Noam Chomsky, a full professor of LINGUISTICS!!

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Unfortunately what passes for "climate science" is not science. It is models crafted to fit what ever data it fits.

I had in mind physics, chemistry, thermodynamics and that sort of REAL physical science plus the areas of engineering and applications based on these real sciences.

Meteorology is on the fringe. Much of meteorology is model based because there is not a good solid theory of weather. Nor is there likely to be any time soon, since weather, by its nature is chaotic (i.e. highly non-linear). Climatology is very dicey.

The first climatologist was Aristotle and his first work on the subject was "On Meteorology". With Aristotle is was pseudo science and the follow ons have not been much better.

The problem with meteorology and climatology is that there is much more data than underlying physical cause. Climate and weather, by their nature are very complicated phenomena so there is nothing like the basic theory of particles and fields for climate and weather right now.l

Ba'al Chatzaf

The scientific theory underlying meteorology and climatology is called fluid dynamics.

The theory already exists, models are all you need.

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The theory already exists, models are all you need.

For what?

To trick politicians into passing laws to fleece people?


I'm still in awe of the balls it took to put the Chicago Climate Exchange heist together. They almost pulled it off, too. Models were all they needed to try...

Fortunately it tanked.

(btw - For those who don't know, Obama helped set that damn thing up years before he became President Obama.)


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