Panic of 190?. Second, they needed a favorable U.S. president in office. Rothschild agent Colonel House provided this by getting Woodrow Welson elected. The American people were being couditioned. To provide the ‘reform of the American banking system" a congressional National Monetary Commission was created and a man related to the Rockefellers, Nelson Aldrich, was put in charge. For two years this Commission travel around Europe hob-nobbing with the IllumInati and getting directions as to how the central bank should be set up. Then the Commission returned in 1910, and Nelson Aldrich went to a secret meeting at the Jekyll Island Hunt Club in Georgia to write the legislation for an American central bank to be run by the IllumInati. Others at the Jekyll island meeting were these Illuminati men - A. Platt Andrew, Frank Vanderiip (of a Kuhn-Loeb & Company bank), Henry Davidson (of J.P. Morgan), Charies Norton (of a Morgan bank), Paul Warburg (of Kuhn-Loeb & Company and brother-in-law of Schiff), Benjamin Strong (of another Morgan company). Most of these men were connected to Jacob Schiff or J.P. Morgan, who in turn were agents for the House of Rothschild. The Jekyll Island Hunt Club was even owned by J.P. Morgan. The Federal Reserve bill was sneakily passed through congress in the winter of 1913 and President Woodrow Wilson signed the bill into law. The Illuminati, particularly the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, bad usurped the financial power of the United States. The first governor of the New York branch of the Federal Reserve was Benjamin Strong. The first governor of the FED’s board of directors was Paul Warburg. Both connected to Schiff, J.P. Morgan, Jr, and the House of Rothschild. The FED has been an effective tool of the Illuminati and the Rothschilds, creating crisis such as the Great Depression (which J.P. Morgan, Jr was very involved in creating). Apparentiy (according to Congressman Louis McFadden), the Depression helped consolidate financial power over the US., putting It in the hands of the Rothschild banking alliance between J.P. Morgan’s First National Bank group and Schiff’s Kuhn, Loeb-run National City Bank. The Great Depression also lead to Roosevelt’s New Deal.

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Trump has been at war with and has been trolling these people his whole life. That’s why they shat their shorts when he became President and have been getting ever more hysterical since.

In the late seventies he promised to preserve some architectural art while demolishing the Bonwit Teller building to make way for Trump Tower.

The “art” in question depicted one of their beloved goddesses. He is not indifferent to art (nor to profit, from selling art) just look inside his home. He did this to disrespect their beliefs and heritage and to make their blood boil. “Oh, you want this preserved? It is even more special than the ones on the Rockefeller building? I see.”


And the promise to preserve the grillwork and reliefs? “On his orders, the demolition workers cut up the grillwork with acetylene torches,” wrote Harry Hurt III in The Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump. Crews “jackhammered the friezes, dislodged them with crowbars, and pushed the remains inside the building, where they fell to the floor and shattered in a million pieces.”

Preservationists were naturally furious. The editorial board of the Gray Lady wrote “New York needs to make salvation of this kind of landmark mandatory and stop expecting that its developers will be good citizens and good sports.” But by that point, it was too late. “The reliefs are as important as the sculptures on the Rockefeller building,” said Robert Miller, the gallery owner who originally assessed the reliefs. “They’ll never be made again.””



The old Bonwit’s, designed by Warren and Wetmore, the architects of Grand Central Terminal, was not a designated landmark, but the sculpture had become a beloved local icon. With demolition imminent, public concerns were allayed when the developer agreed to preserve the artwork and donate it to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which estimated its value at $200,000. Hence the shock when, on June 6, 1980, the front page of the New York Times ran this headline: “Developer Scraps Bonwit Sculptures.” A Trump Organization spokesman told the Times reporter that independent art appraisers (never identified) had declared that the decorative panels were of little value, and certainly not enough to justify the estimated $32,000 cost of their removal or the ten-day delay to the project. 3 When reminded in a later interview of the Met’s appraisal, Trump claimed that removal of the sculpture would actually have cost $500,000 and caused months of delay. Soon Trump was referring dismissively to “the junk I destroyed at Bonwit Teller” and boasting that he’d ordered the destruction himself.”


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