Evil Marxist Politician addresses the Congress


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He has a shovel full of something for sure.

I watched the first 30 min. His folksy speaking style (leaving off Gs on words. i.e. leavin' instead leaving, irritates me, he seems to need to stupidify himself-unless that is the way he naturally talks.)

It was a speech written by the sheeple for the sheeple. Those little human element stories were so fake. He also said now that we have come out of the recession we need to focus on the debt. UM we are NOT out of the recession by a longshot, and the recovery is a fallacy.

He is living in a dream world-more education? Why? So the students can come out with degrees like those in India and China?

Hello they make about $5 an hour or less after all that schooling.


So sad :(

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Barack Obama's "g-dropping"—substituting an "n" for an "ng" at the end of certain words—always seems calculated to me.

Robert Campbell

To me as well. It is like he is trying to play to the lowest common denominator. And they say Sarah Palin sounds stupid!

The education emphasis REALLY bothers me-what is the point of an education if there are no jobs and/or the jobs that are available pay minimum wage?

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