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My respect for Walker just increased in terms of political dirty pool. He just pulled off a trick worthy of Obama getting all those laws through Congress without the members reading the stuff.

And boy, look at those union folks! They sure don't like it when their own tactics are used on them.

I had a feeling something was up when I read the following on The Blaze a couple of days ago: Wisconsin Gov. Tries to End Legislative Stand-Off With Union Concessions.

That didn't look right in the same manner I have seen a lot of similar stuff not look right in my years in Brazil. I felt disappointed, but it didn't add up with what had gone on before. So I wondered if there was some kind of kaboom getting ready to explode.

There was.

Walker sucker-punched the delinquent Democrats, but first floated the opposite to get them to lower their guard. I have no doubt this was in the works in the back-rooms for a while, and Walker & Co. were just waiting for the right moment to spring it on folks.

That Sunday-school-teacher face of his hides a very devious political in-fighter.

I only hope that power does not corrupt him. I wouldn't bet on it, though. Stuff like what he just pulled off can go to your head real quick.

At least he did it, so that's a good thing.


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Yes, excellent tactic. Roberts Rules of Order wins again.

Here is your child's librarian bringing the message of intellectual inquiry to you, the taxpayer who pays her salary...


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It's beginning to look a lot like France!

Great new game you can play with your friends, kids and family...hit the Where's Jackson link under the first picture.

Also, when you enlarge the photo, take some time looking around in the image...fascinating.

Also, the comments in this blog are quite witty.

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