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Found 1 result

  1. An airplane flies with two primary control inputs with primary and secondary results. If you pull back on the stick the nose goes up and the plane slows down. The nose going up is the secondary result also meaning it will gain some altitude. The primary result is the slowing down. If you add power the plane goes up. This is primary input. Gaining altitude is the primary result. Pushing the stick forward and the plane gains speed. Loss of altitude is secondary consequence. The basic way to lose altitude is to cut the power. The pilot controls the relationship between the primary and secondary by reference to the angle of attack. This is the angle of airflow over the wings. If a pilot wants to go faster but not change altitude he'll lower the nose (gaining speed) while adding power (gaining altitude). The angle of attack changes. With a high angle of attack--think of the nose up--the wing acts as a source of forward friction slowing the plane down as if they were brakes. With a low angle of attack these brakes are less efficient as brakes but more efficient for moving the plane through the air. Maximum speed at x altitude needs the nose down as far as it will go under maximum engine power combining both the primary and secondary. In truth they are always combined in powered aircraft. (For a glider pilot thermals are his source of power. Flying into and out of thermals is his control of power inputs.) And this is my primary thesis: both inputs are needed or you will not be flying long. Primary, that is, for flying. Now for the biggie: Islam. The Muslim religion is primary in the sense the airplane is primary. But they both need to be in the air to go anywhere. In the most abstract sense they are both human powered. Without that they aren't going anywhere nor would either even exist. Who is flying it and who is in it? Well, Muslims are the passengers of course. Muslims are also the power source. The Jihadists are the pilots. Whether they too are really Muslims doesn't matter. What matters is they are fascists and Muslims are intimidated and controlled by these fascists. This is what happens when religion is mixed up with politics (force). The Muslim airplane is a strange bird. When the Jihadist adds power the plane goes down. When power is cut the plane goes up. When the stick is moved back the nose goes down and speed increases. When the stick is pushed forward the nose goes up and speed decreases. These are the primary control inputs. This is because the Muslim airplane was built using un-reason while the conventional plane was made using only reason. The first is reality wrong, the second reality right. The queer thing about the Muslim plane is it doesn't crash. It somehow manages to keep on going. It has been going now for 1500 years. It must serve a need. The need served is fascist rule and the need to be ruled. Muslims are slaves. Like all slaves they exist in various degrees of comfort including the various degrees of comfort the fascists have unto themselves. It doesn't crash and it can't be shot down. It just goes. Muslims can be killed, however. Shoot the fascists and leave the rest. Give guns to Muslims too, so they can do their own fascist shooting. It's best if the infidels don't do this. Homegrown Muslims hunting down Muslim fascists and killing them is best. That way they won't get the idea the infidels are after them too and side with their real oppressors. It's impossible, however, not to kill some of those Jihadist fascists (and Muslim fascist governments) ourselves in self defense. But the locus of the focus should not be oil or nation building. --Brant