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  1. MAGA-Trump Movement 2021 And Beyond Magic happened in Tulsa a few days ago. Here is the accompanying article. Amazing update from the Health and Freedom event at Tulsa: Videos, updates, interviews and more I believe this event is a tipping point event and I will link to the videos of the speeches below when they become available. Also, lots of new internet platforms are being built. This event highlighted several of them. As Mike Adams said, people were not wearing masks at the event. That's a symbol of resistance against tyranny and I want to celebrate i
  2. Fraud and Context in the 2020 USA Elections Now that I no longer have to worry about being penalized by The Goog (I took its ads off OL recently and wondered why I took so long ), a thread like this good and proper. President Trump won that election in a landslide and a whole lot of Trump-friendly men and women in Congress and State government won, too. But they were all denied their office by one of the largest organized nationwide criminal election frauds in US history. We need a repository for easy access to the facts since the fake news mainstream media and big tech are wag
  3. The 2020 Presidential Election Tournament It's a little early, but what the hell. The Trump-Pence ticket is going to be on one end. That's all over but the crying for their opponents. But we still don't know for sure if Biden will survive in good health to be his opponent, nor do we know who Biden wants to run with him. Then there are the stakes of the House and the Senate. Will the Republicans keep the Senate or will the Democrats take it? Will the Democrats keep the House or will the Republicans take it? Presuming President Trump wins the election, there is the bigge
  4. Peace Breaks Out Between UAE and Israel How are these apples? From the White House site: Joint Statement of the United States, the State of Israel, and the United Arab Emirates Issued on: August 13, 2020 This is a big deal. Foreign policy-wise, it is up there in importance with the USA decoupling from China. Happy, happy day... Michael
  5. President Trump Reference - Fake News and Facts This thread should belong in a section more devoted to politics that Persuasion Techniques. But the consistent spread of fake news about President Trump for years is so widespread, it counts as a good example of persuasion collusion among a media cartel. I want to keep my contributions more factual than partisan, so I will be adding to this opening post as I find factual information. This will keep it from getting lost in flame wars, propaganda trolling, irrelevant issues and so on. If that gets too unwieldy, I will make a post and link
  6. The 2020 Election - Capitalism vs Collectivism Rand Style The essence of the 2020 Presidential election is shaping up to be capitalism vs. collectivism in the way Ayn Rand laid it out. I don't know what's happened in the Objectivist subcommunity. I keep seeing the enormous difficulty our fearless leaders have in applying Rand's thinking to current events. This might be because of sematics, gobs and gobs of semantics. For example, President Trump is considered among the intelligentsia (both within O-Land and without) as a nationalist. We rarely hear of him referred to as a capi
  7. Wisdom of the Electoral College When people wonder why the Electoral College exists, there is no better demonstration than the image below. In the top image, you have the areas of the country that voted for Donald Trump in the majority. In the bottom image, Hillary Clinton. Green is the low end starting at 51% and white is 100%. Most of the brown ranges from about 70% to 85%. The site says: "Maps were created using IDW (Inverse distance weighted) technique in ArcGIS." You can see the original here: TrumpLand and Clinton Archipelago Numberwise, the Democrats keep s
  8. Black Panther - How did this happen? I haven't seen Black Panther yet, but my stepson Sean did. He's a huge Marvel superhero fan. He loved it. Since he is semi-autistic, things like racism confuse him. I noticed in his comments about the movie, he didn't talk about race. Yet that's all they talked about in the marketing hoopla before the film What happened? Well, OK... That's Sean. But then I started seeing some other things. For example, John Nolte wrote the following review at Breitbart: ‘Black Panther’ Review: The Movie’s Hero is Trump, the Villain is Black Lives Matter
  9. My second test is also awful ... long, choppy, echoey, but I fear not [added February 2] _______________________________ I have been fussing with technical impediments for a few days -- with the end of the fuss a more-success-than-fail test of streaming video live from Chilliwack. It is still awful, laggy, popping here and there, distorting audio, skipping frames, refusing to play video so I can hear it ... but with some more fussing and rehearsal, and more script cards, and more drilling, this can work. Expect this thread to be locked from time to time as I replace
  10. The Tragic Hero Hanson Style Is a tragic hero a tool of persuasion? I never used to think so until I read Victor Davis Hanson's characterization of President Trump. In fact, I don't think he thinks this archetype is a persuasion tool. But it just might be. I want to explore this idea throughout this thread since it happens enough in the culture to see a pattern. First the archetype. Note, Hanson's view of tragic hero is not what is typically understood in the culture. Macbeth, for instance, is a tragic hero in normal understanding and is taught as such in schools. However,
  11. I should have perhaps posted this in the Mideast forum, but Jerry has thoroughly polluted that thread with Garbage File level bullshit. Islam Rape Invasion Europe Box Cars. No thanks. Trump has been pretty clear about Syria and its travails. He prefers the strong leader, even if that means a strongman or dictator. He is more revolted by Saudi Arabia than by Assad. He will reject any 'refugees' from Syria. He likes a leadership role. He'd like to take Putin under his wing. He'd like to shake up the board. But mainly he is centred on America first. So, I bet Syria is just left to feste
  12. I Like Trump - rap The artist is An0maly. The song starts like this: I like Trump I don’t really give a fuck And it goes on from there. Enjoy. And so the change starts. Kanye kicked it off. Now the smaller rappers will try to outdo each other tying pro-Trump to their reality. Not propaganda. Cultural commentary. But eventually the big guys will jump on. As Eminem just learned, you don't get out of the ghetto bashing Trump and pretending that's art. In another musical style, Barbra Streisand just learned that lesson, too.
  13. This is the latest part of a series of videos uploaded recently by the Ayn Rand Institute, some of which are repackaged audio files (of which some are not always dated precisely). A careful listener may hear the hint of approval she would have for a President Trump, who is said to have dined with her in 1977 ... just after her secret affair with Pierre Elliott Trudeau came to a sad end. Qui eu percipit accusata. Nam ex perpetua forensibus reprimique, mei sale mucius te. Ei postea sanctus nam. Natum suavitate pertinacia sit ea, quas fugit ius ei, an augue utroque abhorreant qui.
  14. Scott Adams on Persuasion This thread is a placeholder--a place to throw tidbits of information Scott Adams dribbles out about persuasion. It's kind of a reference thread. I've felt the need for a place like this for some time now. So here it is. For people who don't know, Scott Adams is the author of the syndicated cartoon strip, Dilbert. He also dabbles in persuasion. During the Trump campaign, he identified the future president as a " master persuader" and wrote a series of blog posts dissecting the techniques. He made a series of predictions that came true while the mainstre
  15. Hi All, A friend pointed out a March 17 article about the Steele dossier that goes into incredible detail about who the players were and what their roles were in creating and disseminating the dossier. I've only started reading it, but it appears to contain a treasure trove of information about the incestuous relationships between the government, the media, Fusion GPS, the Clinton campaign, the DNC, and so on. It appears quite interesting. Here is a link. Darrell
  16. Some Deep Swamp comes up swinging Look at this crap. Just look at this crap. From The Daily Mail: George W. Bush comes out of retirement to throw shade at Trump as he denounces 'bullying and prejudice' in politics and praises the value of immigration All during President Trump's election process, I harped on and on about the difference between words and deeds. President Trump built things. Other candidates and politicians talked things. And the mainstream press tried to crucify Trump over and over about his words while ignoring his deeds--and often outright lied about his d
  17. Former President George W Bush doesn't usually make much news, but a speech he gave at his Presidential Center has the usual suspects dragging out portions of his speech for crimes against Trump. The theme of the conflab at the Bush Center was "The Spirit of Liberty: At Home, In the World." Here is the full speech, and below I add in the full text. Some folks think it was an unfair attack on the current President (or his perfect policies and actions). You listen, you read, you decide ... The nub of the matter? The full remarks ... cued to (one of) the 'att
  18. This is taken from Conservative Treehouse. The hoopla industry and the committees of benghazi will have another picnic. Here is the state of Grand Supreme Hoopla ... from Memeorandum:
  19. As always Zero Hedge has the best coverage, White House and DOJ documents, reactions
  20. 3D Chess with Health Care People know of my enthusiastic support of President Trump. Some might wonder why I haven't talked about the repeal of Obamacare. Frankly, I haven't known what to think until now. The way it was unfolding was soooooooo ulike the way Trump does things, I've been scratching my head. But after the Republican plan was withdrawn, it became clear to me. It's another 3D chess move by the president. I haven't seen anyone recently discuss the original intention of Obamacare. It was designed to fail. This was widely discussed before it passed, then this
  21. From the pages of life itself ... Michael, I had to think long and hard what to say in response. And I'm going to do this in two parts. (The section about hurting will come later.) Now, after Donald Drumpf has cleaned up in 5 Eastern states and the triumphalism is in a mad crescendo, seems as good a time as any. What you mean by "an environment has been engineered," I don't comprehend. It's one of those mistakes-were-made constructions. Not an agent, not a human b
  22. [] QUESTION: Hello. I am (inaudible) and have a question on, what is your stance on women's rights and their rights to choose in their own reproductive health? DRUMPF: OK, well look, I mean, as you know, I'm pro-life. Right, I think you know that, and I -- with exceptions, with the three exceptions. But pretty much, that's my stance. Is that OK? You understand? MATTHEWS: What should the law be on abortion? DRUMPF: Well, I have been pro-life. MATTHEWS: I know, what should the law -- I kno
  23. Since you think Rand would ideologically support Cruz after deriding Reagan on abortion, I have to consider you not to be much of an authority on her. It is very easy to analyze the 2016 campaigns and campaigners but very hard to actually observe what is going on and all projections are arbitrary. I've never seen anything like this is presidential politics. If Cruz drops out it will be because of his up in the air citizenship status. He may be the citizen of no country at all because he renounced his Canadian citizenship (2014). His parents declared him Canadian at birth.
  24. he Republican Crack-Up, Revisited, published three days ago, March 24.
  25. It may not look like it, but the following article on Breitbart is nothing more than the free market in action. Trump-Effect: Fox News Channel’s Brand Takes 50% Hit Among Republicans by John Nolte 27 Feb 2016 Breitbart From the article: It's not ideology. It's deception and cluelessness. People don't want deception and cluelessness. When they get deception and cluelessness, they go to other places. It's kinda duh, but there it is. The most important thing Nolte said in that article was the following: "That co