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  1. Pablum is sometimes one hundred percent oats. Slogans are sometimes composed of no truths. Putin and Trump are firmly allied, perhaps, inhabiting each other's dreams of a real New World Order ruled by a triumvirate of pure leadership, Trump, Xi, Putin -- but what about the respective Deep States? Is Putin's Deep State willing to give Trump's dismantling of the US Deep State a pass, or will Russia be willing to take some of the parts away from the wrecking yard? In pablum today, QAnon wink and a nod Insider Trump declared he was unhappy with the Russian aggression. He might not sit with the aggressor in planned bilateral meetings of Deep State avengers and parasites and elements of the Cabal in Argentina next month. Or as obviously Cabal-confected falsies attributed to the President by the BBC indicate, nothing of what you say or hear from anybody's mouth can be confirmed or discomfirmed. This is because in cult thinking, everything is planned. Trust the Plan, my mateys. Ukraine-Russia sea clash: Trump says may cancel G20 Putin talks Don't you hate it when you can't take a plain meaning plainly? Welcome to the QAnon Festival of Epistemology. For a fifty dollar donation to Objectivist Living's healing fund, who has watched the lively confession video of the Ukrainian seamen on RT? Meanwhile, habeas corpus. Who has 'taken out' the President's hand-picked head of the CIA? The Deep State or the Avengers?
  2. Who had the most taxes, social insurance 'fees' and mandatory deductions grabbed off his incoming? Mr Trump, you go first, then Mr Letendre, then Mr Troy. I am interested in what the 2% are successfully avoiding or manfully forking over to the people with the guns. If anyone is more insatiably Deep State than Revenue Canada, I am not acquainted. They say, 'How much you pay belongs to how much you earn,' except in the case of arrangements with Deutsche Bank. I applaud the President of Alberta's willingness to let it all hang out. The President of the OL QAnon Fan Club is also worthy of support. #ReleaseTheMEMOReturns
  3. Chuck Todd Ross from the Daily Caller has a 'scoop' concerning Corsi's rejection of a plea agreement, and a couple of bon-bons for theoretical conspiracy mavens. EXCLUSIVE: Jerome Corsi Says He Has Defense Agreement With Trump, Received Limited Immunity From Mueller Considering President Trump's tweets today about the Mueller investigation, it could be that he has a 'mole' in the investigation, courtesy of a 'joint defense agreement.' The mole ... Paul Manafort? What has deeply-embedded QAnon had to say about Manafort? Not too much, but in April this year he or she or they said Manafort was a plant. I'll sing to that! See also:
  4. Corsi surprises! QAnon whoopee! Wouldn't it be something if a man like Corsi pulled the entire rug out from underneath Mueller's feet based on integrity? [...] Because we all know Corsi is stupid and a crank and Mueller is smart and cunning, right? I'll be watching for the rug-pull. What could ensure that Corsi is seen as a paragon of integrity in some minds is his recent broken engagement with QAnon phenomena. Q is pissed off at Corsi, wouldn't you know? Jon Letendre might have more inside information on that ...
  5. Wild accusations of pedophile activity are par for the course with Liz Crokin. As I may have noted elsewhere, she has convinced herself that the California wildfires were set to destroy evidence of ... wait for it ... pedophile activity. Townhall Columnist Liz Crokin: Hollywood Celebrities Set California’s Wildfires To Cover Up Their Pedophilia Can one ever go too far with accusations, and then find oneself bereft of a platform to spew more of the bullshit? This was one of Liz's last tweets: Meanwhile, the QAnon 'community' is lit ...
  6. Updated yet again ... one California district (CA-21) has in late-counted mail-in balloting moved from an actual WIN for the GOP candidate to a toss-up. DecisionDeskHQ just 'un-called' the race. Updated House totals ... If the 21st district stays in GOP hands, then the Democrats will have picked up 39 seats over their 2016 performance. I mean, if any of those Democrats are actually seated. QAnon fanatics are suggesting that deeply bad Democrats and RINOs will be disposed of in some way on December 5th. In order to prevent them taking seats in January. By the power of She-Ra, perhaps. Mark that on your calendars, Objectivism-Friendly Peoples of Reason!
  7. A story by Jake Johnston of the Intercept was published on January 10 of this year, "A U.N.-Backed Police Force Carried Out a Massacre in Haiti. The Killings Have Been Almost Entirely Ignored." Johnson traveled to the location with an Al Jazeera news team, which published at story on November 18 2017. [Haiti police accused of executing civilians] The Johnson Intercept story was republished at the Haitian Times without a byline or note of the original. The republication was dated to the 14th of this month. The events described occurred in November of 2017. It may be that some readers here mixed up the deaths reported in Haiti during massive anti-corruption demonstrations last week. The gist of the Johnston story was that the Haitian national police conducted a 'raid' on a slum in a kind of anti-gang operation, and that the UN 'assistance' force (Mission for Justice Support in Haiti) which initially helped plan the operation took zero responsibility for the resulting civilian deaths -- described as 'summary execution' by a local human rights agency. It is suggested here above that 'they' were 'trying to eliminate potential witnesses' to a Clinton Crime Family operation, though no particular details were put forward. As with much news out of Haiti, it can make for a depressing read ... 'all you retards' notwithstanding. The Clinton name did not appear in the story. For those of elite-level gnosis and patience, this may be evidence in itself. As President Trump has said, Haiti is a shithole, with a corrupt, non-functioning government, rampant gang violence, brutal 'security' forces acting with impunity, an ecological disaster in deforestation, and little hope of near-term progress. Here I add a fairly recent video fronted by Aaron Mate (of the Intercept) giving some background to the most recent 'unrest.' US State Department advisories suggest the current bout of 'civil unrest' is not over. Mate's video includes reporting from Jake Johnston, the fellow who wrote the story published in the Intercept in January this year. Haven't dug up any credible stories of mass executions, but then I haven't dipped into the QAnon swamp.
  8. Peter, I am going to add in a URL from Jonathan's comment and format your post. While I am here, here's something tangentially-related to the topic: Mick West's Metabunk has a few QAnon posts, and in one thread various posters comment on the conspiracy theory that the current California wildfires were ignited by space-based laser or 'directed energy' weapons. In some QAnon-inflected imaginings, it was Jerry Brown who commanded the lasers -- so that the fires would trigger federal aid. This one is fun for all ... If we take a wider view, we can get an idea of what happened: Source: Duncan Sinfield) The "half house" lot is on the edge of the fire region, this is looking South. What we are seeing here is the line where the firefighters stopped the advance of the fire. Here's an even wider view (still looking south) As you can see the lot is just on the edge of the burnt area. So what happened? Firefighters sprayed that bit of the house with water to stop it spreading to the next house. This was at the leading edge of a very fast-moving fire. Any building already burning was going to keep burning, the best they could do was to try to stop the fire spreading. The best way of understanding this is to watch this video by Kent Porter: Source: The video opens with the reasons the fires spread - high winds blowing flames and embers: We then see a firefighter directing the firehose on the left side of a burning house. He's not trying to save the house from the fire, he's just trying to stop it spreading. Later he switches to the other side of the house, to try to save the unburnt house on that side. So in the case of the "half" house, all that happened was firefighters were hosing down that smaller side structure of the house. The main house burnt and collapsed, and they were able to douse the flames, stopping the forward progress of the fire. The "half" house just shows where they held the line. This probably belongs elsewhere, but hey.
  9. Q posts: Q post #2491: Q!!mG7VJxZNCI12 Nov 2018 - 9:13:00 PM #1 attacked person by FAKE NEWS [+swamp [R+D]]? POTUS #2 attacked entity by FAKE NEWS [+swamp [R+D]]? Q As of 3:02 pm est today, "Qanon" is now the #2 most attacked entity behind POTUS within the U.S. [R+D COORDINATED BLITZ ATTACK] Logical Thinking > WHY? WHY WOULD THE BIGGEST MEDIA CO'S IN THE WORLD CONTINUE TO ATTACK THIS MOVEMENT? 2+2=4 Congratulations, Anons! YOU ARE NOW THE SECOND BIGGEST THREAT TO THE ESTABLISHMENT. BADGE OF HONOR! SOMETHING BIG IS ABOUT TO DROP. Q
  10. Show notes teaser: #Midterms, #Qanon, Trump blunder, the Great War and its commemoration 100 years later. Watch for fuss about Florida recounts, Arizona Senate, as well as the fate of the five to seven remaining House seats to be called. Some files posted from Objectivist Living and other forums, as well a backstage questions. [Link to QAnon post triggering some interpretation in the Q-communities] If you want to get ahead of the crowd, exclusive to OL:
  11. I skipped One America News Network's coverage last night since Bill Mitchell wasn't hosting. Here's their reprint from Reuters with a good fake news-ish headline; is it the tone or the focus that makes this a good bad example of media selectivity? Defiant Trump blames media, fellow Republicans for House losses Acosta posted to Twitter last hour that he was denied entry to the White House property (for his 8 pm whoopee, presumably), and all the ruffled feathers and clucking that can be imagined will commence. Plenty of pushback to the notion that Acosta accosted or assaulted a staffer who grabbed 'the mic' ... and plenty saying he got what he deserves for 'attacks on the President.' I think if I had a day when the President looked at me and called me an N.M.E of the American people, and then I get shut out of my preferred public property for my 8 pm show, I'd have a rethink. A sauna. A day without furrowed brows journalizing into a camera. In the meantime, I guess, hoopla, whoopee, clucking, feathers, "War Talk" from the executive ... for about the length of Acosta's pulled pass remaining pulled. What seems to be overtaking the Tsk Tsk-er cluck volume in the media realms is the supposedly checkered and biased past of the newly 'revealed' Acting Attorney-General, who may be imagining he has powers conferred to him by Trump. Since the guy, Whitaker, has been open about his hostility to Comey and the Mueller inquiry, on record, he'd be a great Trump loyalist. This aspect will I bet cause a lot of feathers and whoopee in the next few days. A taint of bias could dog him and hobble his actions. The saddest word I used today on Twitter was lèse-majesté. The principle is being invoked with Acosta and that was just so weird to me. A treat for me later on, and maybe for you all. Bill Mitchell gave a 100% guarantee that there would be a Trump majority in the House. In this item, I expect he will smile his way out of his guarantee in an entertaining and encouraging way. I will be on the listen for QAnon allusions. It is interesting how all precincts can be reporting but not all votes counted, as in CA-48. That is why, I guess, most of the final calls have yet to be made. I cannot hundred percent guarantee my guess.
  12. "It's a big site. I can't read everything." The pertinent question may be answered here: Or, "search term 'QAnon' via william.scherk"
  13. William, I honestly don't know what this is or means. It looks like a muddy road. And if that is what it is, what does that have to do with your QAnon fanatics mantra stuff? Serious question. There's a communication glitch here... I don't know how to evaluate this without first knowing what it is or what you are trying to say. Michael
  14. The view from Moscow (RT or Russia Today) with Mark Sloboda, Lionel 'Nation' (notable QAnon fanatic), Brian Joyce, and a regular on the Jimmy Dore Show, Ron Placone. Hold onto your hair, the Hot Takes tempest is a-roaring. 'Lionel on RT's CrossTalk: The Psycho MSM Blew #Midterms But They're Just Too Stupid to Realize It'
  15. Meanwhile, in the land of QAnon fanatics ...
  16. With California totals still in some races to be counted, due to their system counting ballots returned by mail ... my "just as likely" prognosis was born out. The "energized" electorate made history in terms of raw numbers. Over a hundred and ten million votes cast, a record for a midterm, I believe. Four surprises that weren't really surprises, looking back at the most recent polls. Still, gotta be disappointing for some people. The fun is being had among the QAnon contingent. The story being peddled by the cultists is that the Democratic majority returned by the electorate will NOT be seated come January. Why? Well, because, er, secret trials, Gitmo, whoopee yeehaw. Or something. Eg, On the other hand, some faithful QAnon followers are having a hard time accepting the evidence of their senses, right or wrong. Yikes. But wait -- there's more. See if you can get your head around this kind of disappointment. As one wag said, "The Great Disappointment for Internet Sociopaths." Ye Eleetz at OL will catch the historical reference ... If the pictures don't show through in these embeds, I will upload some screen captures. Of interest to Jon Letendre. Or not.
  17. He used to be with 538, now with boo hiss CNN. The man with the salary is not afraid to put his marker down. If you want to see what Harry has magicked up for your particular district, you can simply type in your address information. Where I realize all my prognostications go wrong is that the variables can't really be guessed, at least some of them. Of registered voters, registered to a party, of independents, above or below 2016 turnout, among which demographic bands a 'surge,' of 'hidden' intents to vote that are not picked up by most polling, of 'get out the vote' drives, of early-voting-by-party-registration, of this district being like that, of the 2014 model, of historical statistical regularities. I am going to go down with the HA Goodman ship, cheered on by I hope Scott Adams, with three guesses about 'we should've expected this' ... Republican voters are energized almost to the level of 2016, maybe more Democratic voters are energized in distinct patterns The House results will be surprising. I won't get a job with QAnon's Qollective until I work some more on being Ultra-Cryptic. Here I invoke the Ghost of Adam Selene and will add in a grille of guesses on actual races, just the House. That will go up the morning of November 6. What Democratic hopes will be dashed and how hard? -- as the President devotes the remaining days to turnout.
  18. No the message is good, just sometimes your delivery sucks. When you mix a good message with a bunch of Qanon/other conspiracy stuff? To any average parent /non OL member that may actually be looking in you just end up looking like a completely whacked nut job. Not all of them, some are good. ps:sounds good
  19. LIZ ThesePeopleRSick‏ @LizCrokin FollowFollow @LizCrokin More There is more than one person dressing up as Vincent Fusca. There’s definitely a decoy for security measures. The one I believe could possibly be JFK JR from the photo below is the one on the far left. PS, Can anyone tell me where we’ve seen those glasses before? #QAnon 9:48 AM - 12 Oct 2018
  20. I’m pretty sure they left because they got tired of reading “The world according to Letendre followed by mass Qanon/mass pedophile under every rock crap posts?”
  21. Jordan says, Travis says. You sound like a third-grader. Try reading Q directly. “something, something...” You hack up Q’s post so it’s unreadable, then pretend he mumbles. You are an imbecile.
  22. Meanwhile, the terminated Reddit Q-mmunity is coalescing again at Voat. Neat stuff which maybe should be in "Fake Social Media." One of OL's scorned hoopla-meisters, Jared Holt of boo hiss Right Wing Watch, has a visual sample of the new fabulosity. This is like evolution in real time. Too bad Jon Letendre is not around to give some context, updates, whatnot. I have zero faith in Lionel. World of the day: subverse. Word of the week: churlishness. Our Travis View penned an article that should interest those who study persuasion and marketing: See also:,
  23. NYTAnon, the QAnon of the left. On Real Clear Politics Video. Lionel: Meet The "NYTAnon" Conspiracy Theory; Anti-Trump Left Is Now Officially No More Credible Than "QAnon" The video: Michael
  24. Well, what about another thoughtful analysis of the Q anon phenomena in the context of the NYT anon whoopee? From Lee Stranahan, formerly of Infobreitwarbart, I think, now under contract to RT-Sputnik US's radio outlet. This is excerpted from a Youtube channel that picks items from Stranahan's Periscope account. The title is 'Is the “White House Resistance” Narrative Stealing the Story from #QANON?!?!"' ... You can keep up to date with Stranahan on Twitter, where he announces his various shows on Sputnik-radio and simulcasts to Periscope. This one was blurbed like this: "Alex Jones BANNED. WHO is NEXT on the Twitter Deadpool??? Call-IN NOW @ 202-521-1320!!!"