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  1. The Biden Troubles Where to start? (For later readers, this thread was started 8 days before the 2020 Election.) There are several threads all over OL dealing with this idea or that (election, Deep State, social media, etc.), but the news about the Bidens gets scattered among them. This Biden topic is about way more than just election news. This is the tip of the iceberg in probably one of the biggest scandals in American History. (Heh. And I thought that dishonor belonged to Hillary Clinton and the Deep State. At least they are caught up in this Biden mess enough to not walk away Scott free.) So far with the Bidens, we have two major areas of scandal unfolding. Here's a summary. Scandal No. 1: Joe Biden selling himself and his office. This boils down to Joe running a shakedown operation for years and/or accepting bribes, even while he was Vice President under President Obama. It mostly worked like the following, and for the sake of simplicity, this is the VP version. Joe Biden has done this all his life whenever he has had political power, so it will look different for different times and situations in his life, but the underlying process will be the same. 1. Joe will take on the responsibility of becoming the point man to resolve an important issue. 2. He will establish contact with the people who are causing the problem. There will be a family member along with him. 3. He will negotiate with those who have the problem, then after some time passes, he was "fail." They will lose. The problem was too complicated, the people were too intransigent, certain conditions were not met, etc. etc. etc., but he will indicate to them that the problem-handling is not over and there is still hope for a better day. 4. The family member, who will have disappeared by now, will suddenly have a sweetheart deal from the people who caused the problem and won. 5. That family member will make sure Joe gets his money and he will make sure the money is distributed correctly to the partners and other family members through different schemes. As VP, here are just three issues Biden "failed" at in this manner. -- VP Joe went to Iraq to negotiate a Status of Forces agreement, meaning US troops could stay there. Oops. He failed. Jim Biden (Joe's brother) soon got a 1.5 billion dollar housing redevelopment contract in Iraq. -- VP Joe went to China to get the Chinese Communist Party to settle disputes re the South China Sea and to get lower tariffs. Oops. Another fail by Joe. China built island military bases in the South China Sea (as The Philippines and other island countries went "Gulp"), and raised tariffs. Joe's son, Hunter, and his pals suddenly got a huge amount of business from Chinese companies linked to the CPP--millions and billions of dollars of business. -- VP Joe went to the Ukraine to help tackle the rampant corruption there in order to make the country more palatable for international investors. Oops. Joe failed again. The oligarchs there (one big one in particular) got off Scott free. Even the people investigating them stopped investigating them. (It's complicated, I know. Right? Poor Joe. ). Then Joe's son, Hunter, gets placed on the board of the energy company Burisma, with millions of dollars flowing around all over the place for Hunter, his pals, and other fellow travelers, and wouldn't you know it? Burisma is owned by one of the corrupt oligarchs. It looks like the people involved in helping set up these deals and cover them up go all the way up to President Obama. I have little doubt corroboration is coming along with a reckoning. A big honking ugly reckoning. Scandal No. 2: Hunter Biden. Joe's son, Hunter, is a mess. He's addicted to crack cocaine and likes taking explicit sex pictures and videos of himself. It looks like he has been engaged in some pedophilia and incest while he's at it. (Did his parents know and did they cover it up? That's a big deal if so.) All of this is mostly tabloid stuff, but the real issue is that Hunter is careless about leaving tracks all over the damn place. For example, he left his laptop at a repair shop and simply didn't go pick it up. Then it became the property of the shop owner. In other words, whatever is coming out now in the alt news and (against its will) the mainstream news is already in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party, the secret services of different foreign governments, the Deep State right here in the USA, and God knows where else. Does anyone think Hunter Biden, and by extension, Joe Biden can be compromised to do the bidding of powers hostile to the USA? How about if Joe Biden is President? How does that sound? How far would he go to protect his son? On the personal side, Hunter's father put him in contact with some nasty dangerous world players. Hunter has to be wondering when he will get knocked off or kidnapped. He has to. (Thanks, dad...) And that's not good in a person with crack addiction. He becomes totally unpredictable. Also, there are a lot of pro-Trump people who think exploiting the Hunter Biden debauchery material is distasteful, etc. etc. etc., and it distracts from the bribery, money laundering and other crimes. I believe it does not. The public can certainly gossip about more than one thing at a time. I've seen it with my own two innocent eyes. On the positive side, I think this gross material provides a sunlit open window for the public to see how the ruling class acts and how vulnerable many of them are. These elitists, these rich and powerful ruling class people--and their families--do things that affect you and me in our daily lives. Saying they are perverted and vulnerable is not nearly as persuasive as showing it. If President Trump gets reelected (he will ) and goes on to take down a huge number of these horrible people, it is much better that the public have an image of what is going on so they believe it, rather than just words that can be twisted by massive fake news campaigns to fit narratives. So be warned that there will be some raunchy stuff on this thread. But I want to make it clear that this raunchy stuff will be accessed through links, not shown directly in the thread. If anyone posts explicit sex pictures on OL, I will take them down. I will try to dig up some pertinent posts already on OL and repost them in this thread (or at least link to them with commentary) just so people interested in this topic don't have to search all over the place. Also, as new disclosures come out, I will put them here as I become aware of them. Please feel free to add new material. I can't guarantee the information here will be in any kind of order, but at least skimming through one thread is easier than looking all over the place. I have mixed feelings about doing this thread. I'm glad to help take down bad guys. But I'm sad this is happening here in the USA. I'm amused at times. But, also, more than anything else, I'm pissed. Like with any toxic problem, we either clean it up or die from it. So, let's live. Time to raise the old shirtsleeves and dig in. Michael
  2. Rudy against Obama and the Deep State Introduction Rush Limbaugh said recently (several times) that the main reason people have not been indicted and jailed under the Attorney General Barr's investigations so far--including the part being run by John Durham--is that he is taking a shot at the whole damn machine. This means he does not want a fall guy. Nor does he want to run into the brick wall of corruption at the highest echelons of the Deep State. So President Trump is letting the investigations run in a manner where all the details are being locked down tight before actions start. In this fight, you only get one shot to unleash a big law enforcement raid. If the premises and investigations are not perfect, it will be shot full of holes, the entire case will disintegrate and those who took the shot will be persecuted in all manners possible. Think mob reprisals. (I embellished this a bit, like with the comment about mob reprisals, so this is not all Rush. ) Enter Rudy So what does this have to do with Rudy? When the impeachment by the House started to congeal, a branch of this approach fell right off into President Trump's lap. His lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, stumbled across an enormous amount of corruption in the Ukraine that implicated the Bidens, the Obama administration and beyond. Rudy did not go to the Ukraine seeking this. Back when he started, Biden was not running in the primaries and Rudy never even thought he would. Rudy was seeking general information and there was a lot of heat by the Democrats with the Ukraine being repeatedly mentioned. So he looked into it. What he found took his breath away. It goes way beyond the Hunter Biden scandal with Burisma. Thus, Rudy did what Rudy does. He started compiling evidence, taping interviews, and so on. After all, Rudy took down some really nasty mob folks, so he has a lethal case-making system that works. In the last few months, there has been an enormous press campaign to taint Rudy as corrupt, as a Trump toady working to illegally help with Trump's 2020 election by digging up dirt on Biden, as stupid, and so on. Common Sense Rudy decided to make a podcast, called "Common Sense" (named in honor of Thomas Paine's book), where he could present evidence he has found that has been suppressed from the public eye by the fake news media, by politicians, and by establishment legal celebrities. This podcast started before the Senate acquittal of President Trump so the first video is a bit different that the rest. After that, Rudy decided to make a prosecutorial case to the public as if he were making a case to a court. He is starting with Joe Biden and Hunter Biden for bribery, extortion, and (probably) money laundering. Definitely corruption. But he is extending this to include lots of high-level people and he has announced that he will eventually get to the Obama Administration per se. I never realized what a great lawyer Rudy is. As this podcast is aimed at the general public, he uses simple language and explains things as he goes along (but citing laws and so on when relevant). By the time this stuff goes to court, the public will understand the issues despite all the foreign sounding names and criminal enterprise complexities. There are five episodes as of this posting, varying between a half an hour to an hour each. I saw the first podcast earlier today. I was so impressed, I stopped everything and watched all five of them back to back. Let's Witness History Together There is no doubt I am seeing major history unfold in real time, knowing this will be an event to mark this century. Rudy says this scandal will end up making the Teapot Dome scandal of the early 1920s look unimportant by comparison. I believe him. I have no doubt Rudy's series of videos will be included in Barr's investigations and will be studied in law classes at universities from the time the scandal subsides to forever. I am posting the first five videos below. I will be adding each new one as it comes out. I want you to see them as much as I want to see them. And I want us to see them as they happen. But first, here is Rudy's site: Rudy Giuliani. The Videos Now to the videos. I do hope you enjoy them with me. What a great time to be alive. Common Sense Ep. 1 | Since No Crimes Exist, It Must Be Dismissed Michael
  3. Six fun (sad/awful/false/infuriating) stories emerged from the swamp in the last couple of days. Peter Taylor noted elsewhere on the site some vows made by Attorney-General Jeff Sessions on the issue of "leaks." Some of the usual suspects have pretended that this is a "Threat" against the noble profession of prostitution journalism. The strongest or least-false coverage of this issue from that point of view may be from font of evul Politico ... in a story called Jeff Sessions' Attack on the Media Is Worse Than You Think. Of course, Objectivist analysis might find that the threat is more than necessary, and that it will encourage a proper "chilling effect." Less clear is the notion of "Lie Detectors" (in the White House). Polygraphs are a useful investigative tool, but not accepted by US courts on the whole. Less intrusive than a lie detector is the power to subpoena ... but see the story for all the convolutions. (one stand-out point was that it is relatively rare for journalist-itutes to be prosecuted or held in contempt for refusing to reveal sources [think Judith Miller]; the Politico story points out that the four arrested cited-but-not-cited by Sessions were not recipients but those who had purloined secret and often highly-classified 'spy' entrails from the DC borg.) ********************************* The second story circulating is that Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in Washington, DC. This may or may not be true -- even though everyone and the dog has been biting on the "news." I do not know if this would become public in the normal course of justice. The third story is that President Trump is a lazy do-nothing, who spends far too much time at his golf clubs ... instantiated in a nasty Newsweek cover. The fourth story is related to the Mueller grand jury suggestion ... this excerpt is from the brief Slate article "U.S. Reportedly Intercepted Suspected Russian Agents' Chatter That Manafort Asked for Their Help With Clinton: There are obviously multiple investigative balls in the air, and the public focus has shifted of late to Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner, who certainly have had longer and more lasting influence on Donald Trump, but keep an eye on Paul Manafort, his Russia connections are deep and dodgy. Update, Aug. 4, 2017: Jason Maloni, a spokesman for Manafort, issued this statement on the latest round of accusations: “Paul Manafort did not collude with the Russian government to undermine the 2016 election or to hack the DNC. Other than that comment, we aren't going to respond to anonymous officials illegally peddling second hand conspiracy theories. But the Justice Department, and the courts if necessary, should hold someone to account for the flood of unlawful government leaks targeting Mr. Manafort." Manafort was the first somewhat hinky part of the Trump campaign and influence apparat to appear in posts here on OL, back a year and more ago. It's not surprising that Mueller would request documents and testimony from the Manafort axis. It isn't that he was a tool of Russia or an obvious go-between, but that he could have been a major conduit for the wink-wink quid pro quo that the crazy Russia conspiracists are certain is going to be found. Did Mr Manafort wink-nudge the Trump attitude that 'we take help from where it comes, given that politics is a dirty dirty game'? I mean, isn't the essential question reduced to who promised what in return? I take the tentative position that Trump's stated positions on Russia during the campaign and since being in office are obvious. So it will be exceedingly hard to show him 'promising' things on the down low, since he did it on the stump. Then, if he was inclined to reduce sanctions bite on Russia and to warm things up between the superpower and the also-ran, it was open and public. Which requires that underlings and satellites were going to be the ones dealing with the details of wink-wink, nudge-nudge. If you are a Menshist, or not. (the more hysterical of the Russia hoopla employees and hobbyists are those who think every rumour is true, every leak informs the big picture. So the Flynn Effect [very pro-Russia relax] and other fizz from the week means Russian "information warfare" was coordinated. Which is alarmist nonsense, right?) ************************************* The fifth story is about vacation-time, but in this instance taken by the manly President of Russia. Here's a sample: The sixth story is as usual performed by two casts, in two theatres. In the permutations, a Cernovich wing in the White House leaks out a broad range of accusations against Trump's National Security Adviser Lt. General HR McMaster -- that he is a tool of Soros/Rothschilds/Saudis, an enemy of Israel, and ever-so Swamp-Like that his hideous influence must be extirpated from Cabinet. Two guys come shambling up the alley. First guy looks like Steve Bannon, the second guy looks like McMaster, and the guy with McMaster is brown and in a turban**. Which one would you ask out on a date/for help? Which one is leaking to the Washington Post, or -- as this week -- to Cernovich-Breitbart-Gateway Pundit? I think there is a mini-war of ideas in the White House, which slops over into a war of words and Grand Hoopla Theatre in the mediatic multiplex. But what do I know. I am that guy who wrote "Why Donald Trump lost the election." Incidentally, as a bonus seventh story -- did you know that obsessive humans do such things as rigorously analyze Twitter accounts that peddle the Kremlin lines of attack? Yes you did, but did you know that PR and political attack campaigns have a particular 'footprint' or pattern? Of course you did, so it won't be a surprise that there is a website that tracks real-time information-warfare memes and their flows in Kremlin-friendly orbit. If you squint and pretend to be Louise Mensch, yesterday's peak trends like the Cernovich Leaks from the angry West Wingers about McMaster were coordinated with a robust 'managed news' campaign directed by the drunk guy in the alley. See if you can find your favourites bot link or alt-news site here. I add a screenshot of the crazy site, but first an intro from the feverish topic ends of Twitter. __________________________ * I am picturing Harjit Sajjan, who rarely togs out in his Commander outfit, but still. Who doesn't feel safer when a turbaned Sikh gets on the bus? I would think Bannon was a drunk, and McMaster probably a loud talker. Which makes me think how many more generals should join the Trump cabinet and administrative apparatus.
  4. The Ukraine Mess We keep seeing the Ukraine mentioned over and over these days in connection with political and financial scandal. One of the most recent cases is Hunter Biden getting oodles of cash from a Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, as Joe Biden, while VP, shut down an investigation of Burisma, seeing that his son was on the Board and all. At stake was a cool billion from the US for the Ukraine. Here is Joe Biden bragging about it. Since Biden is currently running for the Democratic Party nomination for the presidency, any time you bring this up, you get swamped with trolls and people yelling and dissembling on all sides. President Trump is throwing gasoline on this fire, too, in his tweets and rallies. In fact, I believe the Justice Department's different investigations now underway are going to result in Biden convictions, but let's see what happens. Because of the panic this caused the bad guys, a phone call between President Trump and the new Ukrainian president, Voldymyr Zelenskiy, was the pretext for a fake whistleblower charge that is currently being used as the basis for a Democratic Party House impeachment inquiry against Trump that is not really an impeachment inquiry. But before we get too entangled, who knows anything about the Ukraine and why it is in such a mess? I certainly don't, and I've been trying to study this for a while. Finally, I ran across Amazing Polly once again. Below is her most recent video. Who knew that Canada and Soros were up to their necks in this mess going all the way back to the old days when the Soviet Union collapsed? As Polly says in the video, she is giving a partial picture, but at least in what she gives, she lays it all out--simply and well documented--in a manner anyone can understand. As this thread grows, I hope the Ukraine mess becomes clearer for everyone. In my own contributions, I will try to find things like Amazing Polly's video, or explain what I have discovered, with an equal level of simplicity and clarity. btw - To keep this issue tied to Ayn Rand, at least tangentially, I noticed a while back Official Objectivismdom was making inroads over there. I remember thinking at the time, Ukraine? Huh? Why just the Ukraine from that part of the world? Now my suspicious mind is getting on a roll all by itself. I wonder if all that backroom money being slung around all over the place had anything to do with it... Michael
  5. Probing the Mueller Probe and the Obama Administration Here's a transcript and video of Rush Limbaugh today. Limbaugh: Comey, Clapper, Others "Very, Very Nervous" Of Durham's Investigation Of Russia Probe (Sorry, you gotta go there to see the video.) There's a lot to say, but I just want to highlight one main point for the opening post of this thread. I learned today from that Rush segment that Mueller let four innocent men--that he knew were innocent--languish in jail for decades in order to protect the reputation of the FBI (he didn't want people to know Whitey Bulger was an FBI informant, seeing that Bulger was continuing to commit crimes). Two of the innocent men died in jail. The other two and their families got rich from damages the state had to pay. But a man who can do what Mueller did, keep innocents incarcerated, is the man the Dems used to take down President Trump. That he failed speaks volumes about Trump's legal squeaky-cleanliness, not to mention Mueller's depraved indifference to the pain and suffering of innocents caused by a legal abomination he was part of. The man who took down the obscenity of having four innocent men incarcerated and top law enforcement people like Mueller knowing about it was John Durham. This is the same John Durham that AG Bill Barr just appointed to look into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe. (Did I hear a gulp somewhere? ) I have no doubt that when Barr, Durnham & Co. finish probing the Trump-Russian probe and some elitist assholes duly go to jail, they will look into the flawed investigations of Hillary Clinton's email misbehavior and related issues. Bad times coming for the Dems. Good times coming for good old fashioned American justice where nobody is above the law, not even elitists from the former Obama administration. Michael
  6. This is no longer a placeholder. Some 'on the record' wild guesses are already out -- notably our Bob Kolker -- so I too am going to publish a prediction/analysis, knowing full well I might be picking through bird bones on November 9. I think Donald Trump will lose the election on November 8th. I have some definite reasons why. I thought to post the reasons here, even if I am shown to be gawdawfully wrong later on. How 'off' will my analytic take be? Only time will tell. Reason? Reasons? Donald Trump lost because of the Republican Lady Vote, ultimately. He could have rallied a few more Latinos and African-Americans and other visible minorities to his base within his party's grasp, but that wouldn't have mattered as much as a seizing and a hold on Educated Lady votes. That is the main reason he lost, looking back at me from the crystal ball. Ladies. By state, he didn't capture the ladies of the Philadelphia suburbs, which cost him. He failed to capture the urban-suburban college-educated lady vote in Ohio and lost more crucial electoral votes. He failed to capture the conservative educated ladies in Florida in enough numbers to beat Romney's showing in 2012 He failed with the ladies of Utah. He failed with the ladies of North Carolina. He didn't get the crucial lady vote in states he needed. There may be nuance, and other subsidiary reasons rooted in Mr Trump's behaviour and the challenges every Republican faces in terms of hostile and adversarial media. There may be ground-game reasons, money reasons, biases galore, party mutiny and backstabbiness, ghost-voting, sinister plots and precinct rigginess beyond the pale, but when the totals were officially-certified in places Trump had to dominate to be the Winner, he fell short with the ladies ... -- with my Red Hat on, my reasons all turn on treason, or behaviour just-shy-of treasonous, by a panoply of bought and paid for agents against democracy. Not with a centre anywhere in particular, no grand plot, just a functional-structural bias on every dimension against Mr Trump. In the whole landscape of media small and large and fringe and newsworthy in themselves, it was ultimately Bannon and Trump against the world's sleaziest big-audience manipulators. That built-in structural disadvantage was key. Allied structural impediments were important but secondary and amplified by his own party's elite class, whether in the party itself or in positions of prominence and power in Wall Street and Washington. That covers treasonous, bought, biased and elite party elders and candidates. Where were they when he needed them? Those factors 'conspired' in a sense to depress turnout among previously likely voters. The ticket-splitters and the stay-homers of the GOP great coalition of voters gave Hillary Clinton an extra advantage that was totally undeserved, a side-effect of elite 'treason' against the candidate. Finally, with Red Hat still firmly on, Trump lost because of loathing, not rational fear, not reason. The supine media and the fractured, corrupt party, and the 'got' functionaries of Clinton Inc put a false mark upon him and triggered an hysterical emotional reaction. They stoked phobia, hatred and division, and blamed Trump.They stoked loathing of the man and excused their complicity in feeding the hate.
  7. Prison Reform, Finally President Trump is doing a great job of getting prison reform through. And, boy am I glad. Many people who agree with me on many issues don't on prison reform. But there is no excuse for current prison statistics. I'm not giving any in this post but they are readily available all over the Internet (and some in the video below). First, some backstory. Marc, the Canadian who sometimes posts here on OL, is a close friend of mine. He's Jewish and supports Faith Goldy. Like me, he named two of his kids after Ayn Rand characters. Also, like me, he loves black people and the black culture. He loves rap more than I do, though. Anyway, he sent me the link to the following video about prison reform (and involving a rapper, of course ). Somehow that email disappeared. But the video didn't and neither did my response. The video is by a Canadian progressive named David Doel. He presents parts of an interview between rapper Meek Mill and CNN host Michael Smerconish on prison reform. All throughout the video, Doel makes his analysis. The title Doel gave his video is: "Meek Mill Schools CNN Host With Black American Reality." In terms of agreeing with the gist of this, it almost looks like a slam dunk, right? I mean, who could disagree But I know this situation in more ways than just the press, including personal involvement in some of the issues, so I wrote back the following. Enjoy: Just to be clear, the crony corporatist private prison scam is not the only cash cow these establishment elitist assholes milk in black ghettos. It's merely the one among many I talked about. And it's true. I really do get riled up about this. Michael
  8. The Hill reports the 'breaking' news that the White House has approved the public release of the MEMO. The MEMO was crafted by staff of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI). From an earlier report ...