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Found 16 results

  1. Here is a TED lecture briefly outlining the history of what we know about autism MSK!!!! Achtung! Attention! at about 3:00 Silberman invokes one of your favorite memes -- the story
  2. I couldn’t help but notice where he was when speaking so freely about his crimes in Ukraine: Council on Foreign Relations. Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission have U.S. Presidents and CIA and FBI Directors for members. Both those clubs had Jefferey Epstein for a member. Council on Foreign Relations The Trilateral Commission The Harold Pratt House 345 E. 46th Street, 58 East 68th Street New York, NY 10017 New York, NY 10021 Tel. (212) 661-11
  3. My memory hole ... and pure schlock. Plotto! What is the name of this book, please? I would love to get a copy if available. Title and author is all I need, though. I dug and dug and have nothing, Michael -- sorry about that. It was likely a thesis-turned-book, and despite my best attempt at capturing details in a search, I've failed. On the bright side, I discovered a neat little summation page by Steve Silberman** (Practical Tips on Writing a Book from 23 Brilliant Authors). All about 'advice to writers' ... samples: _____________
  4. This fourteen minute piece covers the not so well known history of the autistic spectrum and the part it has played in the development of our culture. Steve Silberman is the person who wrote the article for Wired. "The Geek Syndrome" which tells how people on the autism spectrum, particularly the Aspies, the people who have Aspberger's Syndrome have made the computer industry what it is today. Silberman points out that Aspies have been at work throughout the entire history of the human race. Perhaps that obsessive craftsman of the Clovis Tribe trying to find The Perfect Arrowhea
  5. Posted 17 October 2015 - 02:45 PM Back ground reading: The Geek Syndrome by Steve Silberman http://archive.wired...pergers_pr.html Silberman has come out with a new book on the subject called Neurtotribes. I have ordered a copy from my library and I will review it after I have read it. Ba'al Chatzaf
  6. Back ground reading: The Geek Syndrome by Steve Silberman Silberman has come out with a new book on the subject called Neurtotribes. I have ordered a copy from my library and I will review it after I have read it. Ba'al Chatzaf
  7. There is a full transcript of Silberman's talk at -- The Forgotten History of Autism. My favourite person with Asperger Syndrome (besides Bob, of course) is Temple Grandin. Here she is with a Ted Talk: The world needs all kinds of minds (full transcript here). I will never forget my first exposure to Grandin in 1983, on a TV programme called "Farm Talk," in Regina, Saskatchewan. Among her topics, "Porcine Stress Syndrome." Silberman's article at Wired is here: The Geek Syndrome.
  8. So let me get this right. According to Silberman, humanity has always had a galloping epidemic of autism and nobody ever noticed it because an obscure dude said it was the parent's fault. Then Hollywood came along and saved the day. Now humanity sees what it has been ignoring all along. Somehow parents never noticed their kids were different, but now they do. And that's the real reason for the spike in autism. Hmmmmmm... I don't doubt Silberman's sincerity, but he complained about storytelling. Then told a whale of a tale himself. Michael
  9. Thanks for mentioning the notion of assortative mating. For those who wonder if it is indeed a 'thing,' see the brief Wikipedia survey: Assortative Mating in Humans. Assortative mating based on genomic similarities plays a role in human marriages in the United States. Spouses are more genetically similar than two randomly chosen individuals. The probability of marriage increases by roughly 15% for every 1-SD increase in genetic similarity. However, some researchers argue that this assortative mating is caused purely by population stratification (the fact that people are more likely to marry wi
  10. I thought Brant meant one can't merely put an arbitrary duration on inquiry. In other words, one can't say, from the armchair, "Unless three years hence, umabiguous evidence for a given conspiracy theory is found, the theory must be wrong." Worse, it shouldn't mean that while a particular conspiracy theory might be wrong, no conspiracy happened or that the official view of what happened is true. (I hope Brant will chime in if I'm wrong here.) Also, I still see you trying to bunch all conspiracy together -- and, in particular, all conspiracies about three unrelated events -- the Japanese attack
  11. Brant: This statement is well intended, but inaccurate. I understand your arguments regarding a global human citizen. My argument was limited to Constitutional rights in the American Constitution. Your statement about: "All rights are Constitutional rights, even those not specified. They were first apropos to the federal government then extended to the states after the Civil War." Nope - "8. The fourteenth amendment prohibits a State from depriving any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law, and from denying to (p.543)any person within its jurisdiction the equal prot
  12. William: The Second Amendment of the American Bill of Rights states: As passed by the Congress: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people* to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. As ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State: A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people* to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.[8] I am surprised that you would pull this phrase out as having some stand alone meaning. * The use of the commas and the us
  13. Yourself, myself and 56 signers. My type of company. I have not seen the complaint yet. However, this attorney argumentation in Heller was superior, as was the Appellate panel Judge Silberman's decision which was pure poetry to me. I cannot see how the argument can be raised that the 2nd Amendment shall and must apply to the States. Not one of the government's arguments worked in Heller. Now, one of the interesting questions that arises is whether the state can set it's own limitations based on the scheme of public policy, health and welfare, etc., and maintain the balance inherent in "comity"
  14. Show me anywhere in the Constitution that it says that any law is applicable or non applicable to non-citizens inside the United States. Or better yet show me where the U.S. Constitution says that White People, or Black People, or Women, or Children have the right of habeas corpus. I await with bated breath. BTW: I could careless about non-citizens, especially ones who were found to be attacking the U.S., such as the Taliban. What I do care about is the law the lets the President of The U.S. declare anyone (including citizens inside the US) who he would like as an unlawful enemy combatant, an
  15. It is true that the Supreme Court does not have to hear a case. Thankfully, they are for the first time since 1939, I believe, and that case involved a very narrow federal law regarding bringing a certain "weapon" across state lines. A full review of the actual meaning of the second amendment is expected in this case because of the strength of the Silberman(?) opinon which is brilliantly reasoned and powerful. However, if the Court upholds the unconstitutionality of the DC case, it will only apply to Federal Districts, but will stimulate many cases from individual states which will probably
  16. Let's all face common sense shall we? No semi intelligent reader of any book has ever walked away from the cinematic representation of it and exclaimed, "Wow! That was just like the book! This movie is a perfect and full representation!" I predict now it'll be a fantastic movie and well received by the public in general. Sales of Atlas Shrugged will go through the roof. All that matters is that the general ideas are conveyed to the audience. If you disagree with this idea then you might as well be more honest and state you wish for no film to be made at all, at any time in the future. A