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Found 223 results

  1. "I want what I want when I want it." Previously on "Me, me, me," Liz Crokin Says She’ll ‘Have to Bow Out’ of the QAnon Movement if the ‘Mass Arrests Don’t Happen This Year’ [Added Feb 5]
  2. I think the government furlough has had some effect on the person or persons currently posting to 8chan under cover of "Q." The output is kind of desultory and recursive. From
  3. Jon, When I entered "fight fight", I got two results. When I entered "fight! fight!", I got three. I was using the browser search before. These are the results of the QAnon search (which I didn't even notice before). I just tried "fight, fight," and I got 11 results. That makes a total of 14. So with the three fights, I see there are a few results (hardly dozens, though ). btw - I could do the 11 as a screenshot, but this is getting to be too much effort for the value of the point. With the three "fakes", the best I could come up with in all permutations were 4 results (one with exclamation points and three with commas). All four were from the end of December. What this means is whatever it means and not one thing more. From my perspective of just scanning this stuff periodically, the FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! was a drastic change in style. It was the first time I ever saw it. Not to mention, there are oodles and oodles of entries, pages and pages, all with a less hysterical style. So a pattern of this over-the-top style is really easy to miss, if it is a pattern at all. I bet I am not the only one who got the same impression. Michael
  4. So, what happens to a believer in QAnon prophecy** -- once doubt creeps into his or her mind? Kelly Weill has a look at some exemplars. The reading is sobering. Christmas is the loneliest time for QAnon fans. ______________________ ** Rob Brotherton, author of the fantastic "Suspicious Minds: Why We Believe Conspiracy Theories," shares a blog with three other psychologists: The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories. In August appeared a post on the QAnon phenomena: "Internet prophecy cults 101: QAnon and his predecessors."
  5. Jon, Frankly, I haven't see the fake fake fake and fight fight fight stuff before in relation to QAnon.. Even now, when I go to and start scrolling down, after I pass December 21, where it is? I scrolled through three pages of that site on back to Nov. 9 and didn't find anything like that. I've been trying to find my way around 8Chan (in the Q Research section), but I didn't find it there either. Granted, I didn't do that much scrolling since there is so much to scroll through. And searches on the pages did not turn up "fake fake" or "fake, fake". So I think this sudden shift of style in expression is a kind of honeypot to catch gotcha warriors. And it adds the benefit of mocking their constant outrage over so little by mimicking it. I might be wrong, but I can't find where yet. Michael
  6. Jon, I saw the meme in context. It's hard for me to determine if he was taking the comparison seriously (thus actually got fooled by a meme), or he was presenting it for debunking, knowing it was fake all along (and probably planted), the way President Trump does when he misspells words on purpose in a tweet. Errors planted for others to correct get great publicity--the self-righteous gotcha warriors make sure they get far more exposure than otherwise. And it works every time, whether intentional or not. They just can't help themselves, poor things... btw - My doubt stems from the exaggerated hysterical headline: "Fake News Media is Fake, Fake, Fake!" ... and similar later in the text. That is not his typical style. His typical style is questioning, cryptic, and predictive of the downfall of bad guys. I haven't seen him do temper tantrum histrionics before, not even as mockery... I can't tell for sure, but if I had to bet, I would I bet this thing is working precisely as QAnon engineered. Watch and see if the following messages need more audience than usual to strike home due to some special aspect. If not, if they are his normal fare, I will agree it might be a fuck-up. But if so, I will be almost certain it was engineered on purpose. Michael
  7. Cool. The stress test failed. Here come half of the newest QAnon 8chan 'drops' as curated in a database serving the page, You tell me, Q. You tell me. I'll pause here for an excerpt from Rationalwiki -- which is usually snide and awfully full of itself -- about some festive places within 8chan: For those who daren't visit the 8chan /qresearch 'board,' here's a block of today's 2630 reaction ...
  8. Travis View gets cited in an NBC news explainer on QAnon-world consternation about the Flynn trial and the DC judge (details noted elsewhere). Flynn hearing leaves the far right's conspiracy theorists wanting Some of the 8chan qresearch reaction is wrapped up with the "Flynn is safe" trope. QAnon last posted about Flynn on December 4. Nada since then.
  9. This is bullshit. In the last outing I showed that the graph touted was a piece of bullshit. Pointing out the bullshit doesn't mean that I 'deny' crimes, plots and conspiracies, it means I am skeptical of the QAnon "Great Awakening" and the notion of a Satanist Cabal that is being secretly taken out under cover. Pointing out a false accusation is not to deny true crimes, Jon. There is something missing in your all-or-nothing reading of my personality and my moral crimes. That is at root a function of your weird epistemology and your capture by cult thinking. I support every effort to rescue kids from grotesque mistreatment, abuse and other crimes. I do not support hysteria and false beliefs leading to harms. How about you say something about the disgusting sweetheart deal given to Jeffrey Epstein?
  10. I think Letendre wants Objectivist Living to be a precious little island 'safe from WSS.' That will be the day. At some point I think he will come away from the cult of QAnon. I wish Jules wouldn't try to ape the kookiest and most disgusting behavioural aspects of Letendre. It makes the forum front page today seem to be gurgling with aggression, delusions and irrationality. Objective-ish assessments, discourse and disputes? Not so much. I report most of these disturbing posts, but no one seems to be picking up at the other end.
  11. Brazil gets a populist president and then suddenly their famous names start getting rounded up. Where have I seen this before? Oh, and why do so many of Oprah's preferred guests turn out to be perverts and sickos? #DrainTheDeepState A Brazilian faith healer who rose to international fame after being promoted by Oprah Winfrey is now wanted by authorities for sex abuse allegations by hundreds of women. Will Oprah be held accountable? See Something? SAY Something! #QAnon #WWG1WGA 3:01 AM · Dec 16, 2018
  12. These should come in a boxed set. Only fans of the QAnonAnonymous podcast will get the dark undertones of hilarity here: We are a small but hardy crew of jester-inquirers. Only some of this crop have personal memories of the Satanic Panic of the 1980s-1990s. Here is another insight into the QAnon phenomena, a backwards-looking insight. It's like a mythic blob. It is never killed and never really alive. But it can do damage to softer, less-objective minds.
  13. Adam Schiff, as interpreted by QAnon. I thought to point out a useful function of the curation site. It contains a search-within capacity, which lets you zero in on 'drops' of particular subject interest -- and it also provides "Answers" to particular queries embedded in a variety of posts. Here I capture the search and the second item of note.
  14. Do you ever wonder if Adam Schiff is going to make it past the mass-arrest dateline supplied by QAnon interpreters? Here he speaks about his future as head of the US House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, currently chaired by Devin Nunes. From Lawfare: Congressman Adam Schiff on the Future of the House Intelligence Committee On January 3, Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives and all of its committees. Congressman Adam Schiff of California, the current ranking member on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, also known as HPSCI, is expected to take control of the committee. This week, Susan Hennessey and Benjamin Wittes sat down with Congressman Schiff at his office to discuss the agenda for HPSCI and the upcoming Congress, the challenges facing the Democratic majority as they attempt to rebuild bipartisanship on a deeply divided committee, and, of course, the Russia investigation. Direct download: Episode_372.mp3 "Know the enemy agenda ..."
  15. There are even more bizarre QAnon 'drops' since the last, some in the form of a Q and A.
  16. QAnon has posted a whack of 'drops' at 8chan since we last checked in. From My favourite is outlined in red. These are click-and-go images, image-links take you to its first appearance at 8chan's "qresearch" image-board.
  17. It's a possibility, not a certainty in my mind. Not really. But of course, it depends on who 'they' or 'people' are. I suggest that alongside or in parallel to a wee eruption of bad jokes and mocking on Twitter and gossipy outlets, a grinding squealing media machinery still spits out material on the main and consequential Trump news of the day -- as well as still continuing to chew on topics that plague the administration every week. There is only so much fun to be had from a pair of misspellings. This was a blip, in the greater scheme of things. In my opinion, anyway. Mueller. They still talking. The 'hijack' was unsuccessful. But it didn't. Lots of air left. The billowing churning storm atmosphere is raining down headlines, stories, analysis and varied whoopee and hoopla ... and looking at the "smocking gun" incident in terms of Trump's communicative intent, are you talking about the content of the paired tweets? So far, no, so. I mean, what was the point? To get people to consider, accept and believe that Comey is a felon? Nick Ayers. John Kelly. They still talking. It didn't work at all. Perhaps more people think Trump is an illiterate idiot, but the 'pattern interrupt' seems to have worked to deflect thinking about Trump's greater problems only insofar as they are Trump cultists or QAnon fanatics. The 'bad guys' are in the cohort of interpreters sampled above, maybe. Pattern-seeking the old-fashioned way, with lashings of stupid.
  18. Wild theories and empty seats at CPAC-style conference for the MAGA set | Talk of QAnon, George Soros and ‘retarded’ reporters at the American Priority Conference. The Mooch was overheard speaking semi-privately to a couple attending the just-ended American Priority Conference. The nasty headline from Politico's Ben Schreckinger highlights the empty seats, disputes and bad planning, but the reporting below stuck out for me, given my interest in Why People Believe Weird Things:
  19. Catching up on QAnon drops from Each snapshot is a clickable image -- linked to the actual postings.
  20. There seems to be a mental barrier to participation here, but I think it fair to link to "parallel" commentary. When I posted the entry's poll originally, I chose the 'Australian ballot' option, and I also chose an end-date for the poll. In other words, I haven't touched the poll since I instantiated it. In fact, as far as I can tell, there is no way to even get into the poll to either remove or extend its end date. It's done. Next to nobody is (apparently) interested anyway. Jon, if you are reading this, you are free to post here, if you can hew to the Objectivist Living guidelines, quoted below. Just about everyone here has different 'voices' and 'tones' depending on topic, circumstances, mood, etcetera ... but a kind of implacable, incorrigilbe Greg Mamishian assholism degrades discussion, in my opinion. I don't want it here at Friends and Foes. I don't believe extended personal abuse and insult is necessary to rubbish a person's argument. You, Jon, make your choices according to your personal morality. (as for Ellen, I am quite fond of her, her doggedness -- and her wealth of reporting and insight into Ayn Rand, the New York Objectivist 'scene' back in the day. She has informed opinions on issues of mutual interest, a unique voice and perspective. I made a bad interpersonal error of judgement when we were discussing Stephen Hawking, coming close to one-half a Mamishian in tone and accusatory insinuations. I regretted it, apologized for it, and accept that she will not likely ever enter into discussion with me on any substantive issue going forward. It's what happens when one gets carried along by Assholism and does not foresee the damage one can do to human relationships.) On what evidence can anyone conclude that QAnon offered the demoted and reprimanded police officer a job with the FBI or CIA -- or that he or she or they-Q has any means to 'fast-track' an application? "Your name has been entered to be fast-tracked." Oh, really? The bolded question in Jon's comment is .... If we get news he’s hired what will that mean? Here Jon Letendre refers to Liz Crokin, who has had lost her social media account at Twitter because she cannot stop making wild accusations of supposed satanic cult sex crimes against children. As I have written before, there are no more disgusting crimes than abuse of innocence or maltreatment in the form of child sexual abuse; it is revolting and almost certain to provoke a violent antipathy and urge to punish and separate the perpetrators from normal society. But, having been a researcher and activist during the Memory Wars and the last Satanic Panic -- I realize as most folks do, that hysterical moral panic unchecked can lead to grave injustices (from the Memphis Three to the Kellers). The taint of an accusation of such disgusting crimes is much stronger than an accusation that someone is, say, a "lying, deranged leftist scumbag," or "suffering from an undiagnosed mood disorder," or "a psychotic bullying fuckhead." Jon may or may not detail these supposed 'dozens' of 'proven pedophiles.' Of course, harbouring a desire to sexually abuse a child is one thing. If I harboured a desire to crush someones skull in a wine-press, or draw and quarter someone else, or bully a child unto suicide, or to usher The Joo into a revivified Holocaust Easy-Bake Oven... it is a thoughtcrime, at best, a sign of mental illness, brain injury or tumor at the worst. I find all justifications of sex with children to be wholly without merit, a convenient self-exculpatory dodge and a sign of self-deception. The problem with Crokin as I see it is and was that she styles herself investigator, accuser and judge. A hanging judge. [Edited to reflect that Crokin has a replacement account at Twitter]
  21. Catching up with the QAnon "drops." We left off at 2552. I should mention again that all these drops are taken from the source -- but since is not the original source, if you click any of these screenshots, you will be sent to the actual original source at 8chan ( There you will see the drops, inline references/URLs, related 8chan posts by number -- and surrounding discussions, in context.
  22. Jon, Believe it or not, I believe the person responsible for this is Steve Bannon. During the Presidential campaign, he actively sought out and brought the 4Chan and Gamergate kids into the mix (Milo was the most public of the batch). They came up with a whole new way of communicating that had nothing to do with the stodgy way conservatives and Republicans had communicated up to then. There was Pepe the green frog. Memes galore. A kind of mockery not based on snarky putdowns, but instead on hilarious caricatures, weird juxtapositions and underground jargon. All with good old fashioned enthusiasm for fighting The Good Fight. And they were everywhere. These kids proved definitively that the left and anti-Trumpers can't meme worth a shit. Also, they have difficulty with political analogies that don't belong to identity politics and class warfare. They don't grok this stuff. I think this form of communication, which Trump supporters had a blast with, morphed into QAnon. Hell, when I see QAnon, I still see Pepe hanging around somewhere looking at you with his big eyes shit-eating grin. The left and anti-Trumpers have no clue how to combat this. They don't know what it is or what it means. They don't know why so many people like it. So they yell racism and wonder why that doesn't work like it used to. I see QAnon as a direct line from that, except, maybe, instead of kids, these are military folks and they are letting it all hang out. Michael