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Found 3 results

  1. I think that's how it's going to end up, too. Except it will be just the beginning of the end... REB What are you guys going to do if it turns out to be a landslide for Drumpf as president against Hillary? Rend your garments? Mend your evil ways? Do the unthinkable and say, "I was wrong?" [Edited to add a clanger from 2008] Robert Bidinotto's penultimate posting at OL: From today (April 24) -- RC and MSK get closer to the nub of disagreement:
  2. From the pages of life itself ... Michael, I had to think long and hard what to say in response. And I'm going to do this in two parts. (The section about hurting will come later.) Now, after Donald Drumpf has cleaned up in 5 Eastern states and the triumphalism is in a mad crescendo, seems as good a time as any. What you mean by "an environment has been engineered," I don't comprehend. It's one of those mistakes-were-made constructions. Not an agent, not a human being in sight. Who engineered this environment? How did they do it? The engineers are those faceless beings who engineered (whatever that amounted to, in more concrete terms). They have bosses, again unnamed, who boss them. As for silent complicity, I was not aware that you were in a line of work in which it would be dangerous to utter political opinions of a certain kind. Nor that anyone was keeping you quiet (are you telling me you had to discover Donald Drumpf, 2015-2016 edition, to find your voice on your own site?). Why would you need Donald Drumpf to rouse you from your slumbers? It doesn't matter all that much what the New York Times does, or what NBC does, or what Fox News does. If you want to inform yourself, in this time and place, it isn't hard. I'm not questioning the instrumental rationality of remaining low-information (the one vote I will cast in November will be in a deep red county in a red state, which the Republican nominee, no matter who, is just about sure to carry; the one vote you will cast in November will be in a deep blue area of a blue state that the Democrat will have a lock on). Just saying the obvious: that if it's important to you to find out what's going on, you will. That was as true in 1999 or 2007 or 2011 as it is today. Some people might want to stop you, but this doesn't mean that they can. And if you weren't paying attention till Donald issued the call to arms, there's a good chance you won't recognize the existence of valid or reliable sources of political information, besides the candidate and those who in 2016 are among his more prominent supporters. It's as though neither Donald Drumpf nor his present champions even had a politically relevant history, before July 2015. Worse yet, anyone who was paying attention, politically, before The Donald launched his latest campaign becomes suspect. For surely only operatives of the Establishment had any motive to do so. Robert Things I learned about George Soros on Objectivist Living ...
  3. I was listening to lesbian activist and feminist Camille Paglia being interviewed by Dennis Prager the other day as I was on the way to work and she was discussing what it means to be gay and the culture of intolerance. Fortunately for me, the audio was converted to a video and uploaded to youtube. In my view, Paglia hits the nail on the head (and so does Prager). Darrell