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  1. Tasty steamed humans in the near future? It's settled science. It's what we need to do in order to Save The Planet™. Isn't it exciting, Billy? First it will be voluntary, but, eventually, the virtuous wokescolds will have to decide who will be sacrificed for the greater good. SWEDISH BEHAVIORAL SCIENTIST SUGGESTS EATING HUMANS TO ‘SAVE THE PLANET’ The “food of the future” may be dead bodies. Paul Joseph Watson | - SEPTEMBER 4, 2019 A Swedish behav
  2. Damn. This will make it harder to punish people. New NASA Data On Forest Fires, Deforestation Refutes Climate Alarmists Newly released data from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) refutes claims made by climate alarmists that forest fires are becoming more prevalent as a result of climate change and that the world is losing its forests...
  3. The deniers deserve to have their property destroyed. We don't have time to wait for the fucking deniers to agree with us. We're reaching the end. Running out of clock. Pretty soon, we're going to have to take serious measures, like butchering the fucking deniers. We have the right to do it. The deniers are putting our lives at risk. They're trying to get us all killed. So it's self defense for us to disembowel them. It's virtuous. Destroy! Kill! Former Canadian Prime Minister: I Hope Deadly Hurricane Destroys Trump’s Home Photo by Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images
  4. In an attempt at conversation and graciousness, I’ll give it another shot, and ask my questions in yet another way: What was the hypothesis that has been “settled"? Wasn't it that mankind’s activities are the primary cause of global warming — that global warming is happening due to mankind’s activities, and it would not be happening without those activities? That’s what it seems to have been? Was it that if mankind produces X amount of CO2 over time period Y, then the result must be temperature Z, and temperature Z will mean changes in climate, and catastrophic consequences? Here are
  5. How well do you think that Climate Doom would have sold as a Narrative if instead of the lie that 97 percent of climate scientists agree that we're fucking doomed, Gore, Obama, DiCaprio, et al, had pushed the real number of 32.6 percent (which is actually still an exaggeration considering the additional factors outlined by the libertarian group who is going after NASA)? Heh. J
  6. Yup. Actions versus words. Obama knows that the rising seas doom is total bullshit. He doesn't believe it. J
  7. It is interesting to discover that not buying into the climate doom narrative, and not wanting to punish the rich, are examples of craziness. Heh. What is wrong with you? We're going to stick it to those who have more than we do, and you're not going to support us and help us take what we want? You must be mentally ill!
  8. More actions that don't match words. Do as I say, nor as I do. Good for me, but not for thee. Internet Wrecks Obamas Over $15 Million Martha’s Vineyard Estate SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images By AMANDA PRESTIGIACOMO @AMANDAPRESTO August 24, 2019 210.1k views The man who spent eight years lecturing Americans about the evils of wealth and economic inequality, and fear mongered about global warming and climate change is reportedly set to buy a nearly $15 million beachfront Martha's Vineyard
  9. Billy asked about Tyndall because he seems to have thought that we're all science deniers, and therefore would deny Tyndall's work? Perhaps I'm wrong, but that seems to have been Billy's thought process. Well, I've answered the test. And I had also posted my own little test. Billy didn't address it. Here it is again: So, below I offer my first 'finding' for our platform on the foundation on the boulevard of agreement. I've posted this previously here on OL, back when it first came out. Billy, you had asked if there is an agreed-upon set of 'findings,' even for p
  10. I ran through Billy's original version of this thread, and copy and pasted several of the times that I asked my questions: ----- Um, Billy, don't interpret or spin my words. Read them. Understand them. I'm saying exactly what I mean. As I wrote: "I ask to be able to review the science and to evaluate the success or failure of its predictions. Give me all of the information. What was the hypothesis, precisely what predictions were made, when were they made, what potential results were identified ahead of time as falsifying or invalidating the hypothesis, what were the start and
  11. Billy has closed further comments on his "Placeholder for GW/CC 'How I got here’” climate doom thread, and just when I thought that he might finally be interested in actual discussion. So, I’m starting this thread to answer some of the responses that he gave in his last post — and thanks, Billy, for those responses, instead of your typical non-responsiveness. Billy replied to me: My understanding is that Tyndall's testing of his hypotheses were well-defined and carefully controlled, and his results were and are repeatable. I’ve been asking you to provide th
  12. So, below I offer my first 'finding' for our platform on the foundation on the boulevard of agreement. I've posted this previously here on OL, back when it first came out. Billy, you had asked if there is an agreed-upon set of 'findings,' even for people who may disagree mightily on entailments. Do you agree that the article below offers an argument that is devastating to the falsehood that it refutes? Do you agree that the article is correct that the method used to arrive at the 97% conclusion is fatally flawed? Libertarian Group Demands NASA Remove False '97 Percent
  13. Hello? Billy? Are you pouting? You really, really badly want to pontificate on John Tyndall, but your glorious parade was rained upon? I'm sorry, pumpkin. So, let's have your little Tyndall party!!! Yay!!! Happy Tyndall Day, Billy! Tell us all about him! Did he make any predictions about global warming? Did those predictions come true in reality? Did he take a position on man-made climate change, hypothesize that man's activities would result in certain specific temperature increases, and then successfully predict future outcomes in reality? I know, I know. P
  14. Oh noes! Muh, muh consensus! Muh 97%! Libertarian Group Demands NASA Remove False '97 Percent Consensus' Global Warming Claim BY TYLER O'NEIL JULY 10, 2019 CHAT 302 COMMENTS (Shutterstock) On Tuesday, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) sent NASA a formal complaint, asking the agency to withdraw the false claim that 97 percent of climate scientists agree that humans are the primary cause of global warming and climate change. The 2013 study purporting to demonstrate that number was fatally flawed and proved no such thing.
  15. "Scientists" and "experts" have decided that our current technologies are the end. We won't develop anything new in the future. We won't address any problems with our current usage of devices and the effects that they have on us. Doom! They've predicted it, so it's settled science. Hunched backs and double eyelids: How tech-obsessed humans might look in 2100 SCIENTISTS have imagined how humans may look in the future – and it’s not pretty. Humans in fewer th
  16. We need to take action now. And by "we," I mean Others™. In the short mean time, Billy, I know that you're not going to (can't) answer any of my previous questions about "the science" (tee hee hee), but might you have enough intellectual curiosity to offer up some thoughts on what "the science" should consist of? What are the ground rules? What is the methodology? Can you give some idea of how you think it should work, and maybe show that proposed method successfully applied to phenomena other than or in addition to climate? No? More steamed octopus? M-Kay. J
  17. Heh. No, it's not a setback at all. Not in the slightest. The critic is a mere meteorologist, an insect, and not an officially recognized and accredited Climate Science Authority. Plus, he has a history of mildly criticizing officially recognized and accredited Climate Science Authorities, or at least of expecting them to not employ double standards. He is therefore a "science denier," and soon he will have to be destroyed. Aroused yet, Billy? Yes, I thought so! What do you look forward to the most? What's your favorite part: strangling, emasculation, evisceration, beheading, or placing t
  18. The new settled science of advanced imaging is that that individual storm was caused by pretend climate activists whose carbon footprints are hundreds of times larger than the average person. They are a very large group. J
  19. Yes, we need to mete out the punishments right now. We can't wait any longer. The climate gods crave blood. We must quench their thirsts. The Little Others™ must experience more hardship while forced to pay for our studies and cushy lifestyles. Pain. Glorious austerity. It's so very exciting! J
  20. Billy, your religion didn't do too well in Australia. Btw, why do "Labor" parties continue to call themselves "Labor" now that they're openly opposed to workers and labor? Australia’s Conservatives Win Surprise Election Victory Voters in mining areas turned on center-left opposition that had campaigned on climate change issues, preliminary results show SYDNEY—Australia’s conservative government eked out a surprise victory in Saturday’s national elections after voters in resource-rich districts turned against center-left opponents who had put climate change at the hea
  21. Let me guess before following the link: Doom? Punishment and control needed? Freedom bad? J
  22. No one is asking about ice cream octopus. Have you forgotten the questions again? Heh. How is it that you are so passionately, actively uninterested in them? Here they are again: In regard to the big picture issue of anthropogenic climate change (and not isolated, smaller pieces of the picture), show us the repeatable, successful predictions. Identify specifically what was the hypothesis, precisely what predictions were made, when were they made, what potential results were identified ahead of time as falsifying or invalidating the hypothesis, what the start and finish dates
  23. Are you suggesting that the adjustments referred to above are the only adjustments or modifications that have ever been made by any and all scientists and scientific organizations in regard to the issue of climate change??? No, its observation, and also a prediction, which could turn out to be wrong, but I doubt that it will. And I haven't suggested a conspiracy. One's not needed to explain the behavior of alarmist zealots. They don't need to organize, and I don't believe that they do, at least not often. It's probably pretty rare. No, they're motivated and rewarded more than su
  24. Please let us know when you can say, and when you can address all of the questions that I asked. One of the requirements that I've insisted on repeatedly here is that all information be disclosed, and that would include all of the relevant dates. And keep in mind that it would also include any modifications which were made mid-experiment to, say, instruments, methods of collecting and handling data, etc. -- you know, the type of things that actual real true scientists, as opposed to activists, would be eager to know about and to consider critically, and which, in many cases, should p
  25. What Brad is doing is trying to bog down the discussion by overwhelming it with minutiae. The game is that we asked for repeatable, so Brad is going to pretend to not understand the context, and give all sorts of examples of repeatable in regard to noncontroversial pieces of the puzzle, while hoping that we didn't notice that he switched to talking about pieces when we were specifically asking for repeatable entire picture. It's like someone saying that granite floats on air. You ask for proof via repeatable experiments, and douchebag then goes into the repeatable science of the mineralog