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Found 1 result

  1. As was offered in that original topic thread, the laws that allow the incorporation of cities do provide some opportunity to benefit from open market and free trade applications. It was also suggested that remaining unincorporated can be an advantage, also. It depends on the political context of the state of the union you choose. "New England" states (including Michigan, for example) offer the "township" plan. Counties are neatly squared into 9 or 16 townships. Those are defined by geographic survey. Within the county, though, you can have incorporated villages as independent entitites. They can have any convenient bounds. You could also find a small place and move yourself and your comrades in, buying it up and taking it over. Libertarians are trying to do that with the entire state of New Hampshire, the so-called "Free State Project." (Ann Arbor Township includes a village called "Barton Hills." No police. No nothing. Not exactly gated, but an uphill walk off the road, the small community knows its neighbors - and strangers are not welcome. Even local politicians do not walk that village.) On a totally different track is the choice to "find freedom in an unfree world" as suggested by the book by Harry Browne. ... and that brings us to Atlantis 2: Hiding in Plain Sight. Suppose sales of Atlas Shrugged topped one billion. Wow! .... but that would leave 6 billion other people, Muslims, Christians, socialists, communists, and new ideas different from those, yet similarly opposed to Objectivism, even on broad terms. Post-modernists are as old as Heraclitus. What happens when you pull into a convenience store and find the clerk reading Richard Rorty. Do you storm out, denouncing her for being a looter? Or do you buy what you came in for? Browne learned from Ayn Rand. He opened his book with this: If you expect to find freedom in a world where everyone agrees even with your basic premises about reality, reason, and rights, you are never going to be free. But if you structure your life to give yourself what you can for yourself, you will have more opportunities. What about taxes? (Just for instance.) Well, OK, what about tornadoes? All kinds of losses lurk and paying taxes is no different than having to buy warm clothing to live in one place or sunblock to live in another. Anyone in the Sunbelt who has never seen a cockroach is not looking. One morning, I opened the patio door for my cat and - wow! - found a lizard in my kitchen. OK... I got a glass and sheet of cardboard and got him outside. Taxation is just that. You can blame other people, hold them morally responsible, and condemn them while you try to change them, or you can hire an accountant, even just taking your taxes to H&R Block or buying TurboTax for youself. It depends on how much income you have to protect. You could move to Costa Rica... Ocean cargo shiipping billionaire John Fredriksen, took his money from Norway and offered terms to Cypress.... Some Amercan states have no income tax; others have no sales tax. The city of Austin has a 1% sales tax to subsidize the bus line. I could fight city hall... or accept the expense (along with the occasional cost of pest traps); and truth to tell, I take the bus. Public transportation was one of the factors in my moving here. (In Portand, Oregon, the downtown trams are free to ride, but someone pays for them, of course.) We all make choices. What about President Obama's Birth Certificate? You can invest time in that, or you can invest time in your own life. Which will bring you freedom?