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Found 223 results

  1. So, it just seems to get more involved, the North Carolina 9th Congressional district scandal. As for QAnon, I believe these are non-overlarping magisteria, at least so far. What some may find irritating is that in this case -- if proved that the Harris campaign contractor broke electoral law -- the offences will not be VOTER fraud. From the Hill: Over a thousand absentee ballots possibly destroyed in controversial North Carolina House race: report From Harry Enten at CNN: Why the case for election fraud in North Carolina is strong Enten fleshes out a list -- for those who like lists: 1. Signed voter affidavits 2. Ballot harvester admission 3. A history of shady activity 4. Weird absentee vote pattern 5. Absentee partisanship makes no sense
  2. I'll catch up with QAnon's 'drops' from yesterday, December 5, but first a peek into the world of Q-predictions, tactics and errors. From Reddit. A non-comprehensive timeline of Q's failed predictions and mistakes and a list of tactics he uses to hook and drag followers. Bonus: QAnon Believers Think the President Wants to Hire Broward's QAnon Cop
  3. Jon, You convinced me. I bookmarked this. I agree that Q methods are absolutely genius. Here's what I'm beginning to see from a persuasion perspective. The Deep State (and fellow travelers) either fights public information it wants gone with mockery alone, or mockery with barrages of gotchas from "experts." Mockery alone works up to a point, but doesn't have good legs with influencing the public after a certain point of obviousness has been reached. (For example, people who warned about the existence of the Bilderberg Group were mocked ruthlessly for years with no rebuttal needed. Until it became obvious that the Bilderberg Group did exist, of course. Then the elitists simple stopped the mockery and moved on to the next subterfuge.) They discovered a far more effective form than plain mockery was first, present a mountain of gotchas, then do mockery based on those gotchas. Note that the gotchas don't have to be true, they just have to sound like someone knows what they are talking about. No substance needed, just the illusion of substance. This is how they have been putting over manmade climate change, the Muh Russians hoax and many other things. The mainstream fake news media runs on this method. But how in hell can someone gotcha QAnon? It was made to be mocked directly. All the elements are there, the cryptic messages, the symbols, the infiltration by copycats, etc. The only thing the elitists and fellow travelers can do is point and mock. But here's the rub. Enough truth is now coming through that the general public is taking notice. It has simply become too late to do the Gotcha Then Mock routine and be effective anymore. QAnon critics blew their wad overdosing on straight up mockery. Now that the general public is coming around to QAnon, the critics are starting to look like crass manipulators who are power mongers and enemies of the public. I don't know if this was done on purpose, but that's the way it is turning out. I suspect it was done on purpose. And that catches my interest big-time. Michael
  4. This adds to the bizarre landscape in an ... interesting way. The stupidest and most hilariously sad QAnon-fanatic post of the day from a "leading light" ...
  5. Catching up with the QAnon posts at ... with a bit of interpretation from yours truly. Yes, President Individual-1 has the habit of deliberately misspelling words or phrases to send a signal. Instead of meaning "scot-free" ... he meant Scott Free, just as written. And who is Scott Free? Well, I dare you to follow this link. Yeah. A Youtube trailer for White Squall ... I can't parse this at all. Entered where, by whom, to what purpose? Not a frigging clue. "Q" is not in the business of declarative sentences. "Who is the man in the red jacket, Q?" Watch the FBI. Glurp. "For exactly fucking what, Q?" Yeah. Nationalized funerals mean regular programming is replace by continual coverage of the obseques. Who'd a thunk it? This isn't gibberish! This is a gallimaufty of half-suggestive whoopee, to my eyes. What exactly can be taken from this, if for the sake of argument you accepted the 'face validity'? Well, instead of giving a frigging link to the two documents filed yesterday by the Special Counsel's office ... the Qollective throws sand in the gears. Screech! Would you like to see the redacted documents? Links at the bottom. I think Q napped through the "write clearly and consistently" class at the Department of Zealotry, Whoopee, and Yeehaw. Some 'interpretations' I have read from the Qmmunity is that the whole death thing was a ruse. The death thing was timed to overshadow lord and saviour Huber. Yeah, one day we will see you on deck, Q. Not in the immediate future, but hey. Nothing to see here but whoopee. People do not leave appointments for any other reason than, er, um, hidden reasons. This is the weirdest occulted 'knowledge-report' of them all. Anyway, links to the two documents filed in the matter of Flynn. To my reading, the general cooperated with several lines of investigation. The redactions cover current cases still ongoing. Document one, GOVERNMENT'S MEMORANDUM IN AID OF SENTENCING Document two, .ADDENDUM TO GOVERNMENT'S MEMORANDUM IN AID OF SENTENCING
  6. The festivities in the QAnon world are fun for all at times. One of my list has a quirky sense of humour: The Deep Beast is biased by the satanic qualities it embodies, per Unabomber reasoning, but hey. How about some Florida Man coverage from the Cabal-compromised WPLG? Deputy demoted after wearing #QAnon patch in picture with vice president And in the bucket of crabs, hilarity and social death ...
  7. Where is the dopey, uninformed, total dud mocking attempt/obsession with QAnon part?
  8. For those challenged by (or completely uninterested in) epistemological contortionism ... I figure QAnon and/or the QAnon mob know fuck-all about Judaism or the meanings of the Menorah. Over in the 'safe space' for conspiracy-ideation, here is Jon Letendre quoting the QAnon "drop" 2532, taking the purse: Ner tamid. In a way, QAnon's mob could be said to have retrodicted Genesis. That's some heavy shit, mon. Remember to pray to God, Chod.
  9. QAnon was silent during the month leading up to the Midterms, oddly. But someone has got a new coffeepot behind the scenes. QAnon is not finished with you, Objectivist Living!
  10. We left off at QAnon post 2525 ... here is the rest of the bizarre posts to 8chan:
  11. The hits keep on coming from the 8chan entity or entities we know as "Q" ... from
  12. Is there any dissent within the QAnon 'community'? Of course. But.
  13. All is not as it seems, according to QAnon:
  14. The Pence-tarmac-sheriff-deputy snapshot is celebrated by QAnon ...
  15. This is the wrong thread, but I can move it later. From Rationalwiki ... in the pissy, mocking tone J of which they are wont. I'd forgotten about the existence of this. Apparently, the cards tell the truth. QAnon Day 200. Yikes.
  16. William, See what? You do favor big government idiot power mongers and you do preach your manmade climate change religion. All right here on OL. In post after post. That's what I see. How is that any different than QAnon re credibility? Michael
  17. I love this guy. He may be pretending to be a 'critic' or mere 'observer' of QAnon phenomena. "Praying Medic" is a big operator in the transmission belt of explanation slash interpretation. No one is interested but still. I mean, there are 23 of us waiting for the premiere.
  18. QAnon is QAnon, the account on 8chan perhaps having changed its motive personality or committee over time. The QAnon community is 'catholic,' in that it contains multitudes of individuals trying to make out the meaning behind cryptic posts to 8chan. That doesn't mean that some of the multitude of individual interpretations and interpolations of current events unremarked by QAnon-the-account aren't sad or funny-peculiar. This one is remarkable for its alacrity. How much energy is 'released' during an earthquake? I'd say, "Yes, there fucking well are coincidences, Marge."
  19. Getting off to a good start with discussion! "Who is QAnon?" It is all about You, dear William. See?
  20. William, There must have been some kind of miscommunication. I thought it was clear--for a long time now--that everyone on OL speaks for himself or herself. And OL-Speak is not a thing. Also, about QAnon, you keep quoting me from the early times and totally forgetting that I said after that, but still a long time ago, I lost interest because it had been infiltrated. Thus I can't tell, or even reasonably presume, that the same person is presenting the information. Since I can't tell anything for sure, I just don't talk about it. Jon likes it. So what? It's reasonable to challenge him on it if you want. But, without going into QAnon's reliability or whatever, the issues QAnon brings up are very interesting precisely because the elitists (and the big government idiot power mongers you tend to support) don't want those issues discussed. So I kinda like that Jon likes it. I like that those issues get discussed. Let's keep the sunlight on them and see what happens. As to motley issues, other people on OL talk about matters of food, Aristotle's wheel paradox, music of all sorts, a fantasy world here and there, politics of course, (I don't know if you've noticed, but I tend to favor President Trump ), hell, you yourself promote your manmade climate change religion. Sometimes you are challenged on it, sometimes not. But I don't see a nonstop mocking of manmade climate change rubes (of which there are counteless--much worse and much more numerous than the backwater Christian survivalists you like to mock). I don't see one thread after another with few people posting on them about how stupid and retarded and funny-looking and wacko-talking the people who believe in manmade climate change are. You seem to like doing that about QAnon, so whatever. It's your delight, not mine. I'm just noticing that it's akin to masturbating in public. Nobody's going along with you and nobody even wants to look. I assume you want more, so that's why I'm noting your total inability to propagandize with any kind of effectiveness. You do not do the basics. Even on a relevancy of QAnon level, you don't talk to Jon much about it. You try to address the entire forum as if the forum itself speaks with one voice, and that voice is the one you like to mock. OL is a forum of individuals, not groupthink. So you're not talking to the right person. That's primary for propaganda. Identify your target people correctly and address them, not something in your head and only in your head. Sorry, dude. People who think as individuals are not interested, especially if you are not interested in them enough to even try to see if they are interested. Just look at the numbers. Nobody's showing up to your party except some tiny, tiny slim pickings. So, no. Nobody is studying to avoid talking about QAnon like you said. You are boring them and they don't give a crap. That's what's really happening. If nonstop Mission from God bashing of QAnon followers gives you your jollies so you can feel all superior and stuff about Objectivism, the people around here, or whoever or whatever you need to look down on as a measure of your own identity, knock yourself out. The only one laughing is you. Well... sometimes Carol shows up to give two or three claps at a time. But even Korben ain't showing up for a high-five anymore. Not about this. Apparently, you bored him, too. Anyway, who needs an audience, right, mah mayannn? Popularity and influence are such badges of vulgarity. I mean pandering to the commoners and all that. Who has the time? Harrumph... Having an audience is so passé, mon cher... n'est pas? So when do you think you will be ready for prime time? Getting close? Michael
  21. What is QAnon? Jon Letendre touts QAnon here on OL as a true believer. In terms of "passion for Q," I can't beat that devotion. If somebody says that they do not understand why I find the gap between Objectivist epistemology and QAnon whoopee interesting or notable, that's not a problem for me. Blank-out, as they say. Tell us, Maestro, if you can. When was that last time you looked at Jon Letendre's reports on QAnon and entailments, or his conclusions drawn from the QAnon 'research' community? I assume, perhaps wrongly, that an opinion has been formed or reformed, but for some reason or other it cannot be shared with the forum readers. A studied avoidance of challenging QAnon is sad; a careful avoidance of Q-taint is hilarious to me, as is the rearguard "William is an ineffective persuader/propagandist" ... Blank-out on QAnon. Who could have predicted this ... ?
  22. NB "Secret Ballot" There are two votes in. One is mine, the skeptical vote. I don't know who the other one is -- which means if you are an OL member, you have what our Antipodean comrades in democracy fought for, which we call the Australian Ballot (1856). In other words, ballot secrecy and arms-length objective, independent counting. Yes, a grey bit of code somewhere takes your vote and posts it without ID. It is the only poll that counts. Voting remains open until December 1st at 6:32 PM. Anyhow, I will clean up the first entry and tidy up these entries as well. For grammar and spelling, added information, with the changes noted and datestamped. First correction or addition to make is that the search-criteria actually finds in the OL database that I was the first to mention the QAnon phenomena; it is ranked as the first in time, two years ago today. It isn't easily-possible to search a single-letter "Q" using OL's internal search system, so I mention again that this are not necessarily the very first mention of the phenomenon. In this post I tell of a discovery relatively new to me at the time. I will later today poke in some embed-gist-links to recent Front Porch commentary that followed my publishing this topic here at Friends and Foes. I've decided that I will send OL's fund five bucks for each comment here that answers the topic. Ie, commentary tied to four questions: What is Q / QAnon? Why should anyone on OL pay attention? Is skepticism justified? What are the main questions readers have in mind to guide discussion? I note in passing another [insert here] bit from the Internets. Our old pal Travis View on Twitter is following today's ruckus in Q-World over a bruited 'laser target' and 'evacuation' at the White House. Apparently some "bakers" have assembled an Ockham's Cake, to the effect that the most plausible interpretation of the latest QAnon postings is the Hillary Rodham Clinton attempted to assassinate President Trump during the Xmas-Tree lighting ceremony. This is the link to the 'pure' QAnon database,, and this is a screenshot of the latest. Post 2504 link to original 8chan appearance, Post 2503 link to 8chan original. What is a crumb, what is a baker? What exactly does "research" mean, in the context of 8chan? Cleanse that thought, and turn to the interpreter that first appeared in my commentary two years ago today. Young Jordan Sather and the Episteme of Fudge, some might say. I've cued it up to the fun "The Nazis were exploring Antarctica ..." there is almost nothing Jordan doesn't believe, except perhaps the one that sticks in my mind. He is convinced of the Iron Sun hypothesis, which means THEY have been bullshitting us about the process of nuclear fusion at the centre of Sol. Half the fun of believing such notions must be the sense of being 'in the know' about Truth. Even when the evidence is thin or absent. Incidentaly, not everyone may be aware, but 8chan postings can go poof over time and anonymous contributors can clean and delete their own posts and channels. I was contacted by a 'researcher' on our side who has a stash of 8chan 'bakery' goods from almost the time of the Q Inception in November 2017. We are going to make a gallery, at least, and a database, at most. I think a reasonably objective story can be told ... Fact Check Booth is open! Thank you for your service, brave Border Guards at the Republic of Objectivist Epistemology. If they throw rocks or fuck-yous, unholster the pepper spray. [Added December 3: taking "Fuck yous out of context" ... ... Chod is Skeert ... .. reeelly skeert ...
  23. Update ... Well, happily for some, sadly for others, the 21st California House district has been declared for the Democratic candidate. A 'come from behind' win ... This count means the Democratic party increased its seats over 2016 by 40. The house will be balanced 235 to 200. Of course, we are told that QAnon has to salt the crumbs with false information. Where that leaves the corps of interpreters, I do not know.
  24. I'd like to open a field of discussion for the QAnon phenomena. Here is where I will post in already existing material presented at OL by members. I'll take direction from comments and from poll answers. What is Q / QAnon? Why should anyone on OL pay attention? Is skepticism justified? What are the main questions readers have in mind to guide discussion? No special rules or guidelines for this thread; the OL guidelines are good enough and will apply here. . Please keep personal abuse to a minimum. Creative insults are kosher, but if they aren't on topic, why post them? hr Our forum leader opened discussion on the phenomena back in January of this year. My key-word search-term was "QAnon," not "Q," so the search results will not necessarily return all incidence of discussion touching on the phenomena. More coming...
  25. False allegations ... ? The better question -- a question that does not smuggle in an unexamined premise -- is "Have Macron and Merkel actually talked about an EU force to defend against America?" In other words, where is the support for the beggared question? What did Merkel and/or Macron actually say 'publically'? That's a little test for you, Jon. Dig a little bit. Your readers will now expect you to show your work. Explain via ordinary means -- a quote, a citation, a sound-bite, a link and an analysis. Don't rely on magical thinking. Can you restate this, please? Is it that you believe the USA, China, and Russia ... are 'in process of liberating Europe'? If that is your claim, can you support it with objective evidence? Cabal? Communists? Plants? I mean, are these three people unable to proceed in their leadership of their respective countries without volition? Are they 'controlled' by other than political reality (in Germany, Merkel announced she will not seek another term as Chancellor, in France, Macron is deeply unpopular with the electorate, and is in the middle of facing widespread demonstrations against his governments fuel-tax increases (and climate-change related carbon-tax proposals). In the UK, May is facing a Commons vote on the agreed mechanism for next year's Brexit. It is almost as if actual details of real life are not entering the mystical realms ... May could be 'taken out' by losing a vote in the House of Commons on the Brexit agreement she has negotiated. Right now, she is on a tour of the UK to promote the agreement. Margaret Thatcher was 'taken out' by a simple vote of her fellow party members in the Commons. "It's a funny old world," she said at the time. Merkel is subject as May is to a parliamentary majority. Should you acquaint yourself with the political landscape in Germany, you may be able to construct a plausible if not probable set of events that leads to her early departure as Chancellor. In France, Presidents have more institutional power than in the USA. Not only does the President form cabinet, but he is able to dismiss the French National Assembly, and require a fresh national election to the assembly. A French president is elected to a six-year term. That is pretty vague. Maybe you could fill in the blanks for non QAnon believers? What situation would be 'hot' if not the situation in Ukraine, now under military rule? Can you actually make an argument that isn't up in the clouds, Jon, on this "action" prediction? Your readers are at a disadvantage when presented arguments are vague and claims are unsupported by referents in reality. Not everyone here accepts your premises based on spectral QAnon evidence. That's just a fact. How you deal with it will be interesting, if you deal with it. In re Epstein, put the focus on the facts, Jon, not on me. I have fuck all to do with Epstein or the dirty deal his lawyers made with the now Secretary of Labour.