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  1. “However, these scientific and national security judgments have not undergone a rigorous independent and adversarial scientific peer review to examine the certainties and uncertainties of climate science, as well as implications for national security.” OMG, they can't be serious! We don't have time for rigorous review and criticism! It's settled science that we can't wait to do actual science. J
  2. More from Judy the denier who hates science and probably deserves to be killed:
  3. Seriously? You don't see, or remember, a reply from me?Maybe the problem is that you've not reread the thread closely enough to remember that it shifted over to the "Scientic Fraud becoming endemic?" thread? In the discussion, I asked you to define what you meant by "the consensus." You replied, not with specific numbers of one single scientific model, but with the vague statement "AGW is happening." You provided links to what "the consensus" means and how it was allegedly established "scientifically," I responded by revealing the unscientific slop that was used to come to that pretend consens
  4. Is Limbaugh wrong? What would we need to know to answer that question? When did alarmists begin citing polar vortices as proof of climate change? What, specifically are their predictions about them? When were the predictions first made? J
  5. It's settled science, so shut the fuck up! No coverage for anyone who disagrees. It's right to silence dissenting opinion. Real science is consensus followed by shutting dissenters the fuck up. Science is about not tolerating criticism. It's about refusing to hear it. Plug your ears.
  6. We have to start punishing people now in order to avoid extinction. It's settle science. If you're a Denier, then you are causing our extinction, and we therefore have the right to stop you with any means necessary. We've tried to do it legally, and we've tried to do it only slightly violently. You didn't listen, so the next step is blood. Damn, it's going to be fun and gloriously righteous to punish the Deniers/Nonbelievers/Infidels!
  7. And, by the way, what the fuck? Things are fucking nightmare dictatorship horrible because of Trump, but, at the same time, they're great because of Obama? So how does the "logic" of this work? Obama caused this surging economy, it was just on delay-effect and it took until Trump's presidency, and, what, Trump's policies of repealing Obama's stupid shit didn't have a negative effect on the economy, and Trump's tax reduction doesn't count as either stimulating the economy or as canceling or opposing Obama's policies? Just like the unfalsifiability of leftist climate "science," all outcomes are
  8. To Ocasio-Cortez, climate "science deniers" have been cast in pretty much the same role that her fellow socialist Hilter cast the Jews. Scapegoats who need punishments. The "deniers" are the cause of all of our woes. They're evil, they're an existential threat, and they must be eliminated. Final Solution time. We're the heroes, saving humanity. They're the villains, and our extermination of them will therefore be virtuous. Not to mention fun! We're going to get to do some mass killing that we've morally justified. It's going to be so bloody and exciting. We'll show those fuckers.
  9. Really? Heh. That sounds really kookypants to me. But anyway, practice Objectivism and prove your statement. Objectively show how you've objectively measured and evaluated the intellectual status of the past two centuries compared to that of the entire history of mankind. Again, WTF? Where are you getting these doom fantasies? Are you twelve? Why are you interested in Objectivism yet you don't actually practice it, but instead just make up panicky, overblown nonsense? I think that maybe you're letting the romanticism of Rand's fiction distort your thinking. Where you should be thinking rationa
  10. Really? Heh. That sounds really kookypants to me. But anyway, practice Objectivism and prove your statement. Objectively show how you've objectively measured and evaluated the intellectual status of the past two centuries compared to that of the entire history of mankind. Again, WTF? Where are you getting these doom fantasies? Are you twelve? Why are you interested in Objectivism yet you don't actually practice it, but instead just make up panicky, overblown nonsense? I think that maybe you're letting the romanticism of Rand's fiction distort your thinking. Where you should be thinking ratio
  11. So, I've been looking online, and, sure enough, people are citing fire whirls as proof of man-made climate change. Dude, it's like the scientists totally predicted it, bro! They said, like back in the 70s or something, that extreme stuff and scary shit would happen. Well firenadoes are like totally extreme and scary shit, hoss! It's proof! They therefore nailed the prediction! That's settled science! So, we have to surrender our freedoms right now to stop the fire whirls, otherwise they will be everywhere. And worse. Other scary shit that we haven't specifically identified, and didn'
  12. Hurricanes are scary. The condition of people being scared is more likely to result in their accepting the idea of more government to stop what's scary. People who want to control over other people via climate change legislation will never predict any benefits to tiny changes in global temperature. We are doomed if we don't give up our freedoms.
  13. Al Gore's claim about Hurricane Florence doused by scientists Yeah, when critics point out that these assholes' predictions don't work out in reality, or that they're playing the trick of abandoning falsifiability by predicting several contradictory outcomes and then claiming success when predicting correctly but also incorrectly, the critics are just dealing in "nitpicks" and "straw men." Ha. The issue is so important that the attention that Gore has brought to the cause outwe
  14. Oh no! Florence is weakening! Damn! But, well, let's not cancel the wood chippers just yet. There's still hope that heavy rains will do enough damage to support the climate scare stories and convince enough people that it's time for some seriously bloody eco-justice. J
  15. Florence will prove, for once and for all, that catastrophic nightmare man-made climate change is real, and that we need to surrender all of our freedoms right fucking now. It’s going to be SO excitingly horrific! We’ll be able to use the deaths and the destruction of property to emotionally manipulate people! It’s electrifying. It’s even arousing! I feel a thrill going up my leg. Come on, Florence, roll!!!! Kill!!! Destroy!!! Yippy!!!! J
  16. "In fact, a side event at the Assembly of States Parties recently included a panel discussion on the possibility of adding "ecocide", environmental and climate-related crimes, to the list of offenses within the court's jurisdiction." Yay! Let's punish some deniers! That'll shut them the fuck up! Wahoo! Let's find the filth guilty of "ecocide," put a few of them through the wood chipper, and then see how quickly the remaining gore-splattered deniers switch over to the "consensus" side. Skepticism has no place in science, so let's butcher some motherfuckers and call it justice. Fuck yeah!
  17. Two trends on lefty fake social media: 1) It's "settled science" which nevertheless immediately excludes potential causes without even looking at them: "OMG, have you heard these people on the right trying to blame the fires on bad forestry management policies?!!! How ridiculous! That's totally not true at all, and everyone knows it. It's not even worth considering. The cause of the fires is global warming/climate change, and nothing else, and we have to increase controls and regulations, reduce production, and punish everyone. All of the smartest people agree." 2) Creating the illu
  18. Recent example of climate douchelords lying:
  19. I see, you're not an Objectivist. So I misidentified you as being uptight and fretting about people not being converted by the films to Objectivism. You're actually uptight and fretting about their not being converted to laissez-faire capitalism. Yeah, I don't think that you feel doomed, or that you like doom per se, but rather that you like the feeling of being above the doom. You seem to really enjoy finding something to bitch about so that you can feel superior to it. Your review doesn't sound like laughter. It sounds like bitching and disappointment. It comes across as too personal and
  20. I agree with what MSK just said in post 411: "Thus, a sense of life is not a type of concept. It is essentially a long-term mood with qualifications, but there is a concept defining what a sense of life is." The same is true of any concept: A car itself is not a concept, but our "mental integration" of cars via "a process of abstraction" and uniting them with "a specific definition" is a concept; a vague sense of doom in itself is not a concept, but our mentally integrating the state that we're referring to when discussing vague senses of doom is a concept, etc. Her notion of sense of life s
  21. You can mock me all you like, but it won't change the fact that your belief has no basis in reality whatsoever. Leftists don't actually believe in the eco-doom that they preach. Actions speak louder than words, and for people who are shrieking in hysteria about imminent catastrophe due to AGW, they're amazingly unconcerned about their personally not taking any voluntary actions themselves to eliminate from their own lives the alleged cause of the coming apocalypse. Here and there they take minor symbolic actions which cost them very little, and often those symbolic actions actually add to the
  22. At least Ehrlich appears to have learned to stop making predictions with specific dates. I have to wonder what Naomi thinks of Ehrlich. Did he discredit himself long ago? Or is he deserving of the respect that he still gets from the "scientific" left? Are his failed predictions of mega-doom evidence that he might not be very good at science, or does Naomi buy into the spin that Ehrlich's only mistake was that he "underestimated" the doom? J
  23. From the Popper article: "However, these ideas are intended to guide how we do science, but are not really intended to impose a set of rules that we never violate." No, they're actually rules that can't be violated. They're the defining elements of real science. They're not suggestions, or sort of kind of rough, optional guidelines which we can ignore if we feel that we want to be free to color outside the lines. Without them, we have pseudoscience. The fact that so-called scientists are beginning to advocate the idea of eliminating falsifiability, or at least sometimes skirting
  24. The lie used to be that "97 percent" of scientists believed in doomsday anthropogenic global warming/climate change/climate stagnation/global cooling/give us power and money. Now Obama isn't satisfied with such a low number, and has changed the lie to "99.5 percent." Perhaps his method of arriving at that number "improved" on the previous method's "science," which was not to actually read and discover the scientists' views, but to program a computer to do a word search of only the abstracts of their papers and to look for a limited selection of words which were assumed to be indicators of disa
  25. "A noted researcher who questioned the climate's sensitivity to greenhouse gases says his paper is not being published for ideological reasons and because it might fuel doubt in the climate change story..."