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  1. When I read the headline, I knew that they'd have to find a way to somehow work global warming climate doom into the story: Earth’s magnetic pole is on the move, fast. And we don’t know why Earth’s magnetic field is what allows us to exist. It deflects harmful radiation. It keeps our water and atmosphere in place. But now it’s acting up — and nobody knows why. --- In the near future, man-made climate doom will be first suspected to cause this magnetic pole dance, then it will be openly blamed, and finally it will be announced to be settled consensus science, you fucking science deniers! J
  2. Judy the fucking science denier is dumping cold water on the climate doom money grab again: No, I didn't call her a denier, I really didn't. I wouldn't do that. I'm a true scientist, not someone who uses intimidation tactics. Huh? My having falsely accused her of science denial is in my written testimony? Hey, look over there! What's that? Yeah, over there. Behind the thing. Hmmm, I thought that I saw something. Anyway. Um, what were we talking about? Oh, yeah, have you seen the Gaga version of A Star is Born? Heh. J
  3. A couple of days ago, on the issue of saving the world from climate doom: "We need to invent technology that's never even been invented yet." -- Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez
  4. "If we don't take action, the collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon." We need to control and punish people. The little people. In fact, it may not be enough to just punish them. We need serious sacrifices. Human sacrifices. Blood. That's the only thing that will stop Climate Doom. We've backed off of the scare tactics and ridiculous predictions for a while, so now it's time to bring them back. Most people have forgotten by now how silly our previous doomsaying was, so now it'll be fresh again and more effective, especially if we can get useful idiot celebrities to go along with it, and extra-especially if we can get celebrities with a veneer of an illusion of gravitas, like non-scientist Sir David F. Attenborough! He was knighted by the queen. Were you knighted by the queen? No? Then shut the fuck up. It's settled science. We have to kill some people, lots of them, and enjoy doing it, in order to save existence. J
  5. Oh noes! Muh, muh climate doom! Muh settled science! Muh alarm! Muh, muh, muh panic! Widely Reported Alarming Ocean Warming Study Is Wrong Skeptic of catastrophic climate change projections is right about significant errors in alarming new study...
  6. Trump should pivot, and rename it the Affordable Universal Transgender Muslim Climate Doom Space Force. Dems would increase funding.
  7. Sully is giving opinions while trying very hard to avoid saying anything: Here’s some of Sully’s philosophy: "In every situation, but especially challenging ones, a leader sets the tone and must create an environment in which all can do their best. You get what you project.” Really? Is that true? Hmmm. So, when Obama projected cool confidence in the lie that we could keep our doctors and insurance plans, and save $2500 per year, we got what he projected? When he projected supreme calm and certainty when calling ISIS the “JV team,” we got what he projected? Omaha’s fabulous tone made up for his failed ideology and magically delivered what he projected? More Sully: "Whether it is calm and confidence — or fear, anger and hatred — people will respond in kind. Courage can be contagious.” Yeah, and Trump supporters view him as being courageous, and they are catching that contagion themselves. Trump stands up to the activist leftist press where previous Republican leaders feared to do so. So, Trump would be an example of courage, right? Is that what Sully is saying? Sully continues: "Today, tragically, too many people in power are projecting the worst. Many are cowardly, complicit enablers, acting against the interests of the United States, our allies and democracy…” Name names, Sully. Have the courage to do so! It’s a bit cowardly to deal in vagueness and innuendo, no? Who are you talking about? Give examples. How do we know that you’re not 'projecting the worst' right now if you won’t identify specifically whom and what you’re talking about? Sully: “...encouraging extremists at home and emboldening our adversaries abroad...” WHO is doing so? Do you mean Trump, or Maxine Waters, or whom? Sully: “...and threatening the livability of our planet...” Seriously?!!! The “livability of our planet”? Climate doom? Such statements don’t sound like the cool, deliberative leadership that you’ve just been promoting, but rather like the panicky fear-mongering that you’ve been denouncing. Sully: "Many do not respect the offices they hold; they lack — or disregard — a basic knowledge of history, science and leadership; and they act impulsively, worsening a toxic political environment.” You got that right. Most people who run for or hold political office disregard basic knowledge, specifically of the history of economics and the consequences of horrible ideologies. Sully: "The fabric of our nation is under attack, while shame — a timeless beacon of right and wrong — seems dead.” Shame is dead? Yeah, I think that’s a legitimate sentiment. The left is shameless in its attacks. That began with GW Bush. The left saw that their lack of shame was effective, and increased it against McCain, and then ever more so against Romney. Trump’s immunity to it has made them lose their minds in ramping up their shamelessness. Sully: "This is not the America I know and love. We’re better than this.” Again, I don’t know what Sully is talking about. Which ideals does he value? Is he saying that we should always be nice? Is that his ideal? Socialism is okay, or communism, or even a monarchy or dictatorship, just as long as the leaders are nice when imposing those systems on us, and they speak calmly and gently? Sully: "Our ideals, shared facts and common humanity are what bind us together as a nation and a people.” Which ideals? Have the courage to name them. Sully: "Not one of these values is a political issue, but the lack of them is.” Which values? Civility over everything else? Sully: "When I volunteered for military service during wartime…” Aren’t military service and war the opposite of civility? So, then, we must assume that incivility is sometimes acceptable to Sully? Sully: "I took an oath that is similar to the one our elected officials take: 'I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.'” Great! So then Sully must be saying that those who have ideologies which are opposed to the Constitution are our enemies, and we should fight against them? But do so nicely, unless we have to kill them military-style? And now I wonder what Captain Phillips would think of all of this. He and Sully should have a debate. J
  8. The left is using the same tactic in regard to the Khashoggi issue that they use for climate doom. Unfalsifiability. Just like all possible outcomes prove catastrophic manmade climate change, all potential choices of courses of action in response to the Khashoggi killing are wrong. Our Billy is even participating. It's the reason he won't answer questions about the proper course of action. He and the rest of the left wish to reserve The ability to condemn, no matter what.
  9. Oh, no!!! Unnamed scientists have told the AP's reporters that Climate Doom is nearing the point where it can't be reversed?!!! Oh, fucking no!!!!! It must be true if scientists predicted it! Hmmm. The left has been pushing imminent catastrophe for forty years, and the predicted doomsday continues to be pushed back each time that it fails to arrive, but that just means that it MUST be true this time, right? And Trump's bumbling statement that Billy highlighted above in blue is even more proof of Climate Doom! Trump must be wrong because just look at that sentence, tee hee hee! We'd better surrender all of our freedoms immediately to save the planet. Meanwhile, the actual science that I've been requesting for years now -- repeatedly successful predictions of future outcomes -- still hasn't been presented here. Millions of pixels worth of snicker tee hees, irrelevant document dumps, opinions on top of opinions, but still no science. J
  10. I like to listen to the activist fake news program called The Daily on NPR. It's a New York Times product. It presents one side, sneers at the other, includes ominous music and lots of pregnant pauses. The dramatic whispery host "I'" usually temporarily forgets and slips out of the whispery drama once or twice per episode. He's very, very important. He should be in charge of everything. You should be made to ask him permission for stuff. Anyhoo, last night's episode was a study in political activism pretending to be journalism: When we almost stopped climate change. One side was presented. Outrageous, unsupported claims were made. Countering arguments were not heard, but were caricatured, straw-manned, mocked and vilified -- the very idea of questioning and doubting activist scientists' assertions, even way back in the 80s before climate predictions had had their chance to fail, was painted as evil, and a threat to the very existence of mankind -- and therefore the mindset is that doubt is not to be given a voice, it is not to be tolerated or considered, but needs to be silenced, sued, convicted and punished. Being skeptical and critical was presented as opposing science. There is no place in science for doubt. Scientists are to be trusted, including when making proposals outside of their areas of expertise, such as economics, politics, public policies and their consequences, etc. Human-caused, cataclysmic global warming climate change existential fucking nightmare doom was presented as having been established as factually certain, settled science as far back as 1980. Natural disasters were presented as proof of predicted consequences, while all of the failed predictions were omitted from the program. (When one's group predicts every possible outcome -- i.e. storm activity will increase, storm activity will decrease, storm activity will stay the same -- it's easy to then cite the one prediction that was correct while leaving out any mention of the contradicting predictions of the same event that were wrong, which is why falsifiability is so important to science, and why it's not to be discarded just because activists know that the trick of unfalsifiability will dupe a lot of people). No evidence was presented to support the assertion that global warming is a threat to our existence. It just fucking is, so shut the fuck up. No weighing of the pros versus cons of warmer temperature was considered. One solution was proposed to address the alleged threat to all of our lives. To oppose that solution is to be an evil denier who is harming his fellow man. You're trying to get us all killed, so you need to be snuffed. Give the program a listen. There's much more to it than I've mentioed above. It really is a fascinating study in all of the available methods of shitbaggery. J
  11. Yeah, it is about time for them to shift back to climate doom. Btw, has anyone suggested yet that the Russians' chaos/disruption/influence campaign began much earlier than anyone had thought, and that they sent Ayn Rand over here to trick us into not voting for democrats? I haven't seen it (I haven't actively looked either) but it has to be a pet theory that someone is preaching out there. J