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Found 17 results

  1. Candace Owens Married a Brit Randian Here is a video right before Candace and George got married. George said his favorite book is Atlas Shrugged. (See the video about 56:30.) He's a Christian, but he still holds AS as his favorite book. Man, does he gush about it. This video was especially enjoyable to me because I used to be involved in a biracial relationship. The way race affects them is the same it affected me (and my ex) back then, meaning not at all. (I don't talk about my ex much because, after all, she is an ex--with everything that means. Like the song g
  2. I heard a lecture where Ayn Rand was answering a question where she was making a hypothesis about the number of people in Atlantis (it was about a thousand I think, but I have to check) in Atlas Shrugged. I can not refind it, does that tell you something? Thank you.
  3. Midas Mulligan and Andrew Mellon Did Ayn Rand base her character Midas Mulligan on Andrew Mellon? I recently came up with this question reading The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression by Amity Shlaes and, from Shlaes's description, it sure seemed plausible. Ayn Rand lived through the Great Depression and Mellon's name was everywhere in the culture up to and after that time. We know Rand often based her fictional characters on elements of real-life people. This was part of her literary technique. A famous example from her youth is killer William Edward Hickman. S
  4. Rick Santelli - We are living Atlas Shrugged Lookee here: Kewell! Michael
  5. The OL Atlas Shrugged A-Store Do you know how much Atlas Shrugged stuff there is for sale? That you can buy? I didn't until I made this astore. Browse around below and see for yourself. Does Atlas Shrugged excite you? Of course it does. But do you want more than the novel? Do you want books about Atlas Shrugged? Criticism? Analysis? You'll find them here, the good, the bad and the ugly. And a lot more than books and DVD's, too. You can get t-shirts, fashion items, iPhone covers, posters, coffee mugs, money-clips, and all kinds of odds and ends. Just navigate on the sidebar. Or search.
  6. Is Dr. Robert Stadler alive and working, - no, shilling,- for NASA?? In a hurry to justify their grants and their resultant jobs, NASA "scientists" have issued the following report. (total ignoring their - or other global warming alarmists' - earlier near-hysterical reports that the "Antarctic Ice Shelf is thinning due to global warming, - and could break-off at any minute! ).featured on AOL and probably the Huffington Report (seeing that they are the same people):
  7. The ATLAS SOCIETY has a limited time offer (next five days) for a FREE copy in eBook Kindle format of their just released book (to coincide with the movie release of Atlas 3: Who is John Galt?), ATLAS SHRUGGED: THE NOVEL, THE FILMS, THE PHILOSOPHY, from Amazon. Go to The Atlas Society site for details, or look the book up on Amazon.
  8. Apparently, the completed entire movie, Atlas Shrugged, Part 3, was screened at the Future of Freedom conference last Wednesday (according to their Agenda). If this really happened (probably a test run to get audience response), I wonder what were the reaction(s) to the movie? Anybody know? Curiously, the agenda for The Atlas Society Summit (which started Thursday in New Hampshire), indicated that excerpts, but not the full movie, was to be shown at their conference. Perhaps they also are now planning to screen the completed movie.?
  9. Quick question, In Atlas Shrugged as you all know Hank is blackmailed into signing away Rearden Metal and later in part three realizes it was not correct for him to give in that it was immoral but, isn't he under the threat of a force, which would make him given in justified, is him signing away the metal justified but he still believes he shouldn't have or is it not justified? Hope that makes sense Thanks, David C.
  10. I am just beginning the third part of Atlas Shrugged and I am sad to see it end. My perspective on life has certainly been changed, and I am so glad I decided to read this book. My question pertains to objectivist novels, are there other novels that preach objectivism not written by Ayn Rand. I never like to read the same author twice in a row and would like the read something in-between Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead. Thanks, David C.
  11. Well, there it is, Galt's Speech. Parts of it read and emphasized by Ted Cruz on the Senate floor, today See the C-Span link A first? Probably not the last! Watch MSNBC go ballistic!
  12. Link to an article in the London Telegraph, comparing Ayn Rand's depiction of Starnesville and Detroits economic collapse. Not identical, but some interesting paralells.
  13. A 20 year veteran and a former member of the Navy's SEAL TEAM 6 as Chris Beck,, retires from the Service - comes out publicly as a transgender woman, Kristin Beck, as recounted in her autobiography, Princess Warrior.(which is also the title of her Facebook page - check it out)! Well, making that sort of very dramatic life change certainly takes a lot of "intestinal fortitude," to say the least! But what does this have to do with Objectivism? Maybe a lot. Guess what books inspired her the most? Atlas Shrugged and Robert Heinlein's Stranger In A Strange Land. OL members may or may not, suppo
  14. While at OCON the other day I saw a talk by a programmer named Jason Crawford and he spoke a bit about spreading Objectivism. He has a cool little site that matches students who want to read Ayn Rand's works to people who have been touched by the philosophy and want to donate books to these students. If you have extra books around you want to share or would like to buy books for these students pledging to read them, check out the site at
  15. Hello All, I am the new CEO of The Atlas Society. I am giving a webinar next Monday @ 9pm ET called Galt's Gulch Now! We have limited availability, so if you are interested, please register now at I have provided a brief description below: In reaction to the negative global trends for economic freedom and personal freedom, a number of new communities are being created using the "Galt’s Gulch" moniker from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. In this live, interactive presentation, Atlas Society CEO Aaron Day will review the state of economic and pe
  16. for THE OBJECTIVIST "HORROR FILE" - Where are you when we need you? Did you know that TODAY is the NATIONAL DAY OF SERVICE? Of course, you did! But in case you didn't, it was started with " Mr Thompson's" first inauguration. Did you miss it? Here's your chance! Did you foolishly think that working in your job or other creative personal endeavor might be considered as also contributing to the economy and general standard of living in your community? Well, of course not! YOU MUST SERVE! YOU MUST "VOLUNTEER" (for
  17. (Revised, with corrections) A criticism of Rand that is repeated ad nauseum, is that her depiction of government bureaucrats in Atlas Shrugged are merely caricatures, grossly and unfairly exaggerating their incompetance, and bearing little resemblance to the behavior of "real-world" government bureaucrats. Well, here are four real-world examples which illustrate that , if anything, she underestimated the degree of their incompetance: 1) The blundering of FEMA and other federal and state agencies in New York state and in New Jersey, who, despite Obama sending in the National Guard to assist, ha