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Found 2 results

  1. I like the idea of therapy in theory - psychology is certainly important to understanding ourselves and the world around us - but I'm left with some nagging questions based on my own (limited) experience with therapy and therapy patients I've known: How do therapists know the information they are getting from the patient is accurate?Why do therapy patients seem to make the same life mistakes over and over?Why do therapy patients tend to go through so many different therapists?Why do the competency and techniques of therapists vary so wildly?One qualification I often hear from patients is that one has to find a "good therapist." If therapy is anything resembling a science, shouldn't all therapists share a basic competency, like we expect from medical doctors? Why do there seem to be so many useless therapists out there, and how can one know if a therapist is good before investing a lot of time and money? When I saw a therapist in college because I was feeling depressed about my social environment, one of her first questions for me was if I "ever fantasized about hurting other people." "Yes," I said, "but that's normal to some extent for all men." "No, it isn't," she answered quickly, and wrote some notes down in her notepad. The remainder of the session didn't go much better, and that was our last. My first girlfriend used to see a therapist weekly for depression and anxiety, but she never seemed to get any valuable life skills out of it. Her therapist exclusively focused on her childhood and all the ways her parents had supposedly failed her. Meanwhile, she was making all manner of destructive life choices and her panic episodes worsened over time. She would often characterize events and people differently than I would have - very self-servingly in my opinion - so I always wondered how the therapist would be able to separate the fiction from reality. If therapy is a serious discipline intended to help people discover important truths, why don't therapists regularly speak with a person's acquaintances to get a fuller picture of what's going on? There are other examples - all negative - but they're admittedly anecdotal. Has anyone here had a positive experience with a therapist and benefited from it? If so, why do you feel the therapist was effective?
  2. Most people live busy lives. So maybe you don't have time to go thru a 1.5 hour documentary. But there is no way to inform yourself except by taking the time necessary. On the other hand if you have a philosophy, you might be able to use that as a substitute for knowledge. It seems to work in physics, why not in other fields? The doctoring industry is perhaps the most corrupt of all industries. And the shrinkiatry part of it seems to be the most corrupt part of the doctoring profession. If you think they are angels, you will be shocked by this documentary. Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging - Full Movie (Documentary) video 1:34:43 They are crookeder than a dog's hind leg and lower than a snake's belly and they deserve a kick in the ass so hard that that they gotta clear their throat to fart.