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Found 2 results

  1. Fake Social Media Since we have a long thread on Fake News here on OL, I believe, given recent events, that here in the persuasion section we need a thread on Fake Social Media. There will be long analyses coming, but for now, I want to use a transcript of something Rush Limbaugh said earlier today to kick this off. Xi Jinping Sends Message to Apple From the transcript (my bold at the end): Add this to the fact that all of these big tech companies were absolutely sure Hillary Clinton was going to win the presidency and thus, the, would be privy to massive influence in the government and lots of juicy government contracts. So they stuffed their employee staffs with thousands and thousands of hardcore Clinton supporters. And you get the mess we have today. I think the Fake Social Media sites are going to go down the tubes before too long. They banked hard on the globalist model where they outsourced their costs for slave-level labor (and other inputs) in developing countries and kept the profits from markets in richer countries. So now they are trying to save themselves by acting like authoritarians. This will not end well. I want to discuss this further and many other things, but there are too many issues for this opening post. So I will save them for later in the thread. Enjoy, because this is going to be an eye-opener if you don't grok just how bad the Fake Social Media has gotten. I'm going to give you some of the addiction algorithms and everything. Meanwhile, think about US companies becoming Chinese, including vast parts of the US government, and see if that feels like a good idea to you. Michael
  2. Hate Crime in Chicago - Should there be riots? Check this out: The link goes to ABC: HATE CRIME, KIDNAPPING CHARGES FILED AGAINST 4 IN FACEBOOK LIVE TORTURE CASE by Laura Podesta January 5, 2017 Abc 7 News Chicago From the article: The four beauties (Brittany Covington, Jordan Hill, Tanishia Covington and Tesfaye Cooper, respectively): These four young black thugs stole a car, kidnapped a young 18 year-old white person with a mental disability and kept him for 24-48 hours (still finding out), bound him and gagged him, tortured him and cut him with a knife, made him drink dirty water from the toilet, made him yell obscene things against Trump and white people and say he loves black people, and live-streamed it all on Facebook. Is there any doubt this is racism and it is evil? Everyone got to see it all over the world and the poor victim is still traumatized. There's no doubt it's them. They did it. They said it. They filmed it. Well, according to Don Lemon, it wasn't evil. He said so openly (from Breitbart): CNN’s Don Lemon on Chicago Torture Video: ‘I Don’t Think It Was Evil’ Just some bad home training, he said. He actually said that. One of his guests, Symone Sanders, implied it's all Trump's fault. And, anyway, it's not a hate crime if it's motivated by hate for Trump instead of hate for white people. It would be callous to call it a hate crime. She actually said that. You can't make this stuff up. Also, let's not forget the "but eraser" with the magic word, "but." The way it works is that you say a bunch of stuff you don't want to say (to CYA), then inject the word "but," then follow with what you really want to say. The "but eraser" erases everything you said before, emphasizes the message you want to convey, and makes you look reasonable doing it. That way Symone Sanders gets to say: This was disgusting blah blah blah, BUUUUUUUT it's not really about hate. Those kids can't be blamed underneath. It's all about Trump. It's all because of Trump's racism and bigotry. I wonder, I wonder... is there going to be any pushback? Where's George Soros when you need him to fund some trouble? I wonder if a bunch of white thugs are going to be bussed in to organize a protest, shut down the roads in a Chicago neighborhood, burn some cars, and trash and loot the local stores, maybe shit on a cop car. Oh... I almost forgot... all while the mainstream press broadcasts it 24/7 and has a string of talking heads yapping up a storm. In fact, Don Lemon already has a leg up on this last. And he ain't going in for all that evil stuff when it's young black peeps cutting up a bound victim and yelling, "Fuck white people"... What the hell is wrong with him? Does anyone see any ambiguity in this case, moral or otherwise? I sure don't. Michael