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Found 223 results

  1. @PokerPolitics continues to offer poignant takes on the Q phenomenon. These sum up a feeling I get when I consider the self-sealed mental landscape of extreme QAnon cultists ... ... ... "Only via isolation can we achieve salvation."
  2. Viral Video About Eating Babies at AOC Town Hall Was Staged by Pro-Trump Group From the article, another 'possible' correct identification: On the other hand ... See one of my favourite QAnon researchers, Adrenochrome Harvester.
  3. #QAnon #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening More from the gang at the bottom, but first -- young Jordan Sather got some mileage from his time at the rally. See if you can pick out the scabs, infiltrators, imposters, 'fake news' media reps, patriots and stunned also-rans. The QAnon Anonymous podcast, interviews, interactions, observations, along with Jake Rockatansky's fits of screaming laughter. A bit of Q-reportage and queries on the main stage: At, you can view and search all of the 'drops' made at 8chan (eg, search 'snow white'). It has a clean and useful display that I used in my Q 'snapshot+link' postings above. It is essentially a strictly-curated use of a database of Q drops. It features another layer of interpretation via hyperlinked 'mouseover'' pop-up guides and explanations of acronyms or other obscure language. One more layer of explanandum -- equally as anonymous -- comprises compiled answers to query-heavy drops from the past. It's not as easy to cut and paste from Ajax-enhanced websites if you want to preserve the page's formatting/layout.
  4. Michael: "In addition, I have another question. Why is downplaying the Scientology connection important enough for Barney to make a stink about it (through Biddle)? I mean, a simple, "Yeah, I was part of that crap back then and did some stuff I'm not proud of, but I later changed my mind and got out, so who cares?" would be enough to bury the interest of most people. Is it vanity? Or something else?" Maybe he knows he will be in the headlines shortly? Be first to tell your story. Q says Snow White a lot. Often he seems to mean CIA supercomputers thusly named, other times something else. #142 from Nov12, 2017 is fascinating: 142 Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID: 99LpGawB No.149122955 Nov 12 2017 12:16:24 (EST) How did Soros replace family ‘y’? Who is family ‘y’? Trace the bloodlines of these (3) families. What happened during WWII? Was Hitler a puppet? Who was his handler? What was the purpose? What was the real purpose of the war? What age was GS? What is the Soros family history? What has occurred since the fall of N Germany? Who is A. Merkel? What is A. Merkel’s family history? Follow the bloodline. Who died on the Titanic? What year did the Titanic sink? Why is this relevant? What ‘exactly’ happened to the Titanic? What ‘class of people’ were guaranteed a lifeboat? Why did select ‘individuals’ not make it into the lifeboats? Why is this relevant? How do we know who was on the lifeboats (D or A)? How were names and bodies recorded back then? When were tickets purchased for her maiden voyage? Who was ‘specifically’ invited? Less than 10. What is the FED? What does the FED control? Who controls the FED? Who approved the formation of the FED? Why did H-wood glorify Titanic as a tragic love story? Who lived in the movie (what man)? Why is this relevant? Opposite is true. What is brainwashing? What is a PSYOP? What happened to the Hindenburg? What really happened to the Hindenburg? Who died during the ‘accident’? Why is this relevant? What are sheep? Who controls the narrative? The truth would put 99% of people in the hospital. It must be controlled. Snow White. Iron Eagle. Jason Bourne (CIA/Dream). Q white
  5. The Gang from QAnon Anonymous podcast hooked up with the jaded, middle-class meddler Jared Holt. Maybe we could assemble a list of OL Member-Approved QAnon-whisperers. My guess is that Praying Medic, InTheMatrixxx, Liz Crokin and Joe M (StormIsUponUs) would be in a Top Ten.
  6. Mike Rothschild has a new article up .. "How to Save QAnon in Three Easy Steps."
  7. Today, no Q. The red-pilled and the could-be-deluded are having a fairly good time constructing the culture of belief during the prophet's absence. Even if 8chan manages to find a functioning, secure replacement or resurrects itself like Stormfront, even if Q somehow manages to establish his or her or their 'verified' status ... the groupings or movements around the Q phenomena will continue as a kind of end-days body of beliefs. Some people -- and not all of them zany -- have invested a lot of heart and soul into the 'movement' (or whatever it is). The founder of 8chan, programmer Frederick Brennan, has not been quiet about his role in 8chan's birth and gestation and his separation from earlier stances. He now vows to do anything in his power to prevent 8chan coming back as it was ... (meaning, to paraphrase, as a site that allows incitement to and glorification of terrorist violence) The valiant un-pilled trio at QAnon Anonymous podcast did a fairly extensive and cogent interview with Frederick Brennan a couple of days. I've tried to cue the player in the tweet below to start just at the Brennan interview, but if that doesn't work -- just jump to around 12:15. Lots of interesting details, some of which have leaked back into the 'fake news' for further dissemination. I did not know he was latelyso hard-core an opponent of 8chan. Even if you find all Q discussion pointless or 'below' you, or alternatively, you already know what you know about Brennan, worth a listen for the non-technical details of how so-called 'chan culture' came to be. Of note is that Brennan 'converted' to Christianity during his Philippine labours for Watkins pere et fils.
  8. The President posted this on his Instagram page early this morning. What is that in front of him? Some type of cord? Does it say Q?
  9. What happened to Denmark? Trudeau coulda learned Prime Minister Nastyass on how to get along with the elephant/ally, yes? We haven't had a curse-out in a good long while. Cross your fingers for the final signatures on the USMCA. In other words, Don't Poke It! Or your Queen will suffer .... Nothing much happened to Denmark. Nothing happened to Greenland. The 'nasty' remarks are to one's taste, in comic opera perhaps. Denmark is one of those small smug EU socialist hellholes where almost everyone lies about quality of life on surveys, and rides around on bicycles. The Danish crown is on a boring Margrethe II, pictured wearing swag above. State visit postponement till whenever. Ho and hum. The Danish PM has at least a few common goals with the Trump administration in a few areas hereinafter not discussed at the seniormost political level, for the moment. The nasty Danish thing has had an interesting political career, and may have a long run. I bet those two could have had and will have an interesting side-talk about immigration and demographic destiny. To the other notion. A serious play for Greenland (which I would support 150%) needs Greenlandish buy-in, mostly, and 'sloping in.' Greenlanders might prefer the NATO embrace under familiar rule and processes, rather than as a giant icy Puerto Rico. Who knows? The cool aspect of US sovereignty over Greenland is that the various pan-arctic polities and linguistic relations (in Alaska, Nunavut, North West Territories, Nunavik, Labrador, Greenland) have mutual interests and preexisting connections. The unique native-majority society in Greenland might be better bonded to Canada and the USA ... yet as they are presently European citizens with all the rights of Danish nationals, would they give that up? Would today's West-Greenlandic-speaking citizens have to accept a different passport regime? The worst that can be said about the blurts from the White House was that they foreclosed on even exploratory talks about purchase for the immediate future. If it had already made sense three times in history to extend sovereignty to the icy island, there'll come another opportunity to chat. Denmark and the USA are longtime allies. For the US president to scorn and abjure the government of Denmark is good. Shake 'em up, keep 'em on a defensive footing. If the nasty thing had not said the words "absurd" and "not for sale" ... nothing would have happened except a whole lotta not much. The boring queen can get out of her girdles. Much state dinner seafood will go uneaten. Bicycles will be ridden in grim-faced pseudo-happiness. Li Hongzhi is the leader of the Falun Gong in the USA. Epoch Times is the newspaper and website. You can click the photo-link above to read the details in the NBC 'news' story. The Edge of Wonder is a popular Youtube channel produced by the movement's larger media production arm. Click to discover! Q is being quite effectively promoted by Edge of Wonder. We differ on our views of the Q and QAnon phenomena. You could perhaps quietly celebrate a new set of allies with audiences and cultural dissemination potential ... As for not knowing much about the Falun Gong or its various media empires and domains, it doesn't mean nothing can be known. Less pithily ... Questions arose. Answers were sought. Research was indicated. Reporters went in. Facts or so-called facts came out.
  10. We generally keep our opinions to ourselves, Canadians, with obvious exceptions. Look what happened to Denmark. -- this item, what passes for an expose these days, could have been posted in about five different threads. From some folks at NBC ... -- reading that story is its own reward (just click the image above), in the sense of updating your shelf of conspiracy/mistrust/distrust/bias knowledge. In the story and in subsequent reports the writers' research suggests that the organization is targeting a solid bloc of voters via the Largest Ad Rotation at Facebook. Connect the dots: End-times America-based 'cult' or movement led by Teacher Li, a broadcast arm, a hardcopy paper, a massive web presence, an early load of promotion for the 2020 showdown in November, and ... well, the one dot that really impressed me was the broadcast/audio-visual production arm of Li's movement producing a Youtube channel called Edge of Wonder. In which, the co-hosts range freely over the world of, well, wonders. Q and the QAnon fantasy-movement of course, but also just about everything on the plate for 'alternative' media in the Age of Trump. Aliens, secret space programs, MMS, Antarctic civilizations and Nazi space bases, Vaccines as a tool of Them, SRA, hollow Earth, Flat Earth, David Wilcock and the Blue Avians and more! So much more Here's a sample, part of the bottom of the Li communications pyramid. Should I have posted this elsewhere? The intertwined story skeins at this channel feature a little bit Trump, a little bit conspiracy, a little bit woo, a little bit Q, a little bit of climate change plots ... along with the bread and butter Aliens and free energy, electric sun. The fellows are so darn cheerful. Does it help to know that they belong to the 'movement' and take their cues from Li the leader?
  11. QAnon Anoymous podcast team-member 'Travis View' had a very popular tweet this week. I tried to wakeboard his wave ... Not much discussed here is the probably-temporary decoupling of 8chan from the "normal" internet. The site is now being distributed through an unauthorized application -- a peer-to-peer distributed virtual- host software robot network. From most accounts, the new format downloads parts of itself to your machine and of course knows your hard address, thus defeating the essentially-anonymous nature of 8chan. Apparently the distribution strongly suggests you serve yourself the 'refurbished' 08chan via Tor (which is an internet browser that 'spoofs' your address and serves as a virtual private network). But, there's always a but, folks are not bothering to use Tor as a protection-layer. So if some 8chan freak posts images whose possession is a criminal offence, you may have sexual abuse imagery infest your machine. Never a good look. An excerpt from a Kevin Poulsen article at the Daily Beast: Whither Q? Whither the 'real' Q? This is not much discussed analytically in the community of QAnons. Desiderata and all that. In other related news, today is officially "Everyone Is A Conspiracy 'Theorist' Day." It's a free for all, so I say may the best theory win! My modest contribution to the festive literature ...
  12. And also here: For example, Q dropped this just a few hours ago ... 3462 News: The U.S. Army Is Engaged in a Mysterious Operation Around Washington, D.C. Q!!mG7VJxZNCI22 Jul 2019 - 9:49:22 AM Anonymous22 Jul 2019 - 9:41:08 AM ClipboardImage.png What is this? >📁 >>7131949
  13. 😆 I too noticed Billy's very early, somewhat hysteria-tinged attacks on Q. I'm not saying he has ever received the same 4am memo the mainstream media receives, but by 5 or 6am anyone can put together what that day's memo said to do and billy is always on it, pumping that day's bullshit for his masters. He doesn't have the brainpower to detect that Q is real and that told me they knew Q was real and bad for them. It was a big boost to my confidence in Q.
  14. If you are a follower or admirer of Youtube content creator Polly St George, here's a quick overview of belief in Q that may be able to fill in some blanks for the curious ... Q or simulacra or team or agent-in-charge has released about three dozen drops since the last update. Here are a baker's dozen: -- that is all for now, with another twenty-six drops to be published here. Lots of material for the QAnon communities of 'research' to fasten upon, and of course lots of material for the non-participants to critique. Of my top five QAnon-phenomena-watchers, @PokerPolitics may be the one most aligned with a Randian tone -- if not conceptual underpinnings; in other words, if you like a harsh/relentless critique of hideous epistemologies, you may like his series on Youtube or Twitter. Eg,
  15. People Tell Us How QAnon Destroyed Their Relationships
  16. "Clandestine #QAnon Lurking on the Boards? #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT"
  17. N1 -- Appeal to Emotion N4 -- No True Scotsman O4 -- Black or White O5 -- Middle Ground Here is a fallacy bingo example card, from a place that might offer a better game than the ones shared so far. This collaborative effort-hawking website invites putative 'players' to contact them, so I did, in hopes I would get to play the underlying 'learning game' with my own fresh randomly-populated card. It's a bit of a puzzle what each of those pictographs is denoting. I can pick maybe three, and definitely want to know what O1 means. One example of confirmation bias, which in this case you and most people probably would regard as correct thinking, is a case of a woman who got rid of a tumor by a 24 day fast. She went back to the doctor who diagnosed the tumor and he confirmed that the tumor was gone. But he was (like most doctors) opposed to fasting and thought it was a stupid thing to do and refused to believe that the tumor autolyzed. He said it was a mix up. Here we have a conflict between a fact and a theory. The fact was the tumor autolyzed during the fast. The theory was tumors can't autolyze. Ordinarily facts trump theories; facts rule, theories serve; in any conflict between a fact and a theory, the theory is wrong. Perhaps this was an exception, where the fact was false and the medical theory contrary to the fact was true. It's really hard to say since this names no names and offers no means to gain further detail of the "case." Can the woman answer a few questions? If not, are there any illicit argumentative moves in Jerry's note? I hope this isn't some feint of marketing, whereinafter I offer my own nose for the ring. Something as complicated enough to be named a theory may be rife with fallacies -- especially in the more loony Menshist fringes. The Mueller report indicates what the FBI claims with regard to 'interference' in the 2016 election. A black and white fallacy might be operant in assuming only two poles of possibilities are in play: former foes 'steals' an election versus muh Russia. In other words, given some details we can pick the hell out of weird leftist fantasies. I've cited Mike Rothschild and QAnon Anonymous for explorations of a few details of the lurid crap imagined by the out-there theorists. What cite ye? -- here is another 'get "random" bingo card' for Fallacy Bingo. This one lets you add to the short-list of fallacies (and offers a place to add notes in the spreadsheet, definitions and examples and so on). It also lets you print each fresh Bingo Card for the process. I am showing the steps in images but anyone can go visit and get their own card or cards. These might be handy in the CC/GW 'how the fuck did we get here?' thread ... The website URL from which you download the Excel-document spreadsheet is Example sheet I opened with my open-source OpenOffice spreadsheet reader. Most everyone will have a native Windows ability to open and edit the list of fallacies, which triggers a change in the random draw for the card. I answered Peter's lighthearted misunderstanding, but forgot to credit Tony ... I really like the poem I guess this comes from: "My candle burns at both ends, It will not last the night; But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends-- It gives a lovely light!" Edna St. Vincent Millay 1892-1950 (Saw GHS once mention it favorably, too) My usage is pretty much descriptive, perhaps historical in retrospect. The sliding volume-mixer style control of language means that somewhere in between absolute Foe and absolute Friend and the nullity of absolutely Disinterested is a nice ratio. But I actually meant where friendly-ish forum members in social terms (as we once were, more or less, on OL) can be mild to Louisiana-hot-sauce fierce foes in terms of stance, advocacy, argument, philosophy, politics, mores, 'Oughts' and so on. One can have a mixed group, some friends, some foes, some in alliance, some not, some neutral-ish, some less-so. Least fallacies, most reason? And then that dang near invisible cohort, the Silent Reader. I once in a while wonder just who the heck are all these OL guest visitors and what they might each think of the day-to-day, year-to-year they have witnessed. Just a benign example of 'voices in my head.' If you can't have an argument with yourself, who can you have an argument with? --I printed this one out, and am going to print out another after I add some of my own bad-habit fallacy fails from the recent past (>2015), with perhaps a drag or trawl net for more aged-in-emotion examples of WSS doing the things he latterly professes to 'hate.' Could be dire, could be fun.
  18. Young Mike Rothschild has a somewhat intriguing headline for a new article: What is the Liberal Version of QAnon? -- for those who haven't experienced The Patriot's Soapbox, it is a 24-hour live stream on Youtube and other video platforms. A sample tweet:
  19. With nothing forthcoming from the individual account at 8chan called "Q," the many factions and interest groups who comprise "the QAnon research community" have begun to turn on each other -- or rather there is a developing split between those who make a living from their QAnon work (via swag, merch, coins, books, and plain old donation) and those who make part of their living from their QAnon work. Here is one such dispute as told by the folks at Roosevelt Media, who offer little editorial comment on their collections. For those who could not give a rap about anything Q-related, at least in the form of a video, the guy with pen-name Dustin Nemos hauls in $30,000.00 a month, according to him, so anyone who calls him a 'Fake MAGA' or Paytriot is cruising for a bruising. He has just lost the support of a former ally. Hurry up back to 8chan, Q, the kids are outta hand.
  20. Headline writer for Alex Jones Infowars upload promises something like "QAnon link to CP [child porn] emails."
  21. JUST IN: A Federal Appeals Court has ruled today that President Trump can defund Planned Parenthood, will cut just shy of $60 million in taxpayer funding 12:58 PM · Jun 20, 2019 2398 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.387 Nov 3 2018 14:09:12 (EST) [D] Party Con: When you can't raise money 'organically' through party (individual) donations (voter base) YOU STEAL IT from the American taxpayer and give it back to yourself in the form of campaign contributions. [Example 1] Planned Parenthood $1.5 billion provided in taxpayer funding over 3-year period. [Case 1] PP spent $30 million [disclosed - real estimates close to $65 million] in taxpayer subsidies to influence the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections. [Conclusion] Should it be legal for a taxpayer [D+R+I] funded organization to donate massive amounts of money to the D party in an effort to sway an election? D_insider_term: T_WASH Re_read drops re: Soros & taxpayer funding YOUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS AT WORK. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Q
  22. This is almost funny. Noted above, the cult of Ramtha has gone all QAnon. Yes, the 35,000 year old 'Lemurian' -- who occasionally inhabits the body of 73 year old JZ Knight (who is beginning to look a bit Joan Rivers these days) -- is heralding Q as prophet. The infighting among Q devotees is interestingly kooky. Is the Ramtha grift the best thing that ever happened to the Q-munity? Yes. No. Fight! For those who can't make it through the video immediately above, here is the Joan Rivers/Kim Novak face responding to friendly questions from her palace in Yelm. In other partially-related news, QAnon grifter Jordan Sather was surprised by his poor reception at the fabulous UFO 'Disclosure' conflab ... He is such a f**king idiot.
  23. So, who saw this coming? Not pedophile-hunter Q, and not the ranks of QAnon fanatics. How do you spin the facts of the Mueller report in light of this guy getting nabbed?