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Found 4 results

  1. Fraud and Context in the 2020 USA Elections Now that I no longer have to worry about being penalized by The Goog (I took its ads off OL recently and wondered why I took so long ), a thread like this good and proper. President Trump won that election in a landslide and a whole lot of Trump-friendly men and women in Congress and State government won, too. But they were all denied their office by one of the largest organized nationwide criminal election frauds in US history. We need a repository for easy access to the facts since the fake news mainstream media and big tech are waging a massive censorship and propaganda campaign against the people of the US in favor of the corrupt oligarchy, extending out to the globalism movement and certain hostile nations like Communist China. This opening post is featuring links and/or information that give actual evidence of election fraud in 2020. At the time I'm setting this up, there are not that many links. I will add to them as time goes on. The next post is used in the same manner and is reserved for context, that is, the extent of The Swamp and President Trump's Achievements in Office. The third post gives some interesting people and places and information that are part of The Patriot Context of the 2020 Election Fraud. In other words, the first three posts are for research and the following posts are for discussion. Enjoy... Michael 2020 Election Fraud Evidence The Navarro Report Volume 1 - The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensious of Election Irregularities - PDF and Scribd Volume 2 - The Art of the Steal - PDF and Scribd Volume 3 - Yes, President Trump Won: The Case, Evidence, & Statistical Receipts - PDF and Scribd ======================= Mike Lindell - Documentary - Absolute Proof This was released today (February 5, 2021). It was cut down from 3 to 2 hours to make it more popular. The evidence is not as technical as in other places (except the data packets at the end), but it is a great introduction for people who do not know anything about the 2020 election fraud except for the propaganda they get in the fake news media and big tech. Hopefully, the courts, which so far have refused to look at the evidence, will do so partly because of the exposure this documentary will bring. As of this posting (Feb. 5), Mike is paying OAN to run it on a loop, which is an excellent way to cut through the massive censorship. If you ever see it on OAN, there will be a lawerly disclaimer at the start, but that is to protect OAN due to Dominion Voting Machines threatening platforms (and others) with billions of dollars in lawsuits. But it is spreading another way. Everyone is encouraged to share this documentary wherever they can. YouTube has already banned it and Big Tech is in banning overdrive. The version below is on BitChute, where it will not be taken down. (If the account owner decides to take it down, there will be many other copies on BitChute accounts to replace it with. For example: here. Or here on Brighteon.) Absolute Proof The following video came out at the end of April. The copy below is on Bitchute, but it is already up at Mike's new social media platform Frank (, although not in a way that is easy to embed. On Frank, this video runs 24/7 and has been seen there by millions and millions of people. Absolute Evidence Absolutely 9-0 There is a transcription of this video on this thread at this post. ======================= Sidney Powell Evidence of 2020 Election Fraud A 270 Page Sidney Powell Team Binder of Election Fraud Evidence On December 23, 2020, Sidney Powell had her team compile a binder of the most salient evidence of election fraud she collected. She put this binder in PDF format and hosted it on Zenger for public consumption. The PDF is a bit hard to read--although not so bad once you get used to it--because of the huge Zenger watermark on every page. Sidney probably let it be there to make falsification more difficult. This binder document presents some of the investigative and evidence-gathering work she and trusted others performed in the place of the FBI, CIA and other federal law enforcement agencies since they--for (wink, wink) reasons of their own--refused to investigate. Here are several links. At Zenger: Zenger News publishes the Powell binder in its entirety. The Team Binder PDF At Centipede Nation: Sidney Powell Releases A 270 Page Document Of Election Fraud Evidence To The Public At Scribd: Sidney Powell Team Binder * * * Court Cases Evidence from court cases at Sidney Powell's site, Defending the Republic. Go to the menu item, "The Battleground. Note: There is a notice on the site saying, "We are not done. New website coming soon!!" This means the links will probably change. I will provide the new links as soon as they are availiable and I am aware of them. To see the evidence filed in court in each state where Sidney filed election fraud cases, go to the respective link for each state. For all except two of the states, you will be able to choose exhibits among the filings for PDF copies you can download. Note, also, that the courts refused to look at the evidence. Arizona There is an option called "Combined Exhibits" for a PDF file. Georgia Under the heading, Georgia District Court, there is a long list of PDF Affidavits and other items of evidence mixed in with normal case filings. Michigan Under the "Court Filings" menu item, the PDF documents are given by number only. So you have to open each one to see what it is. Items of evidence are mixed with normal case filings. There is also a Forensics Report menu item. Nevada There are no court filings listed, although there are links to the Nevada Senate and House. Pennsylvania There are no court filings listed. Instead, there is a list (without links) of well over 100 names giving District, Political Party, two Phone Numbers, and in some cases Email. Wisconsin There is a long list of PDF documents. Items of evidence are mixed with normal case filings. Some documents have a name and other are referenced by number only. ======================= Links to Sites that Document Election Fraud Evidence from The Professor's Record The 2020 Election Evidence Project This site presents one hell of a list of election violations during the 2020 election. When you first arrive at the site, unfortunately there is a big donate pitch in your face and this turns a lot of people off. It's easy to think the list is a ruse for getting money. But It's not. This is a great list, state by state. There is way too much evidence of election fraud on this site to consume in one day. Just to get an idea of the site, here is part of the description from the site itself: - - - - - Letters to Senators with Exhibits This is a long PDF, 574 pages as of this posting, that is hosted on Dropbox. - - - - - Here is the Evidence What a wonderful site with an extraordinary and long list of evidence of election fraud. The list is divided into the following categories: 1 - Voting Legislation. 2 - Illegal Votes. 3 - Polling Place Irregularities. 4 - Discarded or Destroyed Ballots. 5 - Voting Machine Irregularities. 6 - General. 7 - Unverified New Submissions. There are 1,694 items as of this posting. From the site: - - - - - 2020 US Presidential Election Related Lawsuits This site presents a list of 83 court cases with links to them. Also given are whether they were decided on merit, whether they are closed, active or consolidated, and a lot of other information. =======================
  2. The 2020 Presidential Election Tournament It's a little early, but what the hell. The Trump-Pence ticket is going to be on one end. That's all over but the crying for their opponents. But we still don't know for sure if Biden will survive in good health to be his opponent, nor do we know who Biden wants to run with him. Then there are the stakes of the House and the Senate. Will the Republicans keep the Senate or will the Democrats take it? Will the Democrats keep the House or will the Republicans take it? Presuming President Trump wins the election, there is the biggest stake of all: will he get a Republican Senate and House made up of pro-Trump Republicans? With that as the game, we now get to strategy. Who is reading the American voter best, the Democrats or the Republicans? Twitter On that point, I can't think of a better way to start this thread than to mention a comment by Rush Limbaugh. He thinks Twitter is going to be the decider on that score. Note, he is not saying whoever gets the best message out on Twitter, or number of followers or whatever, will win the election. He said Twitter shapes the worldview of the lazy, like the fake news mainstream press and its master, the Democrat Party. Outside of Twitter, America in general is much different. Here is where he said that. Winning Strategy: Trump Must Stand Against America’s Overthrow I admit I use Twitter more than I should, especially to reference President Trump's tweets and different news items. I do that because it is really convenient and quick. But I rarely tweet and I even more rarely pay attention to who is getting the most traction. In other words, I use Twitter as a tool, not as an intellectual battleground. And I think Rush is right. The Democrats are seeing Twitter as the main battleground of the election. That is where they are drawing their conclusions from about what is really out there. And that is what they are campaigning on. That is their party platform in more ways than one. But all Twitter shows (and can show) is who the most energetic posters and bots are, not average people in general. It's going to be interesting if this ends up being the big deal I think it will be. If I were a betting man, that's where I would put my money. Off we go Anyway, enjoy the tournament. If the games started today, here is how I see the opening. Ding ding ding ding ding... Welcome to the Government of the United States of Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerica Heavyweieieieieieieieieight Championship Elections of 2020. In one corner we have the one, the only, the outrageous, the unbeatable Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesent Donald... J... Truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuump!!! (wild applause) In the other corner, we have... we have... er... we have... excuse us while we take a station break... Michael
  3. How Election Fraud Can Happen for the 2020 Race I have a feeling this topic is going to be discussed a bit. So let President Trump start the ball rolling. Michael
  4. Elections in the USA are rigged. Don't matter who you vote for. What matters is who the voting machine votes for. Why Ron Paul won't become prez: 4:05Evidence of election fraud: