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Found 2 results

  1. People Deranged about Trump, Funny or Woeful? We've all had a good laugh about the snowflake meltdowns over President Trump. (Not to exclude the fake news media, establishment anti-Trumpers and others.) I mean, who can forget this lady's reaction to President Trump's inauguration? But there's an element of pathos mixed with danger that goes deeper. You can see it once the funny part dies down. This lady is near a psychotic break. For real. She's on the verge of losing her marbles and needing interment in a psychiatric ward. Look at how her hands shake near the end of the video, for example. This intensity and insanity hasn't stopped among lots of Trump haters after two years. Look at the latest example: The employee got fired, see here: UPDATE: XHALE City Vape Shop FIRES Racist Trump-Hating Liberal After SCREECHING MELTDOWN CAUGHT ON VIDEO btw - The thumbnail in the video is the victim, not the perpetrator. And the thumbnail is not misleading, the Trump-supporting victim was amused. The guy below is the disturbed person in the throes of his hatred: Sorry about the blur. That's a screen capture from the video. But even that image doesn't show the level of hysteria he displayed. You have to see the video and hear him to believe it. The level of psychosis in his reaction is scary. This is not sane. And, like clockwork, Big Data-Brother is stepping in so you won't be able to see things for yourself. The Facebook page is already down even though it started going viral. (Here is the BitChute link in case YouTube takes the video down. If that happens, I will embed the BitChute video in its place.) You can probably keep up with all this on the Reddit link below, but, ultimately, who knows? The Silicon Valley propagandists know the persuasive discrediting power of images and videos like that mentally ill person they helped create. The anti trump vape employee has been fired. Go easy on the negative reviews now, this was one idiots actions not the store owners Now... what to make of all this? Well, for one thing, this shows the power of core story. (Or core story models, or whatever you want to call it.) The people in these videos, and countless others like them, suffer from a form of mental illness allied to a storyworld in their heads where their internal villains and monsters--which scare the shit out of them--have nothing to do with the reality of the people right in front of them, the ones they demonize in reality. (Ditto for many in the fringe on the right.) For propagandists and puppet-masters, this is exactly what they want. They know that people indoctrinated to this level will go fight in any war they determine and gladly give up their lives. Hell, some will put on a suicide vest and blow themselves up. I have been on a quest to understand how story works on the psyche at this level. How do you take a sane person and turn him or her into what we saw on the videos? After a hell of a lot of study, I now know some of the processes, contexts, techniques, and so on, and they all involve story. But I still have a long ways to go. This point is, these people can be funny and, as a Trump supporter, I think it is more than OK to laugh at them. They are idiots. But we cannot ignore how close they are to a psychotic break. This is a time bomb waiting to go off. Serious thought, not just mockery, is called for. Michael
  2. Anti-Trump Lunacy We have seen about three years of one of the biggest hoaxes ever put across to the American mainstream culture: The Russian Hoax. Details of this thing flopped all over the place as one item after another got debunked, but the essence was that President Trump only got elected over Hillary Clinton because Putin interfered. They staged an investigation by an independent counsel (Mueller) that cost around $40 million, included over 500 subpoenas and God knows what else and they came up with zilch. Yet still some people are working on proving this. Sheer lunacy. But wait! There's more! That was the anti-Trumpers' best shot. Since that didn't stick, they are turning into lunatics in their hatred. I started this thread to document some of the lunacy out there in the mainstream. So let's get started. On MSNBC, former FBI Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi said that President Trump is sending a secret "Heil Hitler!" to white supremacists because he's flying American flags at half-mast until August 8 in honor of the victims of the shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Figliuzzi's reasoning is that August is the eighth month of the year and the day given is the eighth. That means 88. Since the "h" is the eighth letter of the alphabet, that comes to HH. In other words, "Heil Hitler!" And that, according to Figliuzzi, means that President Trump covertly approves of white supremacists shooting up others, even if he doesn't realize it. That's a pretty good starting example of anti-Trump lunacy. Don't forget that Figliuzzi is a grown man who used to be part of the US intelligence community. And Brian Williams is... well... Brian Williams. Michael