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Found 225 results

  1. Here's a studious look at the latest QAnon postings, cued up to discussion of the "'They, the Cabal ... the Luciferian Satanist Pedophile Elite" at work; NB - "There are no coincidences" ...
  2. QAnon Compromised: Intel Source Hijacked By The Deep State's Disinformation Campaign
  3. "What has Qanon had to say about Adam Schiff, and why should you care?" Plus, Jan Brady touts anonymous whoopee on Robert Mueller.
  4. 41) Last October, #Qanon asked who was FBI director was during the Haiti crisis. (Robert Mueller was Director.) Q said, "good people" were forced to go along with the Clintons and their evil because their lives and the lives of their families were being threatened. MI is military intelligence, CF Clinton Foundation, H Haiti.
  5. "This is not a court-ordered tribunal of dot-connected process lynching, and -- generally -- Jerome Corsi+Qanon+Infowars are not dot dot dot ... dot ..." Meanwhile, Incels, Go to Church.
  6. David Seaman QAnon April 30 update, from the Washington studio of Fulcrum News
  7. 'Comparing Jon and Jordan's "basics" on the QAnon phenomena'
  8. Jordan Sather's 'Basics of the #QAnon phenomenon'
  9. QAnon has said BOOM so many times lately. And he has promised MOAB this week, MOAB presumably means mother of all booms. He has also said that Iran is next for liberation. Moab is also a place in Jordan. Previous CIA Director, Secretary of State Pompeo is there right now. Tonight, the US Dept of Defense had this to say on their Twitter feed: U.S. Dept of Defense @DeptofDefense Here comes the boom! @USMC #Marines brace while an entrance is breached during exercise #EagerLion18 in #Jordan . 8:00 PM · Apr 29, 2018
  10. LIZ ThesePeopleRSick @LizCrokin I've reported many times the refugee crisis is a scam to traffic kids! This is why they go missing!#QAnon #Pizzagate Almost 1,500 Migrant Children Placed in Homes by the U.S. Government Went Missing Last Year 6:12 PM · Apr 28, 2018
  11. Chat instructions via video! So, my new "livecasting" set-up is coming along. Today I botched a brief video header for this topic. I insert it just for fun. The other voice you hear is young Jordan Sather; since I wasn't wearing the headphones, I didn't know he was talking. He is talking about the Toronto attack, obliquely, via Qanon. I will replace this with a better version where the sounds make sense and I wear the headphones as I mix. I wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to add a question, comment, request to the chat box below. You need not be an Objectivist Living member or 'sign in' or register to use the chatbox below. You need not claim a name or moniker. Using this one is as easy as typing in an acronym (ME) and then banging out a short or long screed. If you know or can learn a little code, you can add images, hotlinks, and add emphasis to your screed/line of tossed-off text: It's based on the old forum standard bbcode mark-up; where you use square brackets to do some magic: You can click the ''help" button at the bottom of the chat box -- to see all the bbcode, options for registering an avatar image, 'claiming' your name ... otherwise do a Quick Start: Click in the "name" box, and enter a screen name. Click on "message" and type your message. Then hit Enter to post!
  12. Jordan Sather explores Qanon's references to 'Incel' Minassian ...
  13. LIZ ThesePeopleRSick @LizCrokin NXIVM leader accused of raping & trafficking girls as young as 12! #QAnon #Pizzagate #Pedogate #sextrafficking Nxivm founder Keith Raniere accused of sleeping with girls, 15 and 12 3:08 PM · Apr 24, 2018 Jokes from OL’s resident sick fucks in 5, 4, 3, 2...
  14. QAnon is on Team Trump. QAnon is Trump, Pence, Admiral Rogers, General Mattis and more. Tonight QAnon said: Apr 23 2018 19:27:14Q!xowAT4Z3VQ1162020 BADA0EFE-BCA6-4469-BB48-D….jpeg 1FBDA20C-D6A7-4A72-8E45-F….jpeg It’s time to learn the TRUTH. Why are D’s inspiring activist groups to remove history re: slavery? Why are history books painting a different picture than before? Why are teachers following a new false script? “Republicans are racists.” Learn the term ‘Projection’. Why are they threatened? MSM has you brainwashed. They want you controlled. They want you enslaved. They want you divided. They want you dependent! What has the D party done for the black pop? What has the R party done for the black pop? What has POTUS done in 1 year? What is the net worth of black leaders today? Why does Pelosi mention MLK 74% of the time during weekly addresses? MLK was a conservative. Learn the TRUTH. Re_read drops re: slave grip of black pop. Why do we look at skin color? DIVISION. IT’S TIME TO UNITE AND FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM. TOGETHER, we are STRONG. APART, we are weak. PATRIOTS HAVE NO SKIN COLOR. Q
  15. VIDEO: Getting up to speed with Qanon, by 'Praying Medic' ... Q Anon Update April 22 - Learn Our Comms from Praying Medic on Vimeo.
  16. Praying Medic @prayingmedic 50) #Qanon elaborated: Yesterday Q posted about Maggie [Wendy] & Obama POTUS tweeted [Wendy] Wasserman Schultz [corrected] It wasn't a mistake. It was a signal. POTUS then tweeted about Maggie Haberman Q drops about Maggie Nixon [Wendy] All signals We need to learn their comms. 2:30 PM · Apr 22, 2018
  17. "Assad is Laughing - Mission Accomplished? #QAnon: "Trust POTOS"" Another wholesale capture of cognition. Nathan Stolpman's video on the Syria strikes, cued up to his most glib claims and unwarranted speculations ... Nathan doesn't believe that Syria has chemical weapons ...
  18. Elsewhere, earlier ... Here is the US President announcing a military attack by US, French and British forces on the chemical warfare infrastructure of the Syrian state. This reality may take a while to settle in. The early reports are of massive explosions in Damascus, including the base of Assad's 4th Division and the staging area for Iran's 'revolutionary guard.' Where Israel had earlier bombed -- the suspected site of the 'research' and production centre will be craters and wreckage and smoke this time tomorrow. I don''t hold any mistaken opinions against Jon Letendre -- once you are captured cognitively by misinformation and suspicion, it can be difficult to shake it off and give full rational inquiry a second chance. We all can be wrong sometimes, even glaringly wrong. I did not expect a Western attack, and I feel a rising dread. The dread may be partly explained by the unknown consequences of this wave of military action. I think the President's plain words in his speech do put the lie to any belief that Trump is going after a hidden enemy or Cabal. Your mileage may vary, though, depending on your views of Qanon ... Don't worry about Michael. He will figure it out ...
  19. LIZ ThesePeopleRSick @LizCrokin The Marines are trolling the Deep State! Hahahaha! 2018 is glorious! #QAnon #FridayThe13th U.S. Marines @USMC What’s haunting you this #FridayThe13th? 1:51 PM · Apr 13, 2018
  20. LIZ ThesePeopleRSick @LizCrokin · 4h Backpage facilitated sex trafficking of women & kids in 943 locations, in 97 countries in 7 languages! Do you understand that President Trump just saved LITERALLY MILLIONS of kids from rape! I can't emphasize enough how BIG LEAUGE this is! #QAnon #Pedogate #Pizzagate The following media may contain sensitive material.
  21. Hillary is part of it, for example with Laura Silsby in Haiti. And the demented sick fucks on the other side want to talk about Stormy Daniels. WarNuse @WarNuse According To USA Today, Adults Purchase Children For Sex At Least 2.5 Million Times A Year In The United States. It’s Happening Everywhere, Right Under Your Noses, In Suburbs, Cities, And Towns Across The Nation. #QAnon l Zero Hedge l February 7, 2018 Little Barbies: Sex Trafficking Of Young Girls Is America's Dirty Little Secret 9:13 PM · Mar 28, 2018
  22. Or not not. ABCnews reports on a letter from Gates to his family, in which he tells them he will be pleading guilty -- Former Trump aide tells loved ones of plans to plead guilty, cooperate with special counsel What does this mean for the Cabal, the Satanists, the Gitmo-bound, the secret military tribunals, the unbalanced speculation on the 'real' objects of the Mueller inquiries? I don't know. What does it mean for the double super secret Jerome Corsi-Qanon reading of events? I do not know. Once you have slipped down the rabbithole into believing six impossible things before breakfast, can you ever get out again? "There's a war on for your mind." Yeah, and I think "they" have won ...
  23. Jon, There is another part of this delusion, the belief that anything good President Trump has done either doesn't count, was sheer luck, was him taking credit for something someone else did, was the work of his staff, not him, and on and on. A friend of mine, Anoop Verma, just posted on Facebook the latest article by Victor Davis Hanson about this phenomenon (that's my way of saying "hat tip" to Anoop : The View of the Blinkered The entire article is very good, but, for this point, the last two paragraphs bear quoting: That's a wordy way of saying it, but it is deadly accurate. btw - If you really want to go down a Rabbit Hole where anti-deep state magic happens for real, look into "QAnon." I will post a thing about him later, probably in a new thread or on the Conspiracy Theory thread. He's been spot on accurate predicting a lot of recent happenings right before they happen. More recently he's been doing some twittering and he seems to like hamming it up a bit, so here are a few teasers: More coming... Michael
  24. Youtube viewers who use the service through a Google account will be somewhat familiar with how the page presents 'content' that you might enjoy watching. -- and sometimes it recommends videos from new-to-you accounts ... With my interest in conspiracy theories, and my subscription to David Seaman and Styxhexenhammer, Youtube seems to think I want more of similar accounts. And, so, courtesy of The Algorithm, one of Jordan Sather's newest videos, which draws together several up-and-coming theories -- about Antarctica, "QAnon,"** #FollowtheWhiteRabbit, the Rothschilds/Soros, and so on. Feast! In the video, Sather cites this story, from the UK version of METRO: #FollowTheWhiteRabbit is possibly the craziest conspiracy theory of all time. I've cued up the video to his discussion of the METRO story. I like the way Sather includes the links to material discussed in his videos; he has 'show notes,' and also as you will see, a whiteboard and an on-screen monitor that reflects what he is talking about. ________________________ ** QAnon: The Storm and The Awakening -- An introduction article into the QAnon posts (from Presidential favourite