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  1. Oh, no!!! Unnamed scientists have told the AP's reporters that Climate Doom is nearing the point where it can't be reversed?!!! Oh, fucking no!!!!! It must be true if scientists predicted it! Hmmm. The left has been pushing imminent catastrophe for forty years, and the predicted doomsday continues to be pushed back each time that it fails to arrive, but that just means that it MUST be true this time, right? And Trump's bumbling statement that Billy highlighted above in blue is even more proof of Climate Doom! Trump must be wrong because just look at that sentence, tee hee hee! W
  2. Yes, and she has probably not only concluded that the one river that she was observing would run out of water, but that globally, all rivers would run out of water, that it was therefore settled science, and that it would be so, so wonderfully lovely if she could only beg and pressure Mr. President to take the issue seriously and agree that Punishments are needed to prevent universal doom. J
  3. Well, titter-snicker-tee-hee-hee! But where do you stand, Billy? Do you have a position? Which course would you recommend? How would propose that your nation navigate tariffs, unfair relationships, double standards, etc.? I know, I know: Trump is a dangerous buffoon and he is seriously risking offending our dear friends and allies by being nasty and not instantly acquiescing to their opinions and demands. Oh, dear lord, how embarrassing! How uncouth! And the forecasts of doom! Let's not forget those! My, how utterly ghastly, Maude! But what's the right course, Billy? What would
  4. So, I've been looking online, and, sure enough, people are citing fire whirls as proof of man-made climate change. Dude, it's like the scientists totally predicted it, bro! They said, like back in the 70s or something, that extreme stuff and scary shit would happen. Well firenadoes are like totally extreme and scary shit, hoss! It's proof! They therefore nailed the prediction! That's settled science! So, we have to surrender our freedoms right now to stop the fire whirls, otherwise they will be everywhere. And worse. Other scary shit that we haven't specifically identified, and didn'
  5. Hurricanes are scary. The condition of people being scared is more likely to result in their accepting the idea of more government to stop what's scary. People who want to control over other people via climate change legislation will never predict any benefits to tiny changes in global temperature. We are doomed if we don't give up our freedoms.
  6. Al Gore's claim about Hurricane Florence doused by scientists Yeah, when critics point out that these assholes' predictions don't work out in reality, or that they're playing the trick of abandoning falsifiability by predicting several contradictory outcomes and then claiming success when predicting correctly but also incorrectly, the critics are just dealing in "nitpicks" and "straw men." Ha. The issue is so important that the attention that Gore has brought to the cause outwe
  7. Oh no! Florence is weakening! Damn! But, well, let's not cancel the wood chippers just yet. There's still hope that heavy rains will do enough damage to support the climate scare stories and convince enough people that it's time for some seriously bloody eco-justice. J
  8. Florence will prove, for once and for all, that catastrophic nightmare man-made climate change is real, and that we need to surrender all of our freedoms right fucking now. It’s going to be SO excitingly horrific! We’ll be able to use the deaths and the destruction of property to emotionally manipulate people! It’s electrifying. It’s even arousing! I feel a thrill going up my leg. Come on, Florence, roll!!!! Kill!!! Destroy!!! Yippy!!!! J
  9. "In fact, a side event at the Assembly of States Parties recently included a panel discussion on the possibility of adding "ecocide", environmental and climate-related crimes, to the list of offenses within the court's jurisdiction." Yay! Let's punish some deniers! That'll shut them the fuck up! Wahoo! Let's find the filth guilty of "ecocide," put a few of them through the wood chipper, and then see how quickly the remaining gore-splattered deniers switch over to the "consensus" side. Skepticism has no place in science, so let's butcher some motherfuckers and call it justice. Fuck yeah!
  10. I like to listen to the activist fake news program called The Daily on NPR. It's a New York Times product. It presents one side, sneers at the other, includes ominous music and lots of pregnant pauses. The dramatic whispery host "I'" usually temporarily forgets and slips out of the whispery drama once or twice per episode. He's very, very important. He should be in charge of everything. You should be made to ask him permission for stuff. Anyhoo, last night's episode was a study in political activism pret
  11. Two trends on lefty fake social media: 1) It's "settled science" which nevertheless immediately excludes potential causes without even looking at them: "OMG, have you heard these people on the right trying to blame the fires on bad forestry management policies?!!! How ridiculous! That's totally not true at all, and everyone knows it. It's not even worth considering. The cause of the fires is global warming/climate change, and nothing else, and we have to increase controls and regulations, reduce production, and punish everyone. All of the smartest people agree." 2) Creating the illu
  12. Recent example of climate douchelords lying:
  13. Yeah, it is about time for them to shift back to climate doom. Btw, has anyone suggested yet that the Russians' chaos/disruption/influence campaign began much earlier than anyone had thought, and that they sent Ayn Rand over here to trick us into not voting for democrats? I haven't seen it (I haven't actively looked either) but it has to be a pet theory that someone is preaching out there. J
  14. From the Popper article: "However, these ideas are intended to guide how we do science, but are not really intended to impose a set of rules that we never violate." No, they're actually rules that can't be violated. They're the defining elements of real science. They're not suggestions, or sort of kind of rough, optional guidelines which we can ignore if we feel that we want to be free to color outside the lines. Without them, we have pseudoscience. The fact that so-called scientists are beginning to advocate the idea of eliminating falsifiability, or at least sometimes skirting
  15. Lately I've been hearing and seeing hints of the idea that attacking falsifiability may be the next tactic of the alarmists. I've heard and read climate scientists being interviewed who briefly mentioned that too much has been made of the concept of falsifiability in science, that real science isn't limited to your average person's childhood science education which includes falsifiability, and that climate science is much too important and complex to be limited to having to be falsifiable. One interviewee actually said something along the lines of, "Do these deniers actually expect our predict
  16. Yeah, um, did I miss something? I was asking to be shown actual scientific models/experiments which accurately predicted future observations, not an outline or summation of someone's opinions of how the science is possibly suggestive and potentially useful. I haven't declare anything "useless." Even failed models/experiments can have great use. Science is very much about learning from failed predictions. I don't know. I haven't made a catalog of failed AGW predictions/models over the years/decades, and they don't tend to remain easily publicly accessible once they
  17. Yes, I mean something like a global climate model. I mean a set of predictions based on a hypothesis. I mean a proposal to be tested, such as, "If mankind produces X amount of substance Y, then temperatures will increase to Z over the specified period of time." I mean actual, real science. Testable explanations and accurate, repeatable predictions. I mean hypotheses, experimentation, observation, and, of course, the inclusion of falsifiability. J
  18. The lie used to be that "97 percent" of scientists believed in doomsday anthropogenic global warming/climate change/climate stagnation/global cooling/give us power and money. Now Obama isn't satisfied with such a low number, and has changed the lie to "99.5 percent." Perhaps his method of arriving at that number "improved" on the previous method's "science," which was not to actually read and discover the scientists' views, but to program a computer to do a word search of only the abstracts of their papers and to look for a limited selection of words which were assumed to be indicators of disa
  19. "Activists demand UN ‘revoke’ credentials of ‘climate deniers’ in Paris..." Heh. What a reasonable, rational, pro-science mindset! But why stop there? Why not just cut to the chase and round up all of the "deniers" and ship them off to camps where they can be forcibly reeducated or, if they refuse to change their views in the face of torture, why not just "recycle" and "compost" them? Quit pussyfooting around and get down to the true goal of torturing and killing! J
  20. Rand was very focused on the issue of volition, and I think that she did everything she could to push it in her art. It's effective, and it definitely makes her work distinctive, but I think that sometimes it's so volition-happy that it backfires: the characters sometimes come across as not being real humans who are engaged in making volitional choices, but as unreal playthings of a higher being (their creator, Rand) who are deterministically destined to serve a purpose outside of themselves (their creator's plot and message). Rand believed that determinism in literature resulted in doom and d
  21. You're right. My initial comments here were aimed at AGWers in general, but then as the conversation continued here, we've drifted more toward you and your views. My intention wasn't to target you like that. I think that some of my complaints apply to you, but when I was griping about my past discussions with AGWers, I was mostly referring to others, and not to you. To me it's an issue of having seen the goalposts move year after year, due to advocates of AGW having access to multiple sets of differing predictions, and switching back and forth between them at their convenience. That's not sc
  22. Seriously? You don't see, or remember, a reply from me?Maybe the problem is that you've not reread the thread closely enough to remember that it shifted over to the "Scientic Fraud becoming endemic?" thread? In the discussion, I asked you to define what you meant by "the consensus." You replied, not with specific numbers of one single scientific model, but with the vague statement "AGW is happening." You provided links to what "the consensus" means and how it was allegedly established "scientifically," I responded by revealing the unscientific slop that was used to come to that pretend consens
  23. Discussions on climate change are usually very much like discussions on conspiracy theories. They quickly devolve into mounds and mounds of details and pointless bickering over minutiae because no one began by laying the groundwork of identifying specifically what would constitute either proof or falsifiability. The believers are therefore left with the constant option of skirting the issue of falsifiability, and therefore of practicing pseudoscience and passing it off as science. Everything is accepted as proof of their position, and there is no possible falsification. They will not name or a
  24. Jonathan, you're behaving like an envious liberal failure who imagines privilege where there is none. Are you trying to claim that unlicensed people are free to compete with licensed electricians in all areas of electrical work? Are you claiming that there are no regulations which prevent them from selling any and all of their services to whomever they choose while not being licensed by the state? Are you trying to peddle the falsehood that the state does not use the initiation of force, or the threat of the initiation of force, against unlicensed electricians who simply wish to sell their se
  25. The only scene in Rand's novels which I think would qualify as producing an imaginal semblance of a full-fledged Kantian sublime type of emotional response is the one where a break in a smelting furnace happens at the Rearden mills. An event overwhelming to "the senses" and presenting frightful danger overcome with decisive action probably enacted in an exhilarated joy-tinged state. The Winston Tunnel disaster is horrific, but the narrative indicates that the people on the passenger train had likely passed out from smoke inhalation before the freight train hit the passenger train. The people i